Lady Gaga & Co – The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed


Recent revelations regarding pedophile rings run by and for the rich and powerful show that these are not isolated incidents and part of a systemic, global problem targeting defenseless children.

Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem.

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As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics. The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful people.

(L) Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic (of ‘Spirit Cooking’ fame) attend a benefit at “Devil’s Heaven” where guests partook in pretend cannibalism (R) Lady Gaga poses with a “friend” at the same event. Why was an unsupervised young child attending this gruesome event? Credit – Vigilant Citizen
(L) Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic (of ‘Spirit Cooking’ fame) attend a benefit at “Devil’s Heaven” where guests partook in pretend cannibalism (R) Lady Gaga poses with a “friend” at the same event. Why was an unsupervised young child attending this gruesome event? Credit – Vigilant Citizen

Earlier this year, world-famous actor Elijah Wood, who began his Hollywood career as a child star, made waves when he called out the “vipers” in the movie industry who “preyed upon” young children in an interview with the Sunday Times.

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Wood’s claims echoed those raised by numerous other former child stars, including Corey Feldman who famously told ABC news that “the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.”

It Begins: Corey Feldman Names Hollywood Pedophiles To LAPD On DR. OZ [VIDEO] – Read here:

Another former child actor, Allison Arngrim, who starred on the iconic TV series “Little House on the Prairie,” also seconded these claims, saying that “there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead. It is a horrible trap that the kids are in.” Other parents of child actors remain silent out of fear even after finding out that their child was sexually abused.

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Fox News reported that a member of a well-known band, who chose to remain anonymous, found out his child was being victimized by another successful figure in the entertainment industry, who was 30 years her senior. The abuse was covered up with the parent’s complicity to prevent ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.

Lost Boys Actor, Corey Feldman, Brutally Stabbed After Revealing the Name of His Paedophile – Read here:

There is no question that something dark is going on within the US’ entertainment industry. One of obvious example is how the music industry has been openly marketing sexualized songs, videos, and lyrics to children while also using pop stars, like Miley Cyrus, to sexualize children and even babies. In the music video for her song “BB Talk,” Cyrus, who also began her career as a child star, sings “f**k me” while wearing a onesie.

Belgian pedophile victim discloses “I met Politicians, VIPs and Heads of State” – Read here:

he later provocatively poses in a crib, with a baby bottle, and while wearing a diaper and baby bonnet. Was this Cyrus’ personal decision to include this in her video or a choice made on behalf of a sick industry seeking to normalize their behavior by popularizing such images? Rihanna and Katy Perry are other pop stars whose videos and songs are often marketed directly to children despite their sexual overtones. Considering that numerous psychologists have found that “music videos socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles,” this suggests that this mass marketing of sex to children as well as the marketing of music videos that combine childhood imagery with lust is indicative of the pedophilia obsession in the entertainment industry and is meant to normalize such depravity.

Pedophilia is also commonplace among the US’ political elite, with scandal after scandal emerging in recent decades. Invariably, numerous cover-ups have followed as a result to prevent the exposure of America’s rich and powerful. The most famous of these, dubbed the “Franklin cover-up,” was arguably the biggest pedophile scandal in US history and even implicated the White House. Two Republican party insiders and Washington DC lobbyists, Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King Jr., were accused of managing a homosexual underage sex ring involving boys aged 15 and younger.

Pope Francis Comes Under Fire for Pardoning Pedophile Priest Caught Raping Children
Pope Francis Comes Under Fire for Pardoning Pedophile Priest Caught Raping Children – Read here:

Spence, who was incredibly influential at the time, arranged for at least four midnight tours of the White House in the 1980s where he was accompanied by young boys that he falsely identified as his children. When news of the scandal broke, Spence “committed suicide” and many of his business partners were jailed for their involvement. However, Spence’s links to the Reagan White House or other top US politicians were not investigated and attempts to investigate further were halted.

Then, in the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades became well-known and almost led to his impeachment for perjury. Clinton was also linked to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as Clinton frequently rode on Epstein’s plane full of underage girls – the “Lolita Express” – and made several visits to Epstein’s private residence known as “Orgy Island.” Several US congressmen have also been implicated over the years in pedophile sex scandals such as Mark Foley, a former congressman from Florida, who in 2003 was caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage men.

Probably the most well-known child abuse scandal of all involves the Roman Catholic Church, which has been on-going for much of the last one hundred years and possibly long before. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the rampant sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests began to receive significant media coverage. In the decades since, the number of allegations has only continued to grow. From 2001 to 2010, the Holy See, the church’s central governing body, considered sex abuse allegations involving over 3,000 priests.

Though some studies have claimed that the rate of abuse by priests has fallen in the last twenty or so years since it became an international scandal, there is no denying that it is a systemic problem that runs rampant throughout the entire organization, making it particularly difficult to eradicate. It also doesn’t help that the church has frequently ordered its bishops and priests to actively cover up sex abuse allegations while also disciplining relatively few priests considering the enormity of the accusations.

One document dating back to the 1960s, unearthed in 2003, shows the Vatican explicitly ordering Catholic bishops worldwide to cover up cases of sexual abuse, threatening those who spoke up about the systemic abuse with excommunication from the church. Little has changed as, the Vatican, earlier this year, told its clerics that reporting child abuse by priests is “not necessarily” their duty. In addition, it was recently found that, since 1950, the Vatican has now paid out nearly $4 billion, most of which came from the tithes of loyal Catholics, to buy the silence of the abused in order to protect the church’s reputation.


