Clarification: Cop’s Wife/Sharlene Simon Story


UPDATE: It is worth mentioning Simon’s lawsuit did not occur in a vacuum. The Majewski family first sought reparations from Simon to the tune of $900,000 after the accident to cover funeral expenses, loss of work, therapy, etc. Their lawyer, Brian Cameron, said this should have been covered by Simon’s insurance, as it was a fairly routine insurance claim. Then the Esch family filed a claim for $1.4 million. Following that, Simon filed her suit, accusing the teens of negligence and claiming she has been unable to work and has expenses from continual therapy for her own emotional trauma/PTSD. None of the accusations filed in the lawsuits have been proven or disproved in a court. Investigators thus far have cited lack of visibility as the primary contributing aspect in the incident, but South Simcoe police have requested an additional investigation by an outside police force.



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  1. You need to take it a step further and post all of “youareallwrong” posts from the other story. Do some real digging and post the real truth about this case.

  2. she was drunk, she killed someone and this is her disgraceful attempt at getting out of it, people keep buying into the “ISIS” bull but dont see that evil is all around you and what this low life is doing is nothing more than evil..

    • Probably not much point in replying but I’ll try. You are buying into what the media wants you too. She was not drunk or drinking at all. She had zero alcohol in her system. And what would you do if you were being sued for 2.3 million?

      • you killed someone regardless with your car. onus is on you. he was wearing high vis so you have noonw to blame but yourself. no excuse

      • She was not processed (part of the controversy),so we are not aware of her BAC. That’s one of the issues. She had initially stated that she had consumed alcohol. She is covered through her auto insurance for civil lawsuits. She won’t pay anything, yet she is suing people directly, one posthumously. They could lose life savings, property, assets etc. over this. Don’t be an anti-sensationalist hipster. This is a sensational story. Why rail against that

      • I live in Barrie, On..about 10 minutes north of where this happened.
        It is a WELL KNOWN fact that the Simons were out at a bar, HAVING DRINKS, before they both decided to drive their own vehicles home, at which time Mrs. Simon hit ALL 3 boys at one time..killing one.
        She was escorted away from the scene by her york regional police husband before a breathalyzer could be performed. Further investigation is what showed they were drinking at the bar beforehand..but no one will ever know the level of alcohol in her blood because she was given the opportunity to ll

        Please check your facts.YOU are a hypocrite by spreading bullshit.
        YOU are buying into what the media wants you to believe. 🙂 lol

        • So you think these police arrived at the scene, saw that it was the wife of a police officer that hit these kids then just sent them on their way with no sobriety test or interview? And you don’t think that fire and rescue and the EMT’S who arrived on the scene wouldn’t say something about it? Are they lying to? Oh and then the police went to the bar and changed the computer to show they only had one drink? Or do you think they didn’t go to the bar and interview the staff? Are they lying to? Is everyone involved with this case lying? The police and everyone involved handled this with the utmost detail, for all involved to cover up a drunk driving fatality in this day and age of anti drinking driving is a virtual impossibility. The EMT’s and fire and rescue would have put the fact that she was released before they got there in their reports. Sorry Jade it didn’t happen that way at all.

          • Actually you lying scumbag that’s exactly how it went down according to witnesses and the initial police report. I notice your biased rhetoric doesn’t include how they were seen not aiding the victims and her COP husband started making phone calls. So take your own advice and show both sides, jerkoff, and stop pretending you’re surprised that people sue people who kill their kid and rack up funeral expenses DUHHHR

      • She admitted she was drunk herself. Also, she posted something claiming the teens were on drugs, when in fact they *did* have toxicology done and nothing showed up. So in summary, you’re defending someone who, driving drunk, hit three teenagers, killed one, and broke another’s pelvis, sued the teens because of emotional damage, and never even took anything back or owned up to her mistake but instead accused the teens of being on drugs and being irreponsible cyclists, when in fact neither was true, and then on her Facebook, she called everyone who disagreed with her a cunt. And, you’re acting like those people weren’t completely within their rights to sue her.

    • Exactly- gestapo cop bootlickers always try hard to blame victims. In this case they are boot licking the drunken wife of an idiot cop who allowed her to drive…. If visibility was too low- as the lying investigators are claiming as the cause- WHY WASN’T THE DRUNKEN SLAG WIFE DRIVING SLOWER. She was driving fast because she was drunk. Anyone defending drunk drivers -as we see here- and blaming their killed victims, are worthless examples as humans.

  3. It’s a bit late for an independent investigation, considering their failure to breathalyze or blood test her after the incident.

  4. “D” is either a shill or just a uninformed troll: he states she had zero alcohol in her system. Given her own admission that she was speeding on her way home for a bar, where she claims to have one drink, this is biologically impossible. Alcohol stays in the system far long than that. If indeed she had a reading of 0.0, that is only proof that either a test was not actually administered or the machine was tampered with.

    There is, in fact, an awful lot to suggest that she was well inebriated and her police friends and husband worked to cover that up, including letting her leave the scene while the witnesses were required to stay. That’s by far the most obvious conclusion here. When you have ever heard of a driver running over and killing someone, who admits to being on her way home from a bar, speeding, and not have that person even get a proper blood alcohol test?

