OpISIS: A Chronology of Events


A member of Binarysec was interviewed the other day and expressed a message that I think sums up how many of us feel in regards to OpISIS and the collective effort put in. You can watch the video here: http://www.techworm.net/2015/12/anonymous-reveal-how-they-take-down-isis-video.html

*You have probably heard in the news recently about Anonymous battle with OpISIS, but for those of you who have not been around long enough or have not been paying attention, here is a chronology of events.*

June 2014 – The Origins of Anonymous OpISIS comes from the summer of 2014 when ISIS hacked into an Anonymous affiliated Twitter account and posted bloody/gory imagery. As a result Anonymous promised retaliation:

2/19/2015 – Anonymous announces that it has successfully taken over dozens of previously owned Islamic State Facebook accounts and exposed the identities of thousands of ISIS twitter accounts: https://anonhq.com/opisis-round-2-anonymous-hacks-thousands-of-isis-accounts/

2/25/2015 – As a result of the previous weeks shutdown of ISIS web sites Anonymous gains the attention of the United States government who had been “monitoring” the web sites Anonymous had taken offline: https://anonhq.com/opisis-round-4-anonymous-beats-united-states-in-combating-terrorism/

4/13/2015 – A group known as Ghostsec begins to organize and take effect. In coordination with Anonymous they announced new plans to wipe ISIS completely off the internet: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ce5jz

4/19/2015 – Ghostsec is fully organized and launches a new website where anyone can report any report ISIS related Twitter, Facebook, internet accounts. In doing so OpISIS is opened to the general public for the first time: http://pastebin.com/UWWyaPRX

11/13/2015 –  Anonymous and Ghostsec’s partnership ran smoothly and successfully, people from the public were reporting what they say and the hackers worked efficiently behind the scenes removing the material. The day of the Paris attacks a strange occurrence happened as an Anonymous affiliated website was taken offline just hours before the Paris took place: https://anonhq.com/facebook-bans-anonymous-hacktivists-behind-opisis-just-hours-before-the-paris-attack/

11/19/2015 – In response to the terror attacks Anonymous announces that it had taken 5,500 Islamic State Twitter accounts offline: https://anonhq.com/anonymous-vs-isis-anon-takes-5500-isis-accounts/

11/22/2015 – Just three days later 3 days Anonymous announces it has attacked and taken tens of thousands more Islamic State accounts offline: https://anonhq.com/anonymous-takes-down-20000-twitter-accounts/

11/23/2015 – Intelligence analysts reach out to Anonymous explaining to people to record any data from IS web sites that implicate/identify the owner(s) before taking offline. Intelligence analysts point out that the fact that ISIS is heavily involved on apps such as Telegram and hint people to begin searching here as a next step in uncovering ISIS identities: https://anonhq.com/how-you-the-average-person-can-contribute-to-the-war-on-isis/

11/29/2015 – A group of Anonymous on 4chan begin to organize and formulate and international ISIS trolling day and release their proposal: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ucsf3

12/05/2015 – By this time the news of December 11th OpISIS troll day has become viral and multiple news agencies around the world have begun to publish about this. A new modified version of the movement is released: https://ghostbin.com/paste/qttb5

12/11/2015 – OpISIS troll day was a great success. A chat room was set up and everyone had some laughs: https://anonhq.com/december-11th-international-islamic-state-troll-day-operational/

12/17-2015 – News was passed along to the AIA that the caliphate cyber army has actively begun to switch channels on Telegram, suggesting that the Islamic State still has a large presence on this particular service. Intelligence also suggests that the Islamic State may also be utilizing applications such as WhatsApp and Viber, as both of these services have been banned in surrounding countries such as Egypt for “national security concerns”.

OpISIS is not over and we still have a lot of work to do. Continue to stay tuned for all of the latest developments. Remember that as a result of Anonymous’ actions against them the Islamic State has moved primarily off of Twitter and moved to other services. As OpISIS progresses people need to widen their vision to stay ahead of the game. If you have the capability exposing the IP address, or phone number or contact information of ISIS members this should take priority over shutting down the individual site.

Report ISIS Websites & Accounts: www.ghostsec.org

Report Intelligence or Anonymous Tips: https://www.anonboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1359

This article “OpISIS: A chronolgy” is free and open source. You have permission to republish the article using a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ. Join the conversations at www.anonboards.com


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  1. i love you guys i wish i had the ability to do what you are doing, but i am but a lowly script kitty. the entire system is broken, governments creating monsters to validate their budgets.. sigh..

  2. maybe you should consider a better platform for that video, I’d advise soemthing more public…more global. Like something that’s alwawys on…perhaps a TV station output signal…ofc there’s always sites

  3. Why would you create an international ISIS troll day? Why don’t we keep our emotions and immaturity in check when dealing with such important matters? Trolling them would surely only add oil to the fire and possibly encourage them to be more violent. It’s not like we need a troll day to sway public opinion against them.

    Almost everyone who isn’t with them hates them. So what’s the point? To act out emotionally like a school kid would? I trust in you and your efforts to help mankind, but let’s not get carried away with acting in a manner that unnecessarily provokes more conflict and violence.

  4. Hey Anonymous and OpISIS. You Have guts to do OpISIS while OpKKK went nowhere. Remember the OpCartel. You are afraid the to the Los Zetas Mexican Drug Cartel in Mexico. Barrett Brown and Anonymous Anon Hackers are scared to go to continue the OpCartel.

    ISIS Islamic State and Al Qaeda is now in Latin America. Islam arrived in Chiapas Southern Mexico in 1994 at the Last Mayan Rebellion, the Zapatista Rebellion. The Maya Tribes converted to Islam ever since. The Maya Muslims with ISIS and Al Qaeda support will rebel against the Aztecs (Mexicans), and all hell will unleash in Latin America when all the Amerindians will embrace Radical Political Islam within 50 years or 70 years (1990s to 2060). World War 3 will come. Panama Canal and Patagonia will fall to the Muslims just like the Constantinople in 1453. World economy will be shutdown.

    1) Tainos of Caribbean like Hispaniola, Cuba and Puerto Rico.
    2) Guaymis of Panama and Costa Rica.
    3) Wayuus of Venezuela and Colombia.
    4) Arawaks of of French Guenia, Suriname and Guyana.
    5) Guaranis and Amazonians of land borders of Brazil (shares with all South America nations) with Amazon Forest and Andes Mountains.
    6) Shuars of Ecuador.
    7) Incas like the Aymaras and Quechas of Peru and Bolivia of the Andes Mountains.
    8) The Mapuches of Andes Mountains (Argentina-Chile & Brazil border), Patagonian and Amazon Forest
    9) Tehuelches of Patagonia (South Argentina, South Chile, and Falklands or Malvinas)
    10) Native Americans of United States, Native Inuits and eskimos of Canada and Greenland will be next to be Islamized
    11) The Maya of Southern Mexico, Guatemala and Central America
    12) The Miskito, Bribri, Chorotega, Embera, Kuna and Ngabe Bugle Guaymi in Central America especially Panama


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