Survivalist Saves Home With Aqua Dam After Everyone Called Him Crazy




Texan Robert Wagner’s story is a lot like Noah’s. Everyone believed he was crazy, up until the rain started falling. After driving from Texas to Louisiana and spending $8300, Wagner managed to conserve his house from an awful flood. He acquired a 30 ″ Aqua Dam, which can be filled with water to develop a flood barrier. The flood waters reached a depth of 27 ″ around his home, however the barrier never broke and his home was saved. According to Wagner, “I was the insane person. Everybody was kinda, y’ understand, goin’ by laughing at me. However today they’re truly amazed with this.

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  1. From brain “STORMING” ,comes lateral thinking, houses built on floats that rise up and down on poles,that will work, in tornado country the whole house needs to go under ground floating on water with a sliding cover, to go down pump the water out. That Aqua dam in flooding areas not only protects the house ,but can be extending to cover outer buildings , as we say down under this is the best answer, no mess Charlie, everything is protected . also get some shares in that company.

  2. Why is the title of this article referring to the man as a “survivalist” instead of [“Christian man…..”] ?
    He is a Christian who was directed by YHWH (GOD), to put the dam up.


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