    As for the lawsuits by the victims and their familiies, that she had insurance of 1 million, the claims would have settled below that, and thus would have not have affected the driver’s finances. (Or those of her poor husband, who, despite being a police officer claims to hav been so traumatized by seeing his wife run down and kill somebody, that he has to sue as well.)

    Finally, I’ve been able to see a cat running in front of the car I was in the back seat of, speeding – so travelling at high speed – on a highway. We all say that it was clearly a cat, though it dashed out so close to the front of the car that the driver couldn’t avoid it.

    This woman rolled up on three boys on bicycles and stated that she though she’d hit a deer. You would have to be very impaired to mistake three boys on bicycles for one deer. It’s just not possible for anyone driving safely – or even most anyone driving unsafely – to make that kind of mistake.

    It’s also very, very hard to avoid the conclusion that these people are just out-and-out sociopaths. This woman seems delighted in the attention and to take considerable enjoyment in vindictive comments made on her ludicrous Stand by Me Facebook page.

    And her husband is out policing the community.

    • Sorry I didn’t read the last paragraph, ok so one last thing, the Stand by Sharlene FB page is not real! Ok? It’s not real! sheesh are you really that gullible?

      • One, the Stand By Sharlene Simons page was originally just Sharlene Simons, and she changed it when she started getting criticism. Two, far more sources say she was not required to take a breathalyzer than that one page you managed to find that say she did take one, and she even admits to having had a beer a while before, meaning that whatever breathalyzer did test her was either not real, was malfunctioning, or was rigged.

    • Wasnt breathalyzed after a fatality? A police officer who failed to give first aid to 3 victims of his own wife’s driving? if this happened in aus the police would have had to move them to another town for their own safty.
      would also have to say that “D” is either a moron, the shitest troll I’ve had the misfortune to encounter or is personally invested for what ever reason
      if she was sober at the time then her reactions and eye sight or lack of should have prohibited her from driving anyway

      • I agree with you, but yes she was screened for alcohol at the scene. Honest question, when is it “not” ok to ride a bike in the middle of a busy 80kph rural highway. I just don’t get why these cyclists are getting a free pass, they were 3 wide in the middle of a freakin 80kph highway, if this women hadn’t hit them one of the many large trucks that use this road probably would have.

        • Gee, moron, maybe it’s because most laws protect “sharing the road” and requires a cyclist to ride with traffic not against it. Sounds to me like her drunk ass needs to pay attention when driving and you need to go back to school nimrod

          • LOL I don’t know why I’m bothering but you really think it’s legal to ride 3 wide in the middle of a 80kph road? Yeah right… lol

  5. What a disgustingly stupid heartless bitch she is. who the was operating heavy machinery (Car) while drunk none the less an drove off the road into bicyclist killing them???? Some dumb bitch…… Now she is sueing them because she drove off the road an killed people and it is suppose to be there fault? this is crazy I hope she kills her self.

  6. Worse still…. the drunken slag-killer’s cop husband allowed his drunken slag wife to drive drunk….. I wonder if he was intoxicated too. The worthless pair of garbage are not human beings.

  7. Those who are basing their facts off of ONE source, not even a reliable one at that, which states she was tested and that this is all lies are the worst kind of hipsters. Not everything u read is a lie and just because you go out and find some bullshit website claiming to know what happened goes to show how far you are willing to go to try and be against the tide of society. Get over yourself and recognize wrong when you see it. How do you mistake 3 teenagers as a deer sober? She herself stated she was drinking, she was coming from a bar at 1:30am. Last time I checked not many ppl just hang out and watch sports at the bar at 1:30 am without drinking. Also there simply is no excuse for her suing them, whether it be a countersuit or not. Do you honestly feel as though the family of a dead teen doesn’t deserve reparation for such an atrocious incident. The woman was escorted out by her husband which is why she was not tested. Makes sense due to the fact that she admitted to drinking.

    • It just boggles my mind how many sane rational adults have this insane idea that is is perfectly normal to ride bicycles 3 wide in the middle of a 80kph highway at night with no lights…sheesh what could possibly go wrong? It’s illegal!! As for her drinking let me ask you this. Is the Crown Attorney’s Office also in on this? They are the ones who read the police report and recommend no charges be filed, a police report that supposedly states a driver involved in a fatal accident who admitted to drinking was not tested at the scene for alcohol, really? If this were true the Crown would have gone full blown crazy and these cops would be in a world of trouble, get over it people there are many articles and was also on our local news CHCH TV she was with out question 100% tested at the scene with a “roadside screening device” she was not drunk and I don’t care about reflectors or what ever, Please for dear god’s sake, you can’t ride bikes down the middle of a 80kph highway…sheesh.

  8. Can’t wait for karma and someone to rail this bitch and her corrupt cop husband against a wall at high speed with a big rig. Heartless piece of shit cunt. All you people actually defending this low life need to take a good look at your own souls.

  9. Anyone at Anonhq done a follow up on this? The family had a Facebook page giving regular updates, the last one a couple weeks ago was that they were in mediation, then out of know where they removed their page, maybe it’s over?


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