Pentagon Video Proves 9/11 Cover-Up


By: Anonymous 23 at anonews


Now, since I’ve been researching into September 11th, 2001, I’ve noticed peculiar things about the Pentagon that are very interesting like the Pentagon confiscating the video from the gas station across the street, and the video from a hotel had their video confiscated as well. That was the rumors online anyway.


The gas station ended up suing to retrieve their video. Now, the Pentagon has many videos outside focused in on the parking lot and other aspects surrounding the building. Supposedly, there are 86 outside cameras. Only one 5 frame video was released to the public, and it barely showed a plane.

Many people wanted the Pentagon to release the other security tapes that was shot outside of the Pentagon. Well, that never happened. Now, why would they confiscate video from the Gas Station from across the street on 09/11/01? Of course, they also confiscated video from the Sheritan National Hotel as well from what people have reported online. Why confiscate their surveillance videos? Don’t they have enough cameras at the Pentagon. Was the confiscation of these videos to cover up their tracks? I guess we may never know now. “Cover Ups” seem to become an every day occurrence these days.

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  1. It proves there was no airplane. Watching the news that day I saw a man bring out a missile fin and the reporter saying that he was carrying an airplane wing. No single man could carry an airplane wing. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!

  2. That you can’t see a jet liner crash into the building, after scraping the lawn first. This shows there was NO plane.
    Time to release all the tapes

  3. The best video the FBI took was the one ate the GAS Station close by, it show a DRONE painted to simulate an American Airlines airplane…

  4. If that was a plane that hit the Pentagon, the freaks would replay that footage over and over again. Avid television watchers would have the visual burned into their memories by now, accompanied with the Muslim hijacker narrative. TV pundits announcing the need to nuke Iran would create waves of Patriotism, and Saudi Arabia would be off the hook.

  5. I have long been a “truther”, but this video seems to show a really tall fin going directly at the pentagon just before the explosion. It seems to backup the government’s claims more than refute them, imo. I definitely would like to see all the video footage, but I wouldn’t call this evidence to the contrary. I say WTC7 is the best evidence of a cover-up still.

  6. been saying since 9/11. Even in New York. Do you not find it odd that there are only like 24 videos. Not even still shots. How many freakin tourist are in New York on any given day. Security cameras have been installed since Carter was in office. Media blemishes the public with/ owe, no cameras anywhere. Even the Oklahoma federal building bombing i found strange.

  7. you would think. With all the tragities that have happen. More victoms families would have more to say. All we hear is silance. No books that I know of from any victoms families. No short stories, nothing. But they had every terrorist profile up and ready to go within the same day. Even found a passport of one on a New York street. WTF was that passport made of. Need to make planes with same material. It survived a blast that the planes could not

  8. Any and all video surveillance would be confiscated and kept under lock and key so that it could be untampered and used for trial if we bothered to try whoever was behind this. By the way, we didn’t bother to try him and I hope he burns in Hell.

  9. everybody knows that 9/11 was a big fucking joke! All this to steal arabic oil and finance the U.S. armory campanies to invade Iraqe!


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