It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition



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15-years after the attacks on September 11th, the European Scientific Journal, a publication of the European Scientific Institute (ESI), published an article titled “15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses,” in which they analyze the collapse of all three World Trade Center buildings. The results of their findings continue to indicate that the WTC towers were destroyed by controlled demolition, and the fact that this controversial topic was covered by a publication that boasts an editorial committee from reputable colleges and universities around the world (despite the article’s disclaimer), can be considered yet another small victory for 9/11 Truthers.

The study was written in collaboration by Steven Jones of Brigham Young University (now retired), Robert Korol of McMaster University – a Mechanical Design Engineer in the aerospace industry, Anthony Szamboti, and Ted Walter of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The highly-sourced study breaks down the scientific evidence while revealing the discrepancies in NIST’s official report, and we suggest our readers – especially the skeptics – read it in its entirety.

One of the most important testimonies on the collapse of the World Trade Towers that was brought to attention in the study comes from the head structural engineer of the towers, John Skilling. It is apparently not enough for skeptics to take the findings of thousands of architects and engineers seriously, but should a skeptic choose not to at least consider the expertise of one of the men who built the WTC towers, then they are purposefully remaining blind.

Every sort of catastrophe that can happen to a high-rise building has to be taken into consideration during the design and construction processes, including the impact of an airplane. According to a 1993 report from The Seattle Times, the Trade Towers were analyzed years ago, after concern was raised over a case where an airplane hit the Empire State Building. It was concluded at the time that the Trade Towers could withstand the impact of a Boeing 707.

In a statement made to The Seattle Times by Skilling:


We looked at every possible thing we could think of that could happen to the buildings, even to the extent of an airplane hitting the side, however back in those days people didn’t think about terrorists very much.” He continues, “Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed. The building structure would still be there. However, I’m not saying that properly applied explosives – shaped explosives – of that magnitude could not do a tremendous amount of damage. I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it.”


As stated in the study: “In other words, Skilling believed the only mechanism that could bring down the Twin Towers was controlled demolition.” It should be pointed out, as well, that a steel-framed high-rise building has never completely collapsed from fire. And yet on September 11, 2001, three buildings supposedly collapsed in this manner, one of which wasn’t even hit by a plane.

It was on this latter point that the authors concluded their study. They state:


It bears repeating that fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise before or since 9/11. Did we witness an unprecedented event three separate times on September 11, 2001? The NIST reports, which attempted to support that unlikely conclusion, fail to persuade a growing number of architects, engineers, and scientists.”




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This article (European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and


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  1. FFS, where are the comments on this people… WTF do you do when you read something like this??? Go to FB and sh….i….t!!!! Disgusting!

      • What really baffles me is how these planes made of light material were able to slice through steel girders and 18 inches of concrete like a hot knife through butter….baffling. So many theories and most trying to prove science and common sense wrong

        • With enough velocity this wouldn’t be a problem. Ever seen what a relatively soft lead bullet can do when it hits steel? Same thing. The space shuttle Columbia was taken out by a piece of styrofoam insulation!

          • Ever see what a soft lead bullet can do when it hits something specifically engineered to stop it, like Kevlar fabric? Nothing. It does nothing. And none of the towers were traveling at 10,000+ miles per hour when their structures were nicked like the shuttle. Physics is not a belief system that was temporarily suspended on 9-11.

          • The shuttle tiles are not made of styrofoam insulation. Some of It is actually fairly dense material. The total weight of the five different types of tiles/insulation that they used comes to 8574.0 (Kg)
            RCC: 1986 kg/m³ (124 lb/ft³)
            LI-2200 tiles: 352 kg/m³ (22 lb/ft³)
            FRCI tiles: 192 kg/m³ (12 lb/ft³)
            LI-900 (black or white) tiles: 144 kg/m³ (9 lb/ft³)
            FIB blankets: 144 kg/m³ (9 lb/ft³)

          • You would still have to explain how a plane hitting the top of a building made in collapse the the same manner as a controlled demolition

          • building seven of the world trade center was not hit by a plane and collapsed “symmetrically” at free fall acceleration for 2.6 seconds which is about 105 feet. that building had 82 vertical structural steel beams. now, a building collapsing at free fall acceleration means there was ZERO resistance. THESE ARE FACTS!!!!! so just use some common sense. THIS MEANS AT LEAST 105 FEET OF EACH OF 82 STEEL BEAMS DISAPPEARED, LYQUIFIED, OR “DISLODGED SIMULTANEOUSLY” WITHIN 2.6 SECONDS. THAT’S 8,610 FEET OF STEEL BEAM IN 2.6 SECONDS. this cannot be done by fire. Scientists with PhD’s collected multiple bags of dust from the wtc debris and found unreacted nano-thermate in ALL of it. debunkers like to say it was paint chips but that only works for those who take shit at face value instead of look up the facts themselves. these scientist put the pieces they believed to be nano-thermate in a calorimeter. this device subjects a sample to gradually increasing amounts of heat. Eventually, if the sample is flammable, it will burn and the device analyzes the outgassing to determine the EXACT composition of the sample. that is what it is made of and how much of each ingredient. it also determines exactly how reactive the sample is. they also put known samples of nano-thermate in the calorimeter to compare the results. the outcome was that the samples from the dust matched EXACTLY to the known samples of nano-thermate. this does not mean it is just possible the samples were nano-thermate. this means that it is a certainty. a scientific smoking gun. their is no doubt.

        • A 767 fully loaded weighs about 400,000lbs. When it hit the building it was doing at least 300mph. Maybe as much as 400 or 500mph. I don’t care if it was 400,000lbs of feathers, the amount of kinetic energy in something that heavy travelling that fast will blast through just about anything. The only physics that got suspended were the ones they should have taught you in school.

          • Very true and the building was only designed for wind loads and the impact of a smaller plane. The original engineer of the building is leading this charge to cover up his faulty design.

          • While different materials traveling at the same velocity contain the same amount if energy, the energy will be released or transfered upon an impact in different ways, that’s the basic idea used in crash tests or even auto shocks, another example would be two bullets, one lead the other steel jacket, they could weight the same and be traveling at the same velocity, but the jacketed one would penetrate further.
            400-500mph is the high altitude cruising speed of the aircraft, min speed to stay aloft is prob about 180mph, considering the maneuvers required to hit the buildings, they prob were in the 200-300mph range.

          • Why didnt it fall straght away so?? Why didnt it even shimmy from side to side?? Why did the one that wasnt hit fall, You are a dope.

        • It didn’t…more information will come to light when Trump gets into office! High ranking AMERICAN POLITICAL folks were involved, so I read time and time again!

          • trumps been in office now a few years, he refuses to mention who brought the towers down, if he does speak, he will be killed like kennedy was, a bullet to the front of his head, not the rear!!

    • BBC NEWS showed long ago that, AS the reporter was talking about building 7 collapsing, it collapsed on camera, 7 hours after it supposedly happened

    • Fact is……15 yr ago people did SERIOUS forensics with ALL data on stuff like full blueprints, the exact METALURGY, the weight of aircraft, the FUEL load.

      Okay kids……enough heat and metal will lose strength… to beat load.
      The weight ABOVE starts to pancake and…rather fast the whole thing collapses.
      Just a few beams fail, a few junctions, rivets.. it’s a big deal. the owers CORE was key to weight bearing and the HUGE heat…weakened that.

      The 3rd building failed because the automatic sprinkler system FAILD as the big towers fell. There was NO way to contain fire.

      So….. we have some wingnut idea you’d build in a Self Destruct button to huge buildings.. then hit the button while thousands try to escape? NO WAY. NOBODY would dare to say.. hit the button. it’s absurd. Nobody has a REASON to make that call. Nobody expects the story remains a secret. It’s ABSURD.

      • just like in Operation Northwoods the “government”didnt really plan to kill thousands of US citizens and blame it on Cuba for a reason to invade. OK moron

      • You sir, are watching to much CNN news channel.
        Or you must be totally blind on 2 eye’s
        If a building fall’s into its own footprint, its a controlled demolition. It dint tumble over, the top did and then fell straight down, the rest was ejected out… Nothing ejected out in Spain when the building burned for 24 hours.
        Did you see (oops your blind) the thickness of the steel.
        Burned for 45 min??? I can hold a flame on metal 45 min and still it look’s orange instead of red or white or even melted.. If i put thermite on it its gone in 2 min.
        An office fire witch contains black smoke did this?? lol Back to school sir!
        Office fire’s caused molten steel flowing under the buildings 3 months after collapse. That’s 90+ day’s.
        Don’t take it from me do some research, instead of just posting your crappy explanations.

        • Unless the fire from the fuel was accelerated by the oxygen reserves on the planes. Which would heat the metal up enough to melt beams in a matter of minutes. Basic chemistry and all planes have it or you can’t breath while you are up that high. Just saying there is holes on both sides of the argument. Try and say otherwise but when you add oxygen (which is an accelerant for other fuel sources) to argon it makes it increase the heat of the flame. The more oxygen the more intense the the flame gets cutting and melting metal in seconds. This can be applied to any source of fuel that is burning.

          • not enough oxygen to do what you say. And the airlines don’t use pure oxygen, which is highly combustible. They use air that is the same mixture as outside the plane. They would never use pure oxygen on a plane because of the risk of blowing up. You can add oxygen to argon and increase heat but that would only apply when you have a constant source of oxygen being fed to the fire.

          • If you watch closely you will notice the fires burning with black smoke meaning that the fire were burning with little oxygen. If it was burning with a lot of oxygen available the smoke would have been white. Look it up

          • most of the oxygen was consumed in the initial explosion..
            also what about building 7? you can even see the kink in the building as it comes down as if the support was taken out..

        • Its so hilarious people still believe the government isnt just a bunch of murdering greedy thugs, How many people do they have to murder and rob in other countries to see this?? Its hilariously stupid

      • 1st of all there wasn’t enought heat to melt steel encased with fire retardent, missing almost a 1000 degrees F, if the steel was going to fail the top of the building should have fallen on the side were it was hit, instead it fell on it’s own imprint!

