Video and Photos: Breaking The Racism Story Into Pieces For Everyone To Understand


Whenever racism is mentioned, lots of people become uncomfortable. Whereas some believe it is real, others believe it is a mere perception. But whatever your believe is, a remarkable video and photos put together by the group called  Brave New Films tell us how far the racism problem has eaten deep into the United States’ society.

The video and the photos are side-by-side illustration of how racism has eaten deep into everyday situations like job searching, driving, and access to health care among others. In case you will not be able to watch the video, the photos can help you understand the topic.

r 1

The first thing the images talk about is name. Somebody will ask that what name has gotten to do with racism. Well, the answer is that it plays a lot in determining whether you get an interview for a job or not. The image tells you to remember that there are plenty of white people with unique names, like Bristol Palin, Pilot Inspektor and others.

R 2

The problem isn’t having a name that’s unique or hard to pronounce. The issue is that certain types of names are labeled as “ghetto” or “unprofessional” only when they are associated with people of color. Changing one’s name isn’t the solution but changing how we view people of color and their worth is the final solution to this problem.

r 3

The second issue the photos try to decode for your understand is home ownership. This second model of the image can be made simple if you still remember the days in the Jim Crow laws in the 1800s that prohibited black people from owning homes across the US. Although we have come a long way since that era, the truth of the matter is that black people and other people of color still face housing discrimination. We can back this up with the Fair Housing Project’s documentary entitled A Matter of Place which only not details the history of housing discrimination in the US but also includes some undercover experiments that reveal just how pervasive the practice is in the US society.

r 4

We now move to the area of Health. They say your health is your wealth. Without it, you cannot do anything. This means that health is very important and should be fundamental for everybody to have access to quality health care. But it will shock you to know that racism still infiltrates the lives of people of color within the health care industry in the US today. Not only do black people and people of color struggle to maintain healthy lifestyles as a result of issues like childhood obesity, food deserts, and lack of health care coverage, studies have shown that doctors are less likely to offer advanced treatment to black patients. It is proven. And that is the reality on the ground today in the US. There are other areas which space and time will not permit us to talk about but it is proven that the following are also true.

Higher car prices: Black consumers pay about $700 more for a car than white consumers.

Higher incarceration rates: Black folks are six times as likely to be sent to prison.

More police stops: Black drivers are twice as likely to be pulled over.

Inherently, human beings are open to biases. But whether you are black or white or any other color, we need to stop looking at issues from our Point of View. That is ridding ourselves from our biases and taking a more neutral stand. The race issue is systemic. And whether it is small or big, it adds up to the really big problems and challenges facing our society. How can we as a people come together to fix this problem?

One author suggests that our voices are actually part of the solution. Educating ourselves and each other is an important first step. She argues that you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know the problem exists. Therefore, thank you for making the time to educate yourself so that we can all help in ending this systemic disease. We will continue to press for the ending of issues majority of the society is afraid to talk about. Keep educating yourself and be Expecting us!

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  1. It is very sad that Racism is alive and well no matter where you live.. I know it to be true as I have heard it myself far to many times…

    • I had experienced it, I applied for a number of jobs in IT entry level positions to no avail instead classmates have got the jobs even thought they weren’t experienced as I am.

  2. I’m white and I didn’t get a job because they had to hire a percentage of black even though I scored higher then all of them but instead of going out and robbing someone and saying no one will hire me I went and got a different job

  3. That is an ignorant thing to say Andy. Have you lived Juan’s life? No? So, how can you judge ANYTHING he says about HIS experiences? Is it because you give no value to a “brown” (as you say) person’s life, experiences, perceptions and feelings? That was a rhetorical question by the way. Your comment to Juan is the answer.

  4. I applied to nearly 2000 advertised job openings over the space of a cpl years and only had maybe 6 interviews out of them. This is in the UK, maybe I had an African sounding name?

    • Or maybe you were just not good enough to be interviewed? Maybe you were just one of a 2000 candidates? It is always the easiest explanation that it was racism.

  5. If we all need to work on our biases, then why are all the examples of injustices being done to black people? It seems the author is blatantly speaking out of both sides of their mouth. There are many oppressed minorities in this country. There are even examples of words like, “Jew” used to mean cheap or trying to rip someone off. There are words like “Gringo” used to refer to white people. If the author can only find examples of blacks being abused, they are just trying to manipulate people for political gain.

      • It’s funny how people are always more interested in looking at problems that concern themselves.
        White people having negative things happening to them because of their skin colour (or the lack thereof) are often individual experiences – it is not structural. But do we think about why?
        The word “gringo” is applied to white (and privileged) people yes but do we think about where it comes from and why it is used?
        It’s like when men a man approaches a woman after dark and gets really annoyed when she tries to avoid him because if “an accident happens” (it’s never an accident) then she will take all the blame. And he will go around telling society how women avoid him and that makes him feel discriminated. What about looking at the structural issue instead so that we all can be equals?

  6. Our biases are founded on our experiences and perceptions. That’s called being smart, learn from experiences and avoid problems, choose wisely not fair to all others but fair to one self

  7. “The image tells you to remember that there are plenty of white people with unique names, like Bristol Palin, Pilot Inspektor and others.”

    If white people can have weird names, why do you keep saying that only black people have weird names, and that’s why they don’t get hired as much?

    This isn’t racism, and this whole page is race baiting.

  8. My son once did a similar thing to prove a point. He was an honor student in the talented and gifted program at his high school. He entered his name in a scholarship/grant website for college and recieved a few potential hits. He then changed one item. He went from white to african american, it suddenly jumped to over 180 offers, yet we still have fewer black graduates. Nobody is gonna hand it to you. Get your education and go demand it. The opportunity is there, but history shows few take advantage of it. I worked for a fortune 500 company that desparetly wanted qualified AA candidates but too many don’t use the opportunities given to them. Despite what you are taught we white folk still study to get ahead. The stupid and lazy among us don’t succede by virtue of being white. They’re poor and called white trash.


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