“You’re gonna be [email protected]#$ing dead!” Cops Shoot Black Man with His Hands Up, Nine Times



New Jersey police have released a disturbing dash cam video that shows two officers shoot a black man dead after he tried to exit the car with his hands up. Although the incident had occurred December of last year, the video has only recently been released.

Two cops in Bridgeton are seen pulling over a black sedan. Everything seems fine and peachy at that point, with the officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley simply asking the 46-year-old driver, Leroy Tutt, for his driver’s licence.

Tutt was told that he had failed to stop at a stop sign. Seated next to him was Jerame Reid. Without warning, the officers shouted at Tutt and Reid to show them their hands. Tutt’s left hand is seen sticking out of the car window. They were told that they would be killed if either of them moved.

Both officers drew their weapons and began to search the car. On finding a gun in the glove compartment, they told Reid not to move. Reid is heard saying “let me out,” and despite having both hands up while exiting, he was executed by the officers who had fired nine times. Yup, just had to make sure that corpse couldn’t retaliate.

Tutt was later arrested by the officers after backup arrived at the scene. The officers are currently on administrative leave. It is possible that Reid was attempting escape, and it might be conjectured that the cops might have been afraid that he would pull another gun when he exited. He also should have just stayed in the car. However, he had his hands raised to shoulder level when he exited the vehicle, and the police were certainly in no danger.

Just a week earlier, a Montana police officer was caught on his dashcam sobbing after he had killed an unarmed half white and half Mexican man, high on methamphetamine.  The jury at the coroner’s inquest found that the shooting was justified.

Billings Officer Grant Morrison killed 38-year-old Richard Ramirez in April of last year, when he thought he saw Ramirez reach for a gun.  The unarmed man was riding in the backseat of a red sedan.

Ramirez’s family intend to file a lawsuit against Morrison and Billings Police for the racial profiling of the half-Mexican man.


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  1. He had a concealed weapon (probably not registered, huge deal in NJ) “within reach” of both suspects. What else do they need justification for? According to the report, he didn’t sit still when the police were doing a justified search. I don’t see anything wrong with this other than I would have reloaded then emptied another magazine on him. Arguing with the police will never get you anywhere, you argue with the court in a respectful and intelligent way. When you cooperate with the police they usually aren’t that tough on you. Why did this suspect need a weapon? Why was he carrying a concealed weapon? Was it a legitimate firearm? The innocent might not be so innocent here.

        • At what point in that story did you read “he reached for a gun” or “he aimed a gun at the officer”? pay attention. Due process is basically non existent. Its becoming that, If you”re even suspected of a crime you’re murdered on site.

    • oh yeah your right, not like the police in america have been having a number of black unjustified killings. This guy had no reason to panic believing he would be unjustifiably killed for the color of his skin, not at all. And lets not forget, the cops have not at all been bullshitting about the victims they kill in cold blood. Oh wait a minuet, yes they have.

    • Perhaps the police should try the old-fashioned technique of asking questions first and using lethal force as a last resort rather than their go-to response when someone doesn’t act sufficiently subservient. The ovine is strong is this one methinks.

    • really u wuld have emptied then unloaded another mag on him, trigger happy mutha fucka. shut ur mouth ye i agree on most of wat u said but to say u wuld empty, reload and use the whole mag on him ur fuked in the head mate piss off with ur stupid remarks.

    • Maybe you need to get some of whats in your name you fucking retard, you’re probably some KKK supporter cunt that needs a bullet yourself.

    • He had a concealed weapon, you don’t even know if it was registered or not. And they didn’t stop at a stop sign. Oh yes they totally deserved that. It’s pigs like you that let shit like this happen.

    • What was the probable cause for the search? Were the officers given verbal permission for the search without a warrant? We do still have a Constitution in this country, even though the government, their praetorian guard and cops tend to think otherwise. We have a choice: either we have rule of law, or we can have anarchy. From what I read, maybe it’s too late for choices.

    • Everyone take note: THIS IS WHY POLICE GET AWAY WITH THINGS LIKE THIS. People like you defend them at every turn simply because they have a badge. Stopping someone for a simple traffic violation doesnt warrant a search?? Did he consent to the search? And how are you supposed to argue your case in court if you’re denied your right to due process by being fucking MURDERED? Also, last time i checked, we had the right to keep and bear arms so asking “why did he need a weapon?” is totally off base and unconstitutional. Lets say even if the firearm wasnt legal. THEN YOU ARREST HIM AND TRY HIM IN A COURT OF LAW. Not publicly execute him on site. Again, its people like you that we even have this police brutality issue. No matter what happens you defend them soley based on their proffession. Same goes for the military.

  2. @Commonsense “I would have reloaded then emptied another magazine on him.”

    You fkn scrub, his hands were up! Why shoot him, oh I know why, cause hes black. You scared of black people, it’s ok. I understand. Now when your family gets theirs, from a black person then you will have a chance to shoot him. Until then, keep that mouth of your running. Punk ass

  3. Police abuse their power to gain rrespect in a forceful way. Not all police officers are rude and arrogant but most are racist hidden behind a badge. Not all stories are written the way it happened but trust and believe the truth will get out, unless there’s more dirty cops covering cops. Like I said not all officers are like this but most abuse their authority.

  4. Theyre filing a lawsuit over racial profiling of a half Mexican man? I’ve seen his picture and youd be hardpressed to call him that.

  5. Very convenient that the video goes blank and all we hear is gunshots. This site needs to stop the bullshit. It is claimed the passenger had his hands up. I couldn’t see his hands at all. Wasn’t the last video like this 3/4 computer recreation? This site seems to always side with the victim wither there is evidence or not. For the record I’ve been to court and have had cops lie on the witness stand about me and the events in my case so I have a very hard time trusting cops.

    • And how exactly is disregarding the document they were sworn to uphold, protecting you? Rhetorical question. Its not. You’re telling me that they can do as they please as long as its under the guise of “protecting us”? Pathetic.


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