U.S. Government Fighting Itself Over ISIS Strategy

A Russian-language terror news and recruitment website. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

Anon.Dos released this article today outlining the online threat ISIS can pose to the World. If you have not read it yet you can read it here: http://anonhq.com/isis-finish-internet/

Once again the bureaucracy of the United States government is at odds with itself over the proper strategy in dealing with ISIS militants overseas. Last October the Pentagon investigated U.S. Central Command after complaints were filed by intelligence analysts over manipulation of field reports: https://anonhq.com/pentagon-launches-investigation-senior-intelligence-officials/

There is new news coming out of the Pentagon over a War strategy to release malware against the computers of known ISIS participants. The Malware was developed top military hackers and programmers out of Fort Meade, Maryland and aims to destroy ISIS internet communications and activity. According to the FBI though, unleashing malware and destroying computers is not the proper course of action. The FBI advises against releasing the malware because they do not want to lose computers they may be monitoring. In essence the FBI would like to keep ISIS members fully operational so they can watch what they do on their computers. Military leaders (and Anonymous) would like to see all of those computers destroyed so ISIS can no longer utilize them as an asset for their activities.

This exact same debate/conversation has been happening between Anonymous and the intelligence community over the activities of OpISIS. There have been multiple stories published here at AnonHQ touching on the fact that intelligence analysts are frustrated over the Anonymous campaign against ISIS: https://anonhq.com/anonymous-may-inadvertently-harm-counter-terrorism/

– How Anonymous can assist intelligence officials while still contributing to OpISIS: https://anonhq.com/how-you-the-average-person-can-contribute-to-the-war-on-isis/

– The history of OpISIS including early reports of U.S. Government taking notice of Anonymous activities: https://anonhq.com/opisis-a-chronolgy/

– To date it is estimated that Anonymous has taken down over 100,000 account to date this year. That is potentially 100,000 less sources of information for people like the FBI: https://anonhq.com/anonymous-finally-reveals-attack-isis-militants-opisis-isis-anonymous/

This whole debate about the FBI being concerned about the activity of people in Iraq and Syria is rather confusing. The FBI is a domestic law enforcement agency. The FBI literally has no authority/jurisdiction outside of the U.S. borders and should not even be concerned with state affairs in Syria. Despite good intentions the FBI seems to be grossly overstepping its bounds/jurisdiction and abusing what authority they do have. ISIS is a military operation, the Pentagon deals with military affairs. Expect the malware to be deployed no matter how the FBI may feel about it.

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