Watching This Girl Combat Harassment While Out Walking Will Make Your Day



Her witty responses are priceless…

Sexual harassment is no joke. After all, 99% of American women claim to have been a victim of street harassment at one time or another, according to a 2008 survey by the nonprofit Stop Street Harassment. And in Tokyo, Japan, 64% of women in their 20’s and 30’s say they’ve been groped while commuting. Believe it or not, in France, 100% of women say they have been sexually harassed on public transportation at least once.

In addition to being demeaning and offensive, unwarranted catcalling can also be frightening for women (and men). If this doesn’t compute, just consider that in India, a new rape case is reported every 22 minutes (imagine how many aren’t exposed to authorities). And in the U.S., more than 25% of college women report having experienced a rape or rape attempt since age 14. It’s estimated that only 16% of rapes that occur in the U.S. are reported.

Now that the figures have been presented, it might make sense as to why women particularly are on edge about catcalling. If men truly want to get to know a female they meet on the streets, there are better ways to capture her attention than to disrespect her and project insinuations.

Fortunately, some humor can be found in the station thanks to Shannon Burke, who stars in the video below. Equipped with some witty lines she and a few other writers thought up, the activist walks through the streets of Manhattan, NY, wearing unassuming jeans and a jacket. It’s no long before the catcalling starts… Her reactions, however, are priceless:

The video seeks to raise awareness about the prevalent issue of street harassment, which may turn into something more than catcalling. Please comment your thoughts below and share this news to spur conversation.

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  1. that guy who just said “hey where are you going” and “is it cause i’m ugly”… that’s not even harassment. he was just trying to be funny and strike up a conversation and he was clearly willing to leave her alone when she didn’t respond. she was way too much of a bitch to him for no reason. the other guys were definitely harassing her and that’s some bullshit. but it’s fucking hard as a guy to meet women and unfortunately the culture is that men always have to be the ones to do that work. i’m not complaining about that fact but if you’re in public and a guy is being genuinely respectful then have some fucking compassion

  2. This dumb bitch wasn’t harassed much in the first video. She is an attractive woman. 90% of them were trying to meet her. Some were doing the job more poorly than others.. It is NOT sexual harassment for someone to complement you or try to start a conversation.


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