    • It all began back in 1962 with Operation Northwoods, a plan by the CIA to attack buildings in Miami, Florida by US troops disguised as Cuban troops, also to attack buildings by aircraft filled with innocent US civilians. The purpose was to create enough US anger to then justify a US invasion of Cuba.It was approved by the all joint chiefs of staff bar one, J.F. Kennedy. It would appear the same plan reared it’s ugly head 39 years later. Truly a crime against humanity of enormous proportions. Tragic.

    • I believe it was caused by planned implosion. Who was to blame / I don’t claim to know. But an airplane striking these buildings would not do this – question 2 airplanes hit 2 different !buildings! but 3 building’s imploded ? Just another one of the big happenings we will never know the truth about. However i question why we allowed the airplane of Saudi’s to leave when all the airports were closed.?
      When one floor falls on the floor below it simply causes the floor to collapse not explode as we are told. A lot of dust sure but no big explosion.

    • how ignorant this report is and many comments. disgusting disrespect for the victims – in the building and in the “paper machet” airplanes. Give your heads a shake – just maybe there is some brain matter that will begin to think ….. oh yes and the timing of the demoltion and the impact of airplanes was all timed by the big sky clock run from Russia.

  2. hahaha. yeah, right. Keep burying your head in the sand. Controlled demolition, my ass. Try, 2 planes. European Scientific Journal sounds like it has about as much credibility as Donald Trump (none). Get a life, conspiracy theory, dumb-shits.

      • Really. I clearly remember watching the second plane crash into the south tower on TV. I’m pretty sure that no news station or the government would make that shit up. These findings are really dumb.

        • Sounds like you were there. What did you hear? I’m assuming that you were in close proximity to ground zero. Please share what you heard and saw. You have peaked my curiosity, as you obviously know so much more than structural engineers, commercial pilots and experts in so many fields.

          • I’ve had a look at the list of partners for the European Scientific Journal

            1 is in the top 1000 universities. A lot cannot be found or have articles saying what terrible institutions they are in. Others are institutes like Mountain Province State Polytechic College, Phillipines. It has the a similar name to two highly rated sites (always a red flag) and was set up in Macedonia. Basically it’s reputation is dog s**t

        • So you point to ONE explosive emission that came in a little lower than the main blast area, and this somehow means the building was rigged with explosives….that coincidentally had a jet plane full of fuel on it????? You Europeans are idiots if you really believe that.

          • Most of fuel burnt outside of the buildings in the initial fireballs. The remaining energy in the internal fires was not enough to create a calorific system capable of even lowering the strength of the internal columns by 10%, let alone cause even one floor to collapse. I do not take much for granted, but I keep my nose clean when it comes to stating something that obviously defies the second law of thermodynamics.

            Regardless of this, how the hell did WTC7 fall? There was no jet fuel inside that building. Other steel framed buildings have been left burning before. As stated, none have fallen before or since.

            There are a lot of trolls attacking from both sides of this. Paid influencers who deliberately state incorrect hypotheses with zero logical merit to deflect attention from legitimate questioners, and attackers who constantly bombard legitimate questioners with ad homeinen, strawmen, and slander.

        • Then I assume you also watched the plane’s nose coming out from the other side of the building, or the fade to black that happened in every video right after the planes hit the buildings… No? How sad!!

      • Produce FACTS. I took Metalurgy in College. Steel gets real hot and it CHANGES. That’s a factor in us MAKING stuff from steel. Steel designed to hold up TONS… will buckle at a high temp, can not hold the weight….as floors start to fall….. the impact of that snowballs.

        Do you know what an airliner weighs? how much fuel it has? I doubt it. Do you know the tensile and thermal qualities of the STEEL in the buildings? Do you have the BLUEPRINTS? NO NO.. you know NOTHING relevant.

        • Please explain free fall collapse while the buildings fell into the path of greatest resistance. There should have been a delay from resistance underneath the area where the collapse started. There was not.

        • The Empire State building smiles and waves after being on fire for 40min ( hit by a B-25 ). That large hotel in Dubai is also waving after it was completely on fire last NYE.

          Yet 3 (steel constructed)buildings in New York ( 1 didn’t even got hit by a plane ) fell down with pinpoint precision. Especially WTC7 is an interesting case, because fire would weaken 1 side of the building and it would collapse first at its weak spot, thus crumbling by tilting over. Yet WTC7 came down as if all support columns were weakenend at exactly the same time.
          This might be plausible for when a plane hits ( with the pancake theory ), but that sure doesn’t hold up on “small office fires” as it is stated in the official documents.

          Prior to 2011, no steel-constructed building ever collapsed due to fire.. let alone office fires :/

          • Assuming for a minute that it was a controlled demolition. Why on earth would they want Tower 7 to collapse? Was the impact of the twin towers collapsing not enough? So they decided, come on, let’s make tower 7 collapse as well, now that we are at it anyway. it doesn’t really matter that no plane hit it, let’s make it collapse anyway, and we will find some kind of explanation to the public.

            Conspiracy theory at its best, no logic applied at atll. It is laughable.

        • but what we do know is that many structural egineeries and polites have all said the same thing a plane could not have done that to a steel high rise building 1st off. Majority of the planes fule would have burn up on the initial impact explosion. Second we know the plan was tracking at 200 to 300 mhp. When it hit the building. And where were all the people in the buliding how come no major new cast showed and one attempting to try and exit theses building. None one jumping from windows like you would normally see is horrific fires the sprinkler systems failed in the buildings steel gutters were blown out of the building 30 40 seconds after the impact of the building so explain that just saying.

    • Those are some hilarious words coming from someone who has zero professional credentials and very likely zero college education, Dave. Explain how a tower not even hit by a plane and rather far away from the two primary buildings just collapse and destroy itself.

      I bet you can’t. Even a middle-school student with a beginning metals shop education is smarter.

      • You’re a fucking moron. WTC 7 had a gigantic hole ripped in its side by the collapse of the other towers, genius. This is attested by all kinds of video and photographic evidence. But whatever. Keep smelling your own asshole, dipshit.

        • If this were the case, the opposing wall to the struck side would have been left standing. Instead, it doesn’t. I don’t know if you know anything about architecture, or plain common sense, but I do.

          • WC-7 had damage and fire. If…..IF…..the auto fire supruession worked and fire tucks had access…..fine. But…NOT an option.

      • As towers one and 2 fell.. it busted the WATER supply, sprinkler based fire suppression to OTHER near by buildings that .. at first had smaller fires from debris. There was NO ability to get even fire trucks in place. Not that fire trucks can deal with very tall buildings.

        THOUSANDS of gallons of jet fuel….makes real good kindling.

        Next…… there is NO sane reason to put demolition charges in giat buildings in advance and LESS reason to Blow them with thousands of folks still inside. who gives that order? Huh? What is his future if someone in the ‘ conspiracy” talks? Who even thinks such a PLAN makes sense beforehand?

        Simply…… one of the most STUPID conspiracy theories EVER. ANY “conspiracy” is a “risk-reward” gamble. Here? I see no real REWARD. Risk? Unlimited. Imagine if YOU were the guy to blow it up.. and the locals…. got ahold of you? At best you get stomped then burned alive. Where is the UPSIDE? I don’t see any.

        • The trade center towers were stuffed full of asbestos. The cost to bring them up to legal compliance was more than the cost to demo and rebuild them.

          So there’s your motive right there. Weeks before the owner takes out/re-ups insurance against terrorist attacks.

          If you could push a button that would kill 3000 people, but give you a billion dollars, would you? And if we can justify people killing thousands in the name of god, isn’t killing in the name of money just as believable?

          • That is some acary logic. But it totally makes sense. But I am still going with they needed a major terrorisrevent to justify war.

    • Dave you’re an A$$ if you think planes took them down. Also why did Bush ground the military the day before? Oh I know so they couldn’t intercept. Wake up. Why was I watching TV when they announced that Tower 3 just went down. Oppps it was still behind her for like a minute before it fell. Pay attention moron.

      • Show me the proof the military was grounded. Two planes filled with fuel smashed into the towers. Jet fuel doused the impacted floors filling with heat and vapors ultimately exploding and failing the multiple floor systems down on to the lower floors and creating a domino effect morons. You are all complete imbisils if you believe this horseshit from the European scientific journal.

      • Sorry but your Dingbat “info” is BOGUS. You ain’t wise enough to KNOW but…’s not HARD to find out if Bush ” grounded the military” on 9/10. Not sure how that even matters. On average what’s the odds a USAF jet shoots down any airliner over any US city? Fact is…..planes were NOT grounded but you can’t be shooting down airliners on short notice. Imagine… it’s YOUR call. Do you shoot down an airliner over New York City? You got 3 minutes to choose.

    • Did you bother reading the report? I’m guessing you’ve got no particular expertise in the subject discussed there, correct? If you do have a background similar to the authors, what, in particular, are the points you’re disputing?

    • @dave..
      never ever could two planes collapse those buildings. not even wide body ones. basic physics.. Every one knows that except for some fooled “patriotic” Americans. Please back your statement with engineering knowledge I would love to hear this.. Even the architect admitted this more than 10 years ago. I believe he said “building could have been struck by 2 747s and they should remain standing with no problem”. If it was so easy to melt steel than anybody could do it at home without proper infrastructure and equipment.. think about that

      • Nobody EXPECTED 9/11. If it was NOT easy to MELT STEEL….. we would not have I beams to make buildings. It does NOT come out of the ground shaped like an I beam, a Toyota or Plumbing. HEAT makes Steel able to be extruded,molded, etc.

      • The actual statement from the architect and builder of the towers was, the construction was like mosquito netting on a door and poking pencils through it there would be no structural damage, and he stated that the buildings could withstand multiple impacts from jet liners. Also can any deniers explain how the massive outer steel columns had been cut like wedges to induce a slip forward when cut and how most of the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel columns were cut to lengths that would conveniently fit on the contractors trucks for removal. Also how was it that the Chinese buyer of the steel had their massive ships ready and waiting to whisk it all away before it could be inspected.Julianni is on top of the list as far as those complicit are concerned he ordered the biggest crime scene in world history to be cleared as fast as possible. Anybody with half a brain or even less knows building with as much overbuild as the towers had cannot come down at free fall speeds and into their own footprint as the three buildings did.