Sadly, there are many, many more examples. For instance, the persistence of pedophilia among the rich and powerful in England, including members of the royal family, is well-documented, as are the cover-ups and mysterious “disappearing” evidence that implicates top UK politicians and even former prime ministers in the sexual abuse of minors. Many of those speaking out against elite pedophilia have been labelled as “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” until they were proven right, such as with the famous case of BBC TV personality and pedophile Jimmy Savile. Due to their influential connections, these powerful people have been able to silence their victims and cover up their heinous crimes with little consequence. Yet, with less and less people believing in the lies of decades past and with new evidence of widespread pedophilia emerging all the time, will they be able to keep up their charade for much longer?

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  1. This has been going on for decades. It has been hidden from the public eyes expertly. I started to pay attention when I came across Kevin Arnett case against the previous Pope. He is what I belive is the reason the Pope Benedict XVI resign ed. The website is worth a visit.

  2. Your forgetting the Dutch royal, ministers, Demmink,steur and child protectors, judges, judge department netherlands. Prins Friso was murdered for this!!

  3. We need to treat the entertainment industry, organized religion, and rich politicians like a fucking disease. If pedophilia is a disease, then those people are infected and need to be dealt with like a cancer.

    • Soccer (football) teams are riddled with it. Peaceful, boring Norway just uncovered a ring. It’s the most extreme example of human trafficking and, I think, may be the most dire symptom of a general disease of dehumanizing and exploiting people, from robbing them of their pensions to enacting trade deals that indenture workers across the seas. It appears that humankind has entered a terrifying age of human trafficking.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    There is a pedophile by the name of Bill Speer who lives at 663 Fairview Dr., in Harlem, Georgia, who has been sexually and psychologically abusing children for decades. I have reported this to the authorities numerous times but I have been discredited and told there is nothing that can be done. This is because he is a well-connected individual, and because there are institutions who stand to lose millions in lawsuits if his crimes are exposed. I believe he is connected to a network of pedophiles and is in all probability still hurting children, as he lives on the same block as an elementary and middle school. I am a point where I don’t know where else to turn. I know that I will not forgive and I will not forget. If there is something that can be done, please look into this despicable monster. I have not given my real name but if there is any help you can give or advice you can offer or any questions you have, the email is valid. Thank you for your time.

    • Stick to your guns, this evil person needs to be put away. Good for you for coming forward. Perhaps there are other people you can report this to. God bless.

    • maybe or maybe not, but you could also just really hate the guy and want other people to harrass him for you. the thing about the internet is that any anonymous person can say anything about anybody hoping somebody believes it and boom now you created a targeted individual.

  5. This was a music industry cover-up too. The music video producer is bragging about how he was chased globally as they looked for victims. How did the reporter know she hung herself at midnight? Look at the dates, Halloween weekend? I survived, only because I jumped from the car and became catatonic.

  6. Pedofiles are everywhere, I have a list of these scumbags that have never been prosecuted , can we not video this and read out the names, I can do it but unsure whether you would be happy for me to use the anonymous name. I need a way to send the message out that these zombies still walk the earth. Your children sorry our children are in great danger by these primates.

  7. why has an image of men dressed as National Socialists been used in this article
    The Nazis passed other laws that targeted sex offenders. In 1933, they enacted the Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals and Measures for Protection and Recovery. This law gave German judges the power to order compulsory castrations in cases involving rape, defilement, illicit sex acts with children (Paragraph 176), coercion to commit sex offenses (paragraph 177), the committing of indecent acts in public including homosexual acts (paragraph 183), murder or manslaughter of a victim (paragraphs 223­226), if they were committed to arouse or gratify the sex drive, or homosexual acts with boys under 14. The Amendment to the Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases dated June 26, 1935 allowed castration indicated by reason of crime for men convicted under paragraph 175 if the men consented. A May 20, 1939 memo from Himmler allows concentration camp prisoners to be blackmailed into castration.

    • Nazis performed indescribable acts against people, including children. Today’s Nazis are mostly incels, which puts them at a higher risk of offending on children

  8. The slogan always has been since I can remember “sex sells”. If your not rich your just a play thing for the bored rich to play with.

  9. I noticed you conveniently excluded Trump in your article. If you are going to throw Clinton into the pile with Epstien, you must include the Cheeto-elect.

  10. Of course pedophilia is rampant in the entertainment industry. Who controls that industry? The Talmud states that:

    “Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is three years of age.” (Yebhamot 11b)

    There are many other Talmudic “teachings” that mention how sex with young boys is ok, that partaking in harmful activities acted upon and directed towards a non-jew is permissible and acceptable.

    So, put it together from there, and there’s no mystery. We need to be arresting all of them. They are the bane of every good social structure.

  11. Check out the Fathers rights-movements. Most of the leaders in the fathers rights- organisations were loosers and lonely wolves – and suddenly their organisation is rich, they participate in international conferences, and their small computer companies run so well, many of them live in expensive houses. There have been child abuse scandals in the fathers rights movements in several countries. But every time it is discovered, the members are excluded and said not to be “representative” for the top.

  12. What about the Royal family taking native kids from CANADA and fucking them and killing them after they were done. This world is fucked up

  13. All early Judeo-Christian sources state that pro social Sweet Jeez was born to an invisible Ancient Holy Pedo God who impregnated a TWELVE year old Holy Virgin ADULTOPHILE Mary wed to a sixty-something Holy Old Pedo Joe – peDOH!

  14. Out of 14 Roman emperors, colonizing the world over from Africa to Scotland 12 were married to little boys. Mohammed was trained and financed by Rome through the brother in law. And you wonder why they have ‘birds of prey’ on their insignia. Birds of feather will always flock together.

  15. One thing we need to get out there is that Donald Trump has been calling this out since 2005. He is NOT part of them. He kicked Epstein off Mar a Lago property when he found out he had hit on a 14 year old. Some inner circle say the reason he became Prez was to end this once and for all. Don’t believe any of the media BS. The reason – the ONE MAIN REASON – they’