        • Oh great, Jewliani, another piece of shit.
          Why do any of these mongrels exist? I don’t even believe they are human beings, I wish we could exterminate them all.

    • “Try, 2 planes” ? Three buildings, one of which was not hit by a plane, so that means two were hit by one plane each – what is hard to understand about that?

    • @dave

      Some fat guy called dave sitting behind his computer is obviously more credible than a Mechanical Design Engineer in the aerospace industry.

    • Well if you read the comments by the journal, they say “This feature is somewhat different from our usual purely scientific articles”, so they don’t consider it scientific “, in that it contains some
      speculation. However,given the timing and the importance of the issue,
      we consider that this feature is sufficiently technical and interesting
      to merit publication for our readers. Obviously, the content of this article is the responsibility of the authors”, so they mostly publish it to get views and buys…

      • if you have a little knowledge of physics, you understand that a lot of heat has come free from the twin towers and it’s very plausible that a building like wtc 7 can’t stand that amount of heat…

        • Jantine, seriously just stop typing and dont have children, the world doesnt need more stupid fucks as it is full already.

          Goddammit were drowning in stupid fucks nowadays

        • Then WTC7 was affected by the heat of the 2 twin towers…and all the rest of surrounding buildings weren’t. And Steel melts in minutes. And one of the engineers is wrong when he explains buildings were airplane crash proof (fire will happen, but the building will remain). And 3 american journalists preparing an investigation about WTC 11-S with same conclusions died in less than 48hours (2015).

    • I suggest you take at least high school level physics before opening your mouth, none of the physics add up, aluminum would need to be traveling over 2 miles a second to even insert itself into a column of steel that thick, do yourself a favor and download something like Delphi physics simulator, then try putting an aluminum frame craft through beams that thick, not happening, it’s like launching a pop can at a wall, and expecting it to go through.

      • Apparently you do not know how extremely hot a large amount of burning jet fuel can get, and what that heat does to the hardness of metal.

        • Jet fuel normally burns under 1500 degrees F but some people say it can vary under pressurization. Most steel can melt at least around 1350 degrees C which is around 2200 ish’ F depending on which alloy and grade it is. My buddy is a welder with the ironworkers he let me know about the steel.

      • “a pop can at a wall”???? How about a 70-100 ton pop can??? You guys really, really need to get a life.
        Seriously, to take an unprecedented event like that and ignore the fact that each plane has acted as both a “ram-rod” of 100 tons, and then as a “fuel bomb” with dozens of tons spilling very, very easily through the shattered windows immediately after the crash…. Come on, stop with the wise cracking and think. Indeed – this was an UNprecedented event, so what if it happened twice within an hour? Twice – because 2 planes hit 2 buildings at pretty much the same circumstances.
        And the 3rd building, you ask? Well, I guess sometimes what goes/looks/quacks like a duck, is indeed just a duck:

        • Fuel burned off on impact, that was the big yellow stuff with black smoke….fuel was gone in seconds.
          Buildings coming down would slow down….ONLY demolition can equal free fall. In the history of aviation 2 buildings have crashed completely by aircraft impact, others just buckle, some partly collapsed. Those two were the trade centres (leave WTC7 which just fell down after it was confirmed live on air that it already had – LOL)- were expertly taken down. Man -some people.

      • pop cans do not weigh MANY MANY tons NOR fly 300+ mph with MANY MANY gallons of jet feul. We ALL saw (many times) the FACT the planes were able to penetrate quite well. This ain’t about a little Cessna.. and…. the FACTS matter…. lot more than the paranoid notions of folks who never had any FACT to play with.

    • 2 planes 3 buildings…. all falling down the exact same way, yet no other steel structure building in history has ever fallen in such a way before or after 9/11 Does that not strike you as odd??
      And you say keep burying your heads in the sand?!! Well right back at you !

      • Perhaps because no other steel structure has been hit by airplanes before? You sound like a complete ignoramus. So no terrorists were involved? Nobody hikacked airplanes on this day? Everyone who watched this happen are all under a mass delusion of some sort? My father didn’t watch the second plane hit the tower? None of those people died on the airplanes? I love how people call out other posters for not being physics experts, but they aren’t experts themselves and believe everything spoon-fed to them. Idiots. I am surrounded by idiots.

        • i’m just gonna say that your forgetting the third building as is most people, everyones getting their knickers in a bunch ’bout the tragedy yes it was tragic, people died thats terrible. Yet thats the only sound argument alot of people are making, the facts are: 2 planes hit two buildings and one wasn’t hit and still fell THATS WHY THIS CONSPIRACY EXISTS because one tower with no outside help decided it was gonna do an impersonation of david curruso’s career. no plane hit it, it fell for no reason. SOMEONE PLEASE COME UP WITH A SOUND ANSWER without some wise crack ’bout my momma or my intelligence. lets all be adults here i feel like im in grade school again with all the insults people throwing ’round

          • It was STILL lit on fire and the “normal” remedies to that were NOT working due to OBVIOUS major shyt happening in the area. The good news was that #7 did not fall as soon and few folks died. WHATEVER….there’s NO WAY IN HELL…..on 9/11.. some demolition crew goes and drops another building. It AIN’t that EASY Bubba. You don’t go into a burning skyscraper and rig demolition charges on short notice… and NOBODY notices.

        • Why did the planes engines they found on the ground did not come from the planes that hit the owners? Why at the Pentagon they had hundreds of Video camreas and not one if them showed a plane hitting it? Why was there no plane wreckage found where 93 hit the ground?

    • 2 planes brought down 3 buildings? Maybe you should enlighten us Dave. Was it sort of a magic plane just as in the magic bullet from the JFK assassination? Do you know something we don’t Dave?

      To dismiss something without investigation is the height of ignorance.
      Here’s something to point you in the right direction.
      This is an Orange
      Your government wouldn’t lie to you would they Dave?
      The people who gave you the narrative are the very same people
      that told you there were WMD’s in Iraq and we know that was a lie
      So how do you differentiate their truths from their lies?

    • Ignorance is bliss, you’re probably one of those idiots that think hillaru Clinton is in full health with no medical condition lol. Open your eyes sheep, or the world will eat you up and shit you out the other side.

    • Why does it not have enough credibility? Why is it easier for you to believe that 2 planes brought down the Twin Towers, rather then a controlled demolition?

      How much research have YOU personally conducted? What professional qualifications do you have to make the claims you are making?

      You are telling people to stop burying their heads in the sand, while yours is rammed deep inside your own arsehole.

      • Have you ever worked with EXPLOSIVES in a burning skyscraper full of people trying to get the hell out? HUH? Explain to us.

        Hello……is this ACME Demolition? Can you get a crew and a ton of explosives to New York in…say.. 15 minutes? We want to blow up 2 HUGE buildings that are aflame while a few THOUSAND folks try to escape. Yeah… it’s kind of short notice.. will that cost extra? Really.. our legal department says it’s got a permit for this……..Trust me.

    • There were 3 buildings. So, how do you explain the building that was NOT hit by a plane? And, credibility? What credibility are you disputing? The actual experts, including the buildings designer? You are ignoring clear, reputable information. You are choosing to not recognize this information. You do not question what you are told because you are afraid. You are afraid that you may actually be the “dumb shit”.

    • Dave you would only consider people as ”dumb shits” on this matter if you had not taken the time to look into this in great detail. You my dim witted friend are the dumb shit! I imagine you have either sucked up all the stupid gov lies and you have your head firmly stuck up your arse to not see that this is a cover up.! I could list many facts on this to you but sadly it would be like trying to explain quantum physics to a dribbling 1 year old! Wake up man! Also just to point out your ”2 planes” As the fairy tale suggests 1 plane hit each of the towers plus the 3rd collapse. Did you not read about the engine found which does not belong to either plane ..or ”lucky Larry and his whole family who seperatly just happened to miss work that day? The accounts from fire crews that were on the scene? or how about the Pentagon where absolutly no trace of a plane was found and wittnesses in the building also stated on record that their was no trace of a plane…which is shown from the street camera…what do you think David Blaine hide it from the camera as it past , only to reapear when it hit the Pentagon ..Wake up idiot …I am guessing that you will prefer Hilary and her lies …do you not realise that who ever gets in is only a puppet of the real people that pull the strings FFS man your a tool!!!

    • Talk about head in the sand…it’s truly baffling that even with the overwhelming evidence people still cling to the official story. Denial is a very powerful thing. Just because you don’t want to face the truth doesn’t make it any less true. Give your head a shake.
      Apparently the laws of physics didn’t apply on 9/11…that in itself would make even the most ignorant person question the whole thing.

      • So… show us the blueprints. Show us EXACTLY what type steel was used and it’s thermal factors. Tell me how many TONS of fuel were on either plane and how HOT that can get. This ain’t Charcoal; lighter and a Webber kettle.. this is a BUNCH of hot…..BLASt furnace hot.

        • We’ll show you that steel doesn’t melt when we are burning you at the steel stake. You worthless slave. Go figure you use an industry name, you’re a brainwashed corporate puppet rembrant!

    • The only dumb shit senile moronic comment I see here is yours.

      From an intellectual person I would expect some sort elaboration to why you doubt their credibility but obviously your not the person to have those expectations from.

      Your argument consists of bringing Donald Trump into it so other hate mongrels just pick up on it and randomly agree with you.

      The least you could have done is to add a link to one of those many counter articles that exist on the internet.

      Have a great ignorant day.

    • After watching this,, and footage of NYPD and 911 firefighters telling cameramen that they heard explosives going off, that’s on you tube too, it is the other way around. There has been, is, and will be a conspiracy regarding truth on tv news. I think after watching the youtube video, a good question to ask is this: Is my source of information tv news or professional architects, engineers, the NYPD, and the 9/11 firefighters that were there? Why would my country government do such a thing? Does it have to do with oil? Money? Why would they steal land ruthlessly? Have they done this before? Native Americans?

    • If you were given the task of a controlled demolition of the towers you must ask yourself could you have done it better…..? They all came straight down as you would want had you been given the assignment.

    • Wow, Dave, you are clearly more intelligent than the construction engine ears who designed the WTC towers. I bet you believe that jet fuel (which cannot burn hotter than 1,500°F) can burn hot enough to cause steel to become molten hot liquid (which requires temperatures in excess of 2,700°F). Explain the insurance policies that were purchased the day before and all the people that profited from the collapse of the 3 towers…

      • You do NOT need to reach ” liquid” Steel ( dummy) all you need is to REDUCE the load bearing ability and cause FAIKL in parts of the structure. Show me the BLUEPRINTS. Tell me SPECIFICS about the steel allow, the key members, their tensile strenth, compressive strength at various temps.

        Explain how and why ANYONE would synch some demolition with an Al Qaeda attack. Who do you HIRE for that? Who’d think it makes any sense?

    • Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. That’s not my opinion…that is glorious,irrefutable science. The same was said about Hitler when the Nazis burned down the Riechtag (sp?). But here we are some 80 years later and we know it as fact. The evidence to support a controlled demolition is overwhelming…all you’ve brought are a few poorly worded insults. I’m embarrassed for you.

        • I think you are getting lost in the maze of facts.
          While it maybe true that the beams didn’t need to be melted to initiate collapse, molten steel was found after the collapse. So yes, an explanation on how jet fuel can melt steel is required.

    • Stop drinking The Kool-aid. This was an inside job. These buildings did NOT just fall straight down by themselves. Bombs were strategically placed to IMPLODE them to the ground… Try doing some research on demolition. Our Government did this to start a war.. Get your freakin head out of the sand. Do you really think these high rise steel beamed buildings fell to the ground straight down because of a plane.. Come on people. Our government does not give a crap about us. Also look at the pentagon, NO plane hit it. It was a round whole. How many planes do you know that are round.. Oh yeah and at the trade center they found wedding rings etc, but ironically NO PLANE reckage. And the third building was not even hit, yet it inploded also. There is a video of this imploding you can see the bombs going off.. Do some researsh sheeple

    • Were you even old enough to remember what you saw on tv???! To say this is dumb with all the evidence provided is in its self fucking dumb. What happened that day was physically impossible. Poor little sheep. Thinking your government loves you and actually cares about your well being ! PATHETIC. The truth will eventually come out…it always comes out..

    • You have all the answers dontcha?…..where is YOUR critical thinking skillset? Attacking someone else for wanting to explore an idea or concept one previously had not understood or considered, IS the benchmark of good investigation….suspend YOUR stupidity long enough for others who wish to question to find their own answers….you are acting like a pseudo-intellectual asshole….my opinion….troll me and prove me right….

    • Who’s burying their head in the sand? You believe the towers were taken down in an impossible manner. You would believe anything the government told you, unless it told you to give up your guns. Oh, now that’s a conspiracy right?

    • The European Scientific Journal is a credible peer reviewed journal

      It didn’t, however, publish the article described in this piece

      That was the “Euro Physics News” – which is a non peer reviewed Physics themed magazine

      Inaccurate and crappy reporting here

      The four authors of the article are all long term 9/11 truthers, and the article contains nothing new, just a restatement of stuff these four writers have been claiming for years, their claims have been studied and rebuked extensively elsewhere also – so really, no revelations and no vindication either – same old same old

    • It’s sad that the American people are so blind to the truth when it is put right in front of them. What are they afraid of? THEIR government was looking for a catalyst to start their domination of the world with wars in various countries that would further reduce the population on our little planet to a more manageable number for the 1% (you have heard of them right?) THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE have been killed by the U.S. since the end of World War II and now in the name of their ‘MANIFEST DESTINY” they are ready to start a nuclear war with Russia, a country with nuclear weapons of their own, that has been minding their own business but that the Neo-cons are determined to wipe from the face of the earth. Where will the 1% be when World War III starts – you can bet they won’t be in the streets with the rest of us!!! Wake up people and stand up to your government or kiss your grandchildren good-bye. Now who looks like a dumb shit? I can think of a good spot to stick your head when all hell breaks loose Dave.

      • On the contrary, they actually will be in the streets. They think they are so clever, so smart and so safe but little did they realize they are all just bags of shit just like us and Russia is going to kick their ass. I can hear it now, the clattering of Russian 50cals and MBT treads as they crush U.S. politician corpses in the D.C. streets.

        Going to be so enjoyable, better then intercourse!

    • Drink monsanto’s ready roundup and do us all, including yourself, a favor, “dave”. Before you make a terrible mistake and vote for clinton, you failure.

  3. What I’d like to know is why an article from the Seattle Times, which supposedly dates back to1993 (8 years before 9/11), has Skilling saying that “people didn’t think about terrorists much BACK THEN.” When is “back then”? Why are terrorists even mentioned in this ’93 article? Even The Oklahoma bombing happened after 1993. Most people didnt even know what a terrorist was at the time. It certainly wasn’t as widespread as it is now. Please explain what I’m missing here.

    • Terrorist activities (which Americans generally view as Middle Eastern in origin) began to spike in the late 80s and early 90s. The towers were built from 1966 to 1973…. that’s what “back then” is referring to. The North Tower was bombed Feb. 26th, 1993. Specifically a truck with a bomb was driven into an underground section. That likely was the original reason for the investigation and it covered a plane hitting it due to it happening to another sky scrapper.

  4. Dave, you’re the one with your head burried in the sand. Go check reports on USA increased influence inside and outside the country. It’s normal yes, until the numbers get to ridiculous heights. Don’t think it was all done by terrorits. It’s not the USA we should worry about but the coorporations inside the country. Good day and open your eyes

  5. These same 4 quacks have been trying to “prove” this for quite some time. Guess they finally found someone to publish their nutbag THEORY…. Which is all it is. ANON… whoever wrote this article clearly did not read it. Jones’ basis for his theory is that he discovered “thermite” at ground zero and yet this has been debunked many times. The same elements are found almost everywhere and are definitely found in steel and building components. Furthermore, Jones and his buddies don’t even attempt to say “it was controlled demo” because one cannot possibly reach those conclusions SCIENTIFICALLY with his “study”, which is just an article written by a fired BYU professor who came to his conclusions using questionable and sometimes completely flawed science

    • Don’t try to reason with these torch-and-pitchfork-wielding homunculi. They can’t face reality, so they invent a fantasy world to live in where everything is an evil plot, and only they, the brave few, are smart enough and brave enough to resist the all-encompassing SHADOWY EVIL FORCES. It’s basically a paranoid delusion.

      • Keep eating monsanto’s poison while you defend the government that force feeds it to you, fool. You’ll learn one day and by then, it will be too late. Dumb kids.

  6. Wow Dave, that’s a really informed & educated reply i really do wish that when i grow up i know as much as you. I think maybe it’s time you went back to your crayons and coloring books.

  7. dave is either a government troll trying to discredit this article by childish means, or he really is that stupid… either way, keep your tin foil hats on, this shit isn’t a conspiracy anymore.

  8. Haha, oh Dave. It’s more than reasonable to find compelling the insurmountable positive evidence for controlled demolition.

    The evidence for planes alone being responsible for the collapse of all 3 towers is so poor as to be insulting. The positive evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming that it’s not unreasonable to consider those who believe the official story as mentally unwell.

    • How can the wiring for controlled demolition still work after a fucking 747 hits the building. How can they blast the building at the point of impact? Has anyone that believes in this actually seen real controlled demolition? So fucking stupid.

      • 747?? You know more than the Official fairytale.
        How about BATTERIES and REMOTE control??
        Thats not rocket Science thats Kindergarten Basics that you don’t know?? C-mon! 21st Century here we are!

  9. Controlled demo as in controlling 2 planes to crash into the buildings at 500 mph and then the fire from the fuel caused the steal to become weak enough that it gave out and caused a chain reaction. The same way a controlled dynamite demo works. If you think they used explosives you smoke way too much weed.

    • Finally! Someone who actually understands physics by way of thermodynamics. Nice input Corey.

      I’m sure that if a house burned down, many of the people in this post would argue that the FBI planted incendiary devices on termites.

    • Lets say you’re right in the weak steel and chain reaction part. How do explain the fact that the towers collapsed in a perfectly straight synchronized manner?

      For your explanation to be accurate, the building should’ve come down tilted by the impact zone right? Since none of the planes “came through” the building, they all stopped somewhere inside, at least the top part must have fallen in angle, yet it all fell completely vertical.

      That and the pre-explosions captured by many cameras and included in this article. Is not paranoia, its common sense

      • Much as I want to believe the official version,I have to agree with what your saying. I would have thought that the building would have buckled at the source of heat and would not have made the steel soft all the way down to the ground because it would have been dissipating and cooling on the way down as obviously sprinklers would have been going off as well..we see no steam being emitted from the buildings as obviously water pipes would be bursting in the mayhem and striking the hot surfaces.

      • People are absolutely terrified to think of the true power the government has over them. Even logic is erased. I will now go back to being a research subject for disease…

  10. Really need to look at a film of the Boeing 757 hitting the second building a orange glow appears as the nose is about to touch the building on the building

  11. Publication in a scientific journal does not mean established scientific fact. It merely means that the publishers think the paper is worthy of review by the scientific community. It is very likely that the findings of the paper will be rejected by the scientific community upon scrutiny.

  12. Because planes have slammed into some of the tallest buildings elsewhere and we know for certain the above walls burning would not do this

    • Is it? If you check the back numbers, it’s full of what appear to be thoroughly researched academic papers on serious subjects, with sources fully cited, published for peer review.
      Pal who still lives a few blocks from the WTC site says his neighborhood is sure that the third building was a controlled demolition, because business tenants in that building whose offices contained some kind of sensitive content wanted it completely, not partially, destroyed. (Never will be publicly acknowledged because of insurance claims, he said).

      • It is a known fact that the three buildings that were destroyed contained highly damning information that the government did not want around anymore. What’s a few thousand slaves lives? They just sent more to die in the desert so it isn’t like they care, after all, they aren’t protecting you, they’ve been feeding you WW2 nazi poison all this time! It is only dumb kids like Bam Bam and Dave who don’t know anything about the world and can’t understand that it isn’t a magically fairy tale where your government is good. Government is bad, mmkay?

  13. Why were the alleged controlled explosions not noticed by the many people present that day? It is difficult to believe that this would go unnoticed by anyone and how were they installed without notice? This is weak.

    • There were plenty of people who heard the explosions, especially the one on ground level. There are also plenty of people who never heard jet engines, which sound would be deafening at that altitude. Google is your friend Rob. Not so much the media.

  14. I see nothing impossible, but the fact that people are so strongly convinced that it was an inside job, by reading a few (or more than a few) stories without looking at all the facts and all the sides of the story, I find really quite ignorant.
    It is similar to believing in a god and 100% sure that there is a god. or 100% sure that there is no god. or 100% sure that there is reincarnation. there will always be things that we do not know and people who can not recognize that a problem with themselves

    • Not the same at all. God has nothing to do with science and physics. This has everything to do with science and physics. And, building 7 went down demo style, with no plane hitting it to ‘weaken’ steel beems. That building was also home to the FBI. Largest office outside their main Virginia location. They lost a lot of data during this incident. They were looking into money laundering via Russian oil at the time, I believe. Goes all the way back to 1991. So your homework and stop believing main stream media, who are owned by…….!

    • Lmao, oh the irony of human beings. This person says they can’t believe just because others believe and then spouts religious nonsense that they believe because others believe! You can trust in one thing “Jantine”, there is more evidence of 9/11 being an inside job than there is of your religion even being relevant to this world at all (since it is just a story tale that isn’t real made to control the weak like you).

  15. I’m familiar with A&E For 9/11 Truth’s work on this. People tell me they can’t find this study, discussed here. Obviously, all controlled demolitions.

  16. “It bears repeating that fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise before or since 9/11.”

    That’s a pointless statement from the authors. No reputable, scientific journal would allow statements like this to get past peer review, without the reference data to validate such a ridiculous statement.

    On reading such a statement, one should naturally ask: How many fires have been recorded in steel-framed, high-rise buildings? How many of those fires have been at a comparable scale to those in the WTC buildings? If there have been no comparable fires in steel-framed, high-rise buildings then the authors’ statement carries no weight.

    Their statement is like saying, no fire can cause the destruction of planet Earth, because fires have never caused the total destruction of planet Earth. Well no shit a fire hasn’t destroyed the Earth, there’s never been a fire big enough.

    • Hey man, don’t lump us all together. I hate dave just as much as you and I wish I wasn’t born in the U.S.; don’t generalize though because there are people like me who you need on your side and I am totally against the U.S., everything about it! The braindead people, the corrupt government, the AWFUL society, everything is horrible here! Don’t count me out and DO NOT lump me in with mongrels like “dave”.

  17. In 1993, Ramzi Yousef was bent on toppling one of the WTC buildings into the other by using an explosive laden van in an underground parking structure in one of the towers… It didn’t work of course. Duh!

    In 1994, An Air France A300 was hijacked in Algeria. One of the options considered was to blow up the plane over the Eiffel Tower, or to hit it directly. Neither event materialized because the hijackers could not fly the plane, but this contributed to the further efforts and planning for hijackers to ‘learn to fly’ the plane in to the intended target.

    As for The European Scientific Journal, it’s about as reliable as the contributors to this website.

    • Donald Trump called. He said he appreciated you allowing him to use your mouth as a toilet, but to please stop calling him while he’s at work begging for him to come crank a slimy deuce down your gullet. It’s starting to get creepy.

      • Hillary Rotting Bottom Clinton called, she said its time for you to get back to sucking monsanto’s teet while bouncing on Saudi Arabia’s lap.

  18. 9/11 was a government setup. come on guys, how did the planes hit the top of the building but fall from the bottom? a day before it happened, people were moving gold out. I mean how could our air force not stop them? when the pentagon got crashed into lots of information and money vanished? clear your fucking heads and stop being classical americans who thinks this government is innocent. It was all a strategy for us to brainwash americans, boost american moral, spread yellow journalism, and go to war in the middle east. i mean history repeats its self and you blind people cant see whats infront of you. Its just like the bay of pigs invasion where one of our ships blew up from combustion, but blaimed it on the otherside, spread lies and riled up americans.

  19. For all you naysayers, watch this to understand how involved government and big business were involved in 9/11. After watching, then please dispute the represented facts. Know who else got rich off 9/11? Oil, gold and silver investors. Wasn’t bush an oil barren? Hhm.

  20. Ahahaha. More conspiracy nonsense. There was no controlled demolition. The collapses and aftermath are fully explained by introductory high school physics. As for credentials, I am a structural engineer with expertise in forensic investigations, strength and mechanics of materials, physics and building construction and demolition. QED my educated opinion has more value than your second hand one.

  21. All of this fuckin nonsense
    will be end when there is open conference available
    from US and the one what u called “conspiracy theorist”

    Either it is europe, scienctist or US
    come on.. make an open conference and show ur argument and proof

    dont hide

  22. Haha! Man, some of you people are pieces of work…

    I’m sorry, did I say work? Oh, I meant to say shit. Sorry.

    Pieces of shit.

    You live in a paranoid fantasy world. You’re probably also obsessed with the Kennedy Assassination, Oak Island, Roswell, the Philadelphia Experiment, and every other dumbshit theory these conspiracy writers can sell you. I would actually feel sorry for you, if you weren’t so mindlessly belligerent and militantly ignorant. You’re filling our collective consciousness with irredeemable refuse. To put it in words even the most brain-dead Trump-supporting Holocaust denier can understand:

    • Bam Bam – You took the words out of my mouth, if I was as eloquent as you.

      The amount of ‘paranoid stupid’ around is frightening.

      Keep up YOUR good replies.

    • Here is one you can add to the list you monsanto goon:

      Project Paperclip

      Oh, you seem to have a problem with HISTORY!
      Stupid nazi slaves.

  23. All the comments and arguments and hostility really is pointless guys. Even if there was 100% proof that the official story was a lie it would still be brushed under the carpet. To many people have died and to much water has passed under the bridge to change anything. We all know governments all over the world lie and bullshit there way through life and only people to suffer is us. It will never change

    • Yeah and many years later they will just reveal the whole conspiracy like the CIA did with JFK. First it was an assasination and now they come clean and say they had a lot to do with it. So 9/11 is probably just the same.

  24. I can prove that it wasn’t the work of the government…

    I’ll need two identical WTC towers and two airplanes filled with fuel, a few innocent and a few not-so innocent people. Piloting skills preferred but not required.

    I can tell who our Jenga players are by their topple theory comments. Engineering folks… Engineering. When you can pay for the degree, you don’t come up with bullshit theories. Turn off the TV and get back in class.

    • Some of the comments on here are just downright entertaining.

      1. The steel didn’t melt
      2. Jet Fuel burning at 1300-1500 degrees will reduce the integrity of the steal to about 10%. This is exactly why the towers collapsed.

      Please take off your tin foil hats.

  25. The “study” is just an opinion piece, in fact it specifically says:

    “This feature is somewhat different from our usual
    purely scientific articles, in that it contains some
    speculation. However, given the timing and the
    importance of the issue, we consider that this
    feature is sufficiently technical and interesting
    to merit publication for our readers. Obviously,
    the content of this article is the responsibility
    of the authors.”

  26. I am sorry, but this is not a scientific paper. Please go back to school and learn why. The lacks of quality are too many to mention in a comment field.

  27. If the collapse was controlled then it would have been done after evaquation of people. Who and when planted explosives to do it? Real wild imagination.

  28. It’s difficult to contemplate the depth of evil, when observing brain-searing TV media propaganda. Most all world Media, especially the American Media, is again brain-washing the official version of 9/11.
    No brain-searing Media will mention that ‘four’ alleged crash sites had no passenger plane wreckage, turbine engines, wings, tail sections, bodies, luggage, etc. The FBI did not bother digging into the soil at the Shanksville alleged crash site, the official version being; “Everything vaporized”.
    All 9/11 wrongful death litigation was assigned by Congress, to a single federal court, the Southern District of New York, and a single judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein. When a criminal case is resolved ‘without a trial’, records obtained through a search warrant, remain confidential, kept out of the public’s eye. All cases involving 9/11 were settled out of court. Hellerstein’s son Joseph was a lawyer in Israel.
    The video evidence of 9/11 has apparently been modified, modus operandi, similar to the fraudulent JFK Zapruder video evidence, in order to subvert the American people and way of life. It is my conjecture that since JFK, the American government has been comprehensively hijacked. Since JFK, the USA should have been renamed USZA, the United States of Zionist America, and its motto ‘Subversion by Deception’. 9/11 is, outrageously, the biggest crime in American history, and it continues, relentlessly. It is outrageous that Obama has agreed to give $38 billion to Israel (over 10 years), a country with population similar to that of London, England. Americans must begin to ask deep questions of its government.
    WHY might the American Zionist government be despised around the world? Ask why they invade countries on false pretexts, drone strike innocent people, steal oil and gold, create puppet dictators and Zionist Central Banks, label resistance fighters as terrorists. I anticipate these reasons, may have something to do with WHY.
    It is not wise for the British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian governments (4/5th of Five Eyes) to be associated with the government of USZA.
    Snapshot of American Foreign Policy: USS Maine lie, Lusitania stand down, Pearl Harbour stand down, Korean 38th parallel lie, JFK assassination lie, USS Liberty Israeli attack, Gulf of Tonkin Lie, Saddam and WMD lie, Kuwait lie, Al Qaeda/CIA lie. All created by the USZA’s war machine. The Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes have raised, and maintained, global tensions, to Cold War levels.

  29. The above mentioned journal specifically denies having published such a paper.

    Not only that, but the headline would be misleading even if the article had been published. When a scientific journal publishes a paper, neither the journal nor its editors are not advocating the conclusions of the paper. The conclusions remain those of the authors of the paper.

      • wtf is wrong with you….. you are the one cutting and pasting your replies “bitch” more than just myself have posted this link and you are fast to respond to the first post… but have yet to respond to the fact that I mentioned MORE than one. LOOK AT THE DAMN LINK!!! is their site!!!! How could we fake a link from there site!!! …. bitch!!!

  30. Inaccurate and crappy reporting here

    The European Scientific Journal is a credible peer reviewed journal

    It didn’t, however, publish the article described in this piece

    That was the “Euro Physics News” – which is a non peer reviewed Physics themed magazine

    The four authors of the article are all long term 9/11 truthers, and the article contains nothing new, just a restatement of stuff these four writers have been claiming for years, their claims have been studied and rebuked extensively elsewhere also – so really, no revelations and no vindication either – same old same old

  31. It’s difficult to contemplate the depth of evil, when observing brain-searing TV media propaganda. Most all world Media, especially the disingenuous American Media, is again brain-washing the official version of 9/11.
    No brain-searing Media will mention that ‘four’ alleged crash sites had no passenger plane wreckage, turbine engines, wings, tail sections, bodies, luggage, etc. The FBI did not bother digging into the soil at the Shanksville alleged crash site, the official version being; “Everything vaporized”.
    All 9/11 wrongful death litigation was assigned by Congress, to a single federal court, the Southern District of New York, and a single judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein. When a criminal case is resolved ‘without a trial’, records obtained through a search warrant, remain confidential, kept out of the public’s eye. All cases involving 9/11 were settled out of court. Hellerstein’s son Joseph was a lawyer in Israel.
    The video evidence of 9/11 has apparently been modified, modus operandi, similar to the fraudulent JFK Zapruder video evidence, in order to subvert the American people and way of life. It is my conjecture that since JFK, the American government has been comprehensively hijacked. Since JFK, the USA should have been renamed USZA, the United States of Zionist America, with motto ‘Subversion by Deception’.
    9/11 is, outrageously, the biggest false flag crime in American history, and it continues, relentlessly. Only Hitler’s Germany may claim parity. It is outrageous that Obama, in his last months in office, has given $38 billion to Israel, a country with population similar to that of London, England. It must be noted that Israel refuses to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and according to Colon Powel, Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons. This is what JFK was desperate to avoid and he was thus assassinated.
    US Aid law: If any foreign government who receives US assistance is not transparent, on how they spend that money, then that government will not receive further assistance, unless the US Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) grants a waiver.
    Americans must begin to ask deep questions of its government, and purge extensively.
    WHY might the American Zionist government be despised around the world? Ask why they invade countries on false pretexts, drone strike innocent people, steal oil and gold, create puppet dictators and Zionist Central Banks, label resistance fighters as terrorists. I anticipate these reasons, may have something to do with WHY and, why increasing violence is being visited upon American cities.
    It is not wise for the governments of Commonwealth countries; Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (4/5th of Five Eyes) to be associated with the pariah, the government of USZA.
    Snapshot of American Foreign Policy: USS Maine lie, Lusitania stand down, Pearl Harbour stand down, Korean 38th parallel lie, JFK assassination lie, USS Liberty Israeli attack, Gulf of Tonkin Lie, Saddam and WMD lie, Kuwait lie, Al Qaeda/CIA lie. All created by the USZA’s war machine.
    The Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes have increased global tensions, to Cold War levels. However, the tide is beginning to turn in Europe, regarding BREXIT and the collapsing European Union.
    The banking oligarchy of the USZA and Zionist Israel, appear now to have only one ‘false flag’ deception remaining, the end game, Israel’s ‘Samson Option’, nuclear WWIII.
    Note: Facebook’s new head of policy is Jordana Cutler, a Netanyahu adviser and former chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington.

  32. Any one who knows anything about structures, knows they don’t freefall perpendicular to their vertical support structure. “Steel does not compress” If the top floors had twisted and rolled over the side, i would certainly consider the jet fuel theory.
    As it is, the fire fighters on the scene, testified to explosions going off in the building long before they fell.

    • Yep and I will never join U.S. society for this reason. I was only in 8th grade when this happened so they have literally thrown out my whole life to this nonsense agenda of stupidity and delirium driven atrocity. Until everyone is on the same page and I don’t have to educate the slaves on the most simplest of subjects, not joining society is the only way I can fight back/boycott otherwise you are just getting killed by dumb cops in the streets for no reason. All in all, the U.S. government has ruined all life on the planet and made life unlivable.

  33. Its obviously still too painful for many to believe our own government could do this to our own citizens to fabricate an excuse to go to war. Common sense plus a little research makes the truth stand out.

  34. Look people this article is fake, I have proof…. The proof has been posted MULTIPLE times in here but you all seem to be conveniently ignoring it. You all are so fucking used to thinking a certain way you can’t handle when something shows you to be false… It’s like a damn religion for you people…. Here is a link to a document from the eujournal site saying that they did NOT post any conclusion on this subject. it clearly shows in the link that it is from them! I did not fake this!! Here is a link to their main page it will take you to the main index to their site. Notice that they both start with the same domain!!! ( The damn document is from them. You all need to STFU this document is real… and shove your damn conspiracy theories up your ass. Right next to the Moon landing were faked and bigfoot…

    • As a European I find this fascinating. So many monologues at the same time. “I am right and you are a moron” So much hatred. Those behind the attack, clearly won. Whoever they are… I have even seen a guy claiming that has been taken over by CIA/NSA. He based it on a sudden drop in the quality of this site. Thats what you get with artikels like this, and ones like that promoting cancer medicin based on lemon and baking soda. That one is just snake oil.
      Too bad there are no comments from religious nutters. They are entertaning. This is just tragic.

  35. The Fact of the matter is unless we was actually involved in this so called conspiracy theory or was at ground zero n never witnessed a plane then how do any of you really know?
    Let me tell you why! because billy, rob n geoff all read it in a newspaper or watched it on tv!! Now let me explain this reading newspapers this has to be real dont it i mean stephen kings books are real right? wrong.
    oh and because we have seen a programme on nbc that explains everything n steven the fictional scientist appears says its true n hes knows mike whos a bomb expert. Surely Tv cant be manipulated can it??
    oh wait im pretty sure ive just seen harry potter fly past on his broom!
    Lets say yes theres that slight chance it could of been a controlled explosion. im not saying its not but your evidence is minimal snd of course if a plane flew into it burning fuel would no doubt melt the steel beams but lets face it these steel beams was’nt side by side all way round the building so clearly it didnt cut through steel like a knife through butter it had some source of access into the building to create this tradegy. End of the day thousands of ppl was killed and all you lot can do is whinge and moan.
    Time to move on people its over!

  36. The actual article was published by europhysicsnews and written by individuals involved with AE911Truth. Not too hard to find the truth, but that doesn’t explain all these jackass outlets getting the source wrong.

  37. People with an ounce of brain didn’t need 15 years to realise it is all fake, only morons would believe 2 planes could bring down 3 buildings. I am still amazed a lot of people is so stupid to believe that nonsense, I guess if it is told on TV then it must be true. Kudos to US, those were some amazing implosions, a lot of companies doing implosions were jealous of that precision. Who cares about 3000 dead people when there were billions to made by justifying an invented war. People, wake up, open your goddamn eyes and use your brain, every war is fabricated in some office just because war brings money and peace is not.

    • They indoctrinate, brainwash, and teach the lies in the U.S. They Produce the brainwashed slaves who believe the lies, those of us who know the truth are being murdered in “strange accidents” and vanishing at a rapid pace. Before too long the U.S. will just be a bunch of brown slaves that have no rights, don’t know their rights and would never fight for them. They want their $5 an hour and they don’t care about anything else. That is why the government wants open borders and actively facilitates illegal criminal immigrants while punishing real U.S. Citizens: THEY ARE OUR ENEMY, IN OUR GOVERNMENT, IN OUR CITIES, IN OUR EVERYTHING!

  38. It seems pretty clear to me that we, as Western societies of the world, are being constantly “brainwashed” by what the media say about specific acts of violence etc. Sept 11, 2001 “demonstrated” that aircraft “strikes” had brought down the 3 WTC buildings. Photoshop editing has been going on for many years – I know, we used back in 1995 in Christchurch, NZ, as a matter of our daily work. If you can believe 3 buildings could be brought down by only two aircraft, then good on you! Think again about how ‘photoshop’ can “manufacture anything it wishes to! I think it is time people chose to ‘turn off their TV’s’, so that they are no longer tarnished by what the media (or what the media dictates) to them.

  39. “It bears repeating that fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise before or since 9/11. Did we witness an unprecedented event three separate times on September 11, 2001?”

    It bears repeating that commercial passenger jets have not been flown into buildings before or since 9/11. Did we witness an unprecedented event three separate times on September 11, 2001?

  40. For those who have seen The Siege, 9/11 was basically the bus scene.
    Plane 1: get their attention just before the 9 o’çlock news.
    Plane 2: strike when the entire world is watching.

    The problem with commercial planes is that you are unable to do such an precision timed strike if you are not sure you can take over the plane. So hijackers are very unlikely.
    And it just had to happen on the one day there was no Air Defence over the entire Eastern Coast? Sure.

    Not to mention that jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to even melt steel beams, and it burns to fast to even start damaging the structure of any building. The only “fire” we saw on the Towers was when the “objects” impacted. Other then that, just smoke. If there really was a grand steel melting fire, the flames would have been visible all around the outer walls, Towering Inferno style.

    Now, I knew OBL would get the blame when they reported the incident at the Pentagon. But looking at his previous attacks, the Towers are the wrong target.

  41. I never hear anything from truthers about one very obvious thing: logistics.

    How much thermite would have been required? How many detonators? How many miles of wiring? How many radio triggers for setting off the detonators?

    When were all the explosives installed? How much time would be required to install each explosive device? How was the installation of all of those explosive devices done without detection by the tens of thousands of people working in those buildings? After all, walls and floors and ceilings would have needed to be removed to expose all those beams. No one noticed?

    Or perhaps it was all installed back when the towers were built in 1970 or so.

    How was all of the explosives and other materials required brought into those buildings with no one noticing? What was the volume of all of that material? How many hours or days would it have taken to bring it through the loading docks … or perhaps it was the front doors? How many truckloads of materials would it have been?

    Where are the computer models from demolitions experts on how many devices would have needed to be placed and in what positions? Where are the computer models on how the explosions would have had to be timed? How that could have been coordinated over a quarter-mile distance of sequential explosions? Since every study of the video evidence I’ve seen acknowledges that the collapse began with the floors affected by the plane impacts (for WTC 1 and 2), where are the studies of whether the explosives, wiring, electronics and everything involved could have survived the explosions of the planes and still functioned properly?

    Finally, how long were those triggers sitting there in the radio soup that is downtown Manhattan without some form of interference not setting off at least one of the triggers? Sure, it’s unlikely. “Unlikely”, however, is a statistical term. But as you scale up from trying to detonate one trigger with one cell phone to thousands of triggers possibly being detonated by millions of cell phones plus who knows how many other radio-emitting devices in that area, the unlikely has a far greater chance of becoming reality.

  42. What is so astonishing about this article is not the plain fact that these were clearly controlled explosions – proven by common sense, some basic understanding of physics, objective knowledge of structural engineering (especially the particular manner the towers were constructed), numerous eye witness/news reports at the time and repeated independent corroboration (including nano-thermite found in multiple dust samples), not to mention admittance of same by Larry Silverstein, the owner of the towers and benefactor of the massive insurance claim upon their felling – is the astonishing number of professional trolls who clamber out of the woodwork to smother any kind of measured, scientific analysis with their pseudo-science garbage in an effort to smother the possibility of the truth being known. The vitriol, the smears, the ad hominem attacks – all to protect the big lie. Its terrifying to realize how invested people are in the system of what George Bush snr proudly proclaimed as ‘the Big Lie’. A certain number of such posters suffer from classic cognitive dissonance i.e. if the truth proposed were proven the truth, their world would collapse so they will do anything, to stop that – who was it who declared ‘even if they prove 9-11 was an inside job, I wouldn’t believe it!’ – but the rest are paid to do this for a living. They will spew their untruth until the heavens fall so as to protect the monster they have been party to creating. It reminds me of the same relentless campaign to maintain the fallacy of the magic bullet and the single shooter combining to murder JFK; palpable rubbish but such an important lie that it is to be maintained at all costs, even in the face of the evident truth.

    9-11 was a crime against the truth, against the whole world. And as a crime it has never been investigated or prosecuted by any kind of objective legal due-process (after all the crime scene was wiped clean within days to ensure no evidence could be so presented – the best evidence any cop needs to spot the tell-tell signs of – god forbid – a conspiracy!)

    Its simple – you either want to know the truth because the truth is all that matters. Or you are so personally invested in the lie – either for economic reasons or flaws in your psychology – that you will do anything on earth to discredit it. That is the divide and I suspect it has always been so throughout human history (just look at the deformity our world has suffered for two thousand years under the lie of the bible). It seems most people prefer lies. To the others I say, always remember that it is the truth that will set you free.

    • Actually, I don’t think that either common sense or a basic understanding of physics can be viewed as adequate in unraveling such a complex event. I would be more inclined to believe the conclusions of experts who carefully reviewed the data. I am sorry if this seems unreasonable. You seem to be following your own path to what you believe is “truth.” That is, of course, up to you.

  43. IT IS NOT OFFICIAL. As written by EPS news (read the “Note from the editors”),
    “it contains some speculation”
    “obviously the content of this article is the responsibility of the authors”.

  44. main towers collapsing tore a water mains, so wtc 7 had no sprinkler, fire trucks were unable to get there, the jets were told there was a simulation happening, WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE AIR ESCORTING THE PASSENGER PLANES DOWN (that were hijacked). So much other stuff went on, hell of a lot of bad luck all on one day, huh. I smell bs. Anyone seen a closeup of the 2nd plane that hit ? No windows. It ws an airforce plane, turned into a drone. I just hope the passengers (wherever they are) didnt suffer.

  45. An attempt to hijack several planes at the same time and guiding them toward the tower, hitting the target with perfect precision, and its accomplishment on US soil is not only unbelievable but it is also the fact that doesn’t need any scientific evidence to prove or disprove it, I’m not saying it was an inside job but a miracle that we would take for granted. finally as someone said in the above comment: Lets all stay divided as possible with dumped down mindsets on both sides, because that’s how the people gain strength right..?

  46. And so what was the Pentagon? Just a bonus run? And the plane in Pa? This shit is disrespectful and obsurd. It happened. They never tested on the WTC buildings to survive an airliner crashing into it, why would they? All this BS. You know it’s impossible, absolutely impossible for a piece of straw to go through a 2X4″, using the reasoning of the neighsayers that straw would just explode on impact, it couldn’t ever penetrate the wood, no matter how much velocity you put behind that straw. Except that it happens thousands of times per year, in a tornado. It defies logic, and yet it happens over and over again.

    • If a fire can cause a steel framed high rise to collapse into its own footprint at freefall speed, you’d be hearing about it happening every day from somewhere in the world.

  47. You’re not doing the Truth movement any favors by mixing and blurring the lines between truth and fiction without clarifying what is true versus NOT true.. Jones paper is valid and true, but it’s NOT true that it was published in European Scientific Journal, or any other actual peer reviewed journal for that matter. So what happens when you post disinformation like this is that well meaning Truthers, hoping what you’re claiming is true, share it as proof, but then all it takes is for a detractor to point out YOUR LIE about it being posted in a scientific peer reviewed journal and YOU MAKE Jones’ paper look false as well by association.. Was this on purpose or are you guys posting this stuff just idiots who are looking for clicks?

  48. in all these comments, two things are clear:
    1. no one knows
    2. debate is dead. If you have to add “you fucking idiot” to your argument, what does that say about your intellect and need to be right rather than to learn.

  49. I actually ran the figures once. Even if the top half had become detached from the bottom, and came slamming down, the amount of force the base could withstand would have either stopped it after about 10 stories of destruction, or the top half would have toppled off to the side. That’s not even taking into account the disintegration of the top. I calculated it as if the top had remained completely in tact, which obviously wasn’t the case. I even estimated in favor of the opposition’s argument, by calculating for 30 meter’s of free fall before impacting the base, which, in reality, was more like 15 meters (if any free fall occurred at all). Simple physics easily refutes the manner in which they collapsed (leaving aside the argument of the possibility of a plane even severing the top half from the base).

  50. I’m still waiting for you to produce one of the engineers that placed the explosives. It had to take dozens of engineers months to plant the explosives you’re referring to so where are they? I’m sure 16 years later at least one of them can be persuaded to come forward and tell us the story and make more money than the government is paying them to be silent. Where are they? We’re waiting. Why do we hear nothing but crickets?

  51. Do any of you (experts?) know which government departments were housed in building seven? The best way to cover up internal corruption, missing trillions of dollars (gold) etc. is to destroy the departments involved. Then don’t allow anyone to access the site until most of it has been cleared. One driver was fired for stopping for lunch instead of delivering the evidence to a secure site non-stop..

  52. Seems there are a lot of experts on here . The towers went down in controlled detenation only thermite could reach temperatures to melt that steel . No fuel or materials in a building could reach such temperatures . Stainless steel melts at 2780 degrees and the steel used in the trade center was tempered higher. Fuel on an airplane would burn fast and could never produce enough heat . Worked on Marine aircraft as metal smith and welder 7 years and welder outside of Corps . Just like no aircraft hit the Pentagon , with all the video cameras around Pentagon there is only one blurred camera shot . In interview right after Pentagon was hit a black woman airman said she walked out through the hole that was left . An aircraft full of full would burn longer than anyone could just walk out the hole shortly after . There was no debris that would have survive any crash around the building that was made of reinforced concrete yet this aircraft made it through to 3rd level of building a cruise missile hit the Pentagon in the finance records room where just a day earlier Rumsfeld said pentagon lost an extreme amount of money and where was the back-up for the lost money you guessed it the Trade Center. Anyone with a clue about how our airspace is controlled knows that after the first aircraft hi the trade center aircraft were scrambled and could have shot down any aircraft in the air . Just 2 days ago I watched the army base in alaska that tracks anything by radar and the guy running the place said they could track something the size of a basketball 10,000 miles away . As far as the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania it was most likely shot down , nobody was even allowed close to the site and no pictures were printed of it.

  53. A PBS special covered the issue of the WTC collapses making thses and other points.

    Jet fuel, kerosene, burns well below the melting point of steel. Much of the fuel burned off in a fire-ball outside the building; but secondary fires of building contents at still lower temperatures were started and would have burned out. The official finding that the heat of the fire caused the structural steel to melt was wrong.

    All experts agreed that the vertical, not toppling, collapses were indicative of a controlled demolition beginning with explosives to the center structural members followed seconds later by explosives on the perimeter and captured on video as the antennas began collapsing before outer walls. Traces of thermite, a hot burning explosive, were found where melting and structural failure had occurred.

    As a former architecture student, this all made perfect sense.

    Somebody must have known of the attack ahead of time and made sure it succeeded. Two planes targeted the WTC and a third crashed in Pensylvania; but three towers still collapsed. Bush and Cheney were known to be planning to attack Iraq before being elected. Bin Laden was assassinated for whatever he knew.

  54. Just read this. All I can say is HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
    Silly nimrods! This- this is what will make America great again?


  55. My mother was an activist. She was called anything ranging from “unpatriotic” to a “terrorist”, not even for saying that 9/11 was staged, but for suggesting it needed – investigation – before we rushed off to bomb an entire country.

    120,000 civilian deaths late, America is shrugging its shoulders, going “oops, we were tricked by Bush!”

    No. No you weren’t.

    They were moronic cowards. Because (for the first time in their brief history), American’s were attacked on their home turf (the mainland). They realized they weren’t invincible. For once, the wars they fought (and the civilian deaths that followed) were something – real – to them.

    They realized that they couldn’t just hide behind their elected leaders and point fingers (like they always do). Whether they caused the problems in the Middle East or aided in it through omission, they were being held responsible.

    And that scared them.

    It scared them so bad, they didn’t – care – what the repercussions of their actions were. They wanted blood. ANY blood. And if that had to be at the hands of mother’s and children, then so fucking be it.

    A decade later, they’re still crying all over themselves about it. They’re mourning for France, but nobody mentions the bombing of hospitals in Africa days earlier (by a predator drone). They’re still clamoring around with their Islamophobia, because they’re – still – cowards. They don’t negotiate with terrorists, and yet they’re – still – trying to keep Syrians out (no no, please, keep the women and children, just don’t bomb US! We’re more important!)

    America is a land of isolated cowards that have seen fruition on the backs of third-world workers. A nation that doesn’t ask any questions, but that only demands more money. One that believes a handful of white people is worth a truck ton of..well, ANYTHING ELSE.

    I know this doesn’t make a difference (because I’m still a resident in the U.S. taking advantage of the labor and whose taxes still go towards the bombs), but this isn’t my country,

    It wasn’t my country when my teacher was angrily threatening to throw me out of my 5th grade class for not saying the pledge (because I’d procured myself a printed copy, read it, and realized I didn’t want to pledge to a God I didn’t believe in or a nation I knew nothing about).

    It wasn’t my country when my mother was being called a coward for standing up to the face of danger rather than just spraying bullets and napalm at it.

    Wasn’t my country when they decided a narcissist and a war criminal were the only two solutions for our country (and when people refused to stand against it because of a RIDICULOUS two-party system that keeps them playing their dick waving contests).

    And it’s not my country now, as they call me a “conspirator” and tell me to “get with it or get out”.

    Honestly, gotta tell ya, awfully fucking tempting to just “get out” at this point..I swear to God they’re getting dumber ever passing day..

  56. Hey Guys,
    If you think it was a controlled demolition then you haven’t bothered finding out what is involved in a real controlled demolition. You don’t just sneak in one night and lob a few grenades at the central pillars. There’s days of prep work that needs to be done such as removing external material (like reinforced concrete) to access beams, partially cutting key beams, and precisely applying highly specialized explosives. These processes have to be repeated dozens of times up and down the structure to ensure complete vertical collapse. Theoretically, of course you can bring down any building vertically. But two 110-story buildings, never entirely empty of people, under constant observation, constantly guarded by a variety of public and private security entities, in the heart of the most densely populated island on Earth, IN SECRET??? How? Think of it happening, step by step. How much material would have to be snuck in and out? How many people over how long a time would have to sneak around, moving equipment? How much noise would have to be accounted for? How many people would have to be bribed, killed, or hushed up? It’s far-fetched.

  57. Two things have always bothered me about this.
    1. The building should have fallen several blocks away. It was over a hundred stories tall. That a lot of debris and dropping straight down defies everything I know about gravoty and structrual1steel.
    2. Why didn’t the windowss melt? Glass melts at about a third of the tempature steel. If the steel was hot enough to neck even though it was contained inside concrete, the Windows should have been liguid or at least shattering.

  58. I am more interested in the Israeli connection to the events of 9-11. Israeli Mossad agents were on the ground and awaiting the attacks — this is fact as reported by both FOX and ABC News. Yet the story was quickly killed afterwards. The even bigger scandal is why the Congress never takes an interest in any of Israel’s treachery. To me, this is quite the comment on the political system in Washington D.C.

  59. Here are some facts about the towers on 9/11:
    1. Never in the history of steel framed high rise buildings anywhere in the world has one collapsed due to fire. This is NISTs claim – the towers collapsed due to fire. There have been high rise fires that were much more furious than thos of 9/11 but the buildings still stand. That’s because steel and contcrete cannot burn. It takes enormous tempertures to melt steel – much much more even than avaition fuel could induce in open air ignition.
    2. World Trade Centre building 7 collapsed that day too, but it wasn’t hit by a plane. Again NIST claims this was due to fire. But if you look at the footage of that building on that day, the fires are not significant. The building collapsed in 7 seconds, symmetrically, straight down into it’s own footprint. That’s practically freefall. i.e. the structure of the building offered zero resistance. All 80 steel columns would have to fail, at once, simultaneously. Only demolition can achieve this.
    3. There are hundreds of witnesses, many of them interviewed by the news during that day, reporting numerous explosions. Even the news reporters themselves were reporting explosions way after the planes had it. Indeed on many of the news feeds one can hear the explosions. Yet NIST never even tested for explosives – that which was most likely was completely (and conveniently) overlooked.
    4. Every sample of the 9/11 dust contains traces of unignited nano-thermite (or Thermate). This is a high-tech military explosive that can only be made in highly sophisticated laboratories. That, in and of itself, is damning evidence that something other than the ‘official explanation’ took place.
    5. Tell tale signs of Thermate ignition is molten steel. There was molten steel pouring out of the side of the tower just before it came down, and tons of molten steel was found in the debris up to 3 months after the event. Open fires do not burn anywhere near hot enough to melt steel.
    The plumes of dust and smoke one sees as the buildings come down are not just normal dust clouds like one would see even from a normal demolition. These clouds are cauliflower like rolling plumes, billowing out at great speed and force – they are pyroclastic in their appearance, like one sees from volcanic eruptions. This is because of the hot gas produced from the incredibly high temperature of the nano-thermite explosive.
    6. 9/11 was a crime scene, whoever one may feel was responsible. As such the evidence should have been preserved and meticulously gone over. Just like when they rebuild a plane to find out what caused a crash. Nearly 3000 people died in those buildings, supposedly killed by terrorists – it should have been the most forensically examined crime scene in history. But the debris was hurredly whisked away. The steel from the WTC was put on barges and sent to China for recycling immediately – the steel that had been turned into swiss cheese by the termate would have been a dead give away.
    7. Larry Silverstein purchased the WTC from the New York port authority just six weeks before the attack. It was purchased for a paltry $150M (very likely due to the fact that both towers had been ordered to have all the fire retardent removed from every steel member as it was asbestos – at a cost of over $1Billion). Imagine, all that asbestos was blown to the four winds when those buildings came down, yet Christine Todd Whitman, the former New Jersey governor appointed by Bush to lead the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January 2001, speaking seven days after the attacks, said: “I am glad to reassure the people of New York that their air is safe to breathe.”
    Silverstein specifically insured the buildings against terrorist attack by planes flying into them. The amount of cover was so high it had to be shared across 25 insurance companies. He collected $7.5Billion in insurance, and to this day is still trying to sue Untied Airlines and American Airlines also for hitting his buildings.
    Every morning Lucky Larry would have breakfast in the restaurant at the top of the North Tower – the Windows on the World – but not on 9/11, oh no, luckily he was having a dermatologists appointment that day. His son and daugher who also worked in the building were also absent that day.
    8. Unbelievably, there wasn’t even going to be an inquiry into 9/11. It was only upon the furious demands of the relatives of the victims – lead by the 4 ‘jersey girls’ – that Washington finally relented, months and months after 9/11, instead of immediately. NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) was given the task of doing so. Originally headed up by the infamous Henry Kissinger, he was finally replaced by Paul Zelikow – another version of Kissinger but not so infamous at that tme. Other members on the team said it was set up to fail right from the start. It was given start up budget of $600,000 a paltry amount for the worst atrocity committed on US soil since Pearl Harbor when you consider more than $40Million was spent on the Clinton investigation over Monica Lewinski.
    9. 8 of the 15 so-called terrorists that hijacked the planes are known to be alive. One was even interviewed by the BBC. Most of them were Saudis, and others were from Egypt and Morroco. None of them were from Iraq or Afghanistan – the two countries that were invaded in response to the attacks.
    10. The planes that hit buildings did so at over 500 knots. This is about 200 knots more than the operating limits of the aircraft at that altitude. At 800 feet the air is much denser than at 37,000 (the altitude where they can fly at those speeds). At 800 feet the wings would have been torn off. ‘Pilots for 9/11 Truth’ have completely dismantled this subject. The planes that hit the towers were clearly not normal airliners – they were military aircraft painted up to look like airliners and were almost certainly drones (pilotless aircraft). They certainly were not being piloted by a couple of idiots who could barely fly a single engined trainer. (The flight instructors at the Florida flying school where they had been taking lessons said they could barely fly).

    The list goes on and on, and that’s not even going near the Pentagon plane crash farce where there’s no plane found – as was the same at the Shanksville site. No 6 ton engines, no luggage, no bodies, no wheels – NO PLANE! Never in the history of aircrashes has ever a plane and all its contents, including the passengers, simply vaporisted leaving no trace – it’s completely absurd.

    For those naysayers who still believe in the ‘official explanation’ of 9/11, I sincerely emplore you to do some research into the subject before decrying what is patently obvious. Check out Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – they have nearly 3000 arcitects and engineers from around the world signed up to a petition demanding a proper scientific investigation into 9/11 – these are professional people who build these kind of structures telling us the official explanation cannot be right. As are Pilots for 9/11 Truth, as are Firefighters for 9/11 Truth. These are all scholars and professionals in their field – not tin hat wearing ‘conspiracy theorists’.

    The only conspiracy theory banded about is the one where supposedly 19 Arab terrorists, armed with box cutters, hijacked 4 airliners, flew them around for an hour with impunity whilst outwhitting the US’s multi-billion dollar defence force NORAD, and hit all their targets (one of them the Pentagon – the most highly protected air space in the world), whilst communicating with a guy in a cave in Afghanistan.

    Until 9/11 is investigated properly, and the real culprits brought to justice, we will live in a world of fear and confusion, and be enslaved by the consequences of it.

  60. Without even delving into the destruction of the twin towers, or any of the other things that happened on 9/11 just look at this video.

    On the left is World Trade Centre Buildling 7 – the thrid high rise that came down on 9/11. It wasn’t hit by a plane, and had only nominal fires on a couple of floors. NIST (the organisation tasked with the inquiry into 9/11) claims this building collapsed due to fire.

    On the right are various buildings being brought down by controlled demolition.

    If you are one of those who is still unsure about the official 9/11 story, or even one of those who is adamant that the official story is correct. Please look at this video. Ask yourself honestly:
    – is there any similarity in how those buildings are coming down?
    – Is there enough similarilty to warrant an investigation to test if explosives were used? NIST did not – they just assumed (unbelievably) that fire brought it down.

    We are expected to believe that all 80 massive steel columns running up through the building, along with a latice of steel members horizontally all failed, simultaneously, and offered zero resitance to the collapse. The building fell at free fall speed, symmetrically into it’s own footprint – that’s like there was no steel there at all – just empty space. Only controlled demolition can achieve this.

    If Building 7 was demo’d, then so were the twin towers. As unbelievable as it may seem, this is the only logicial conclustion.

    Please watch this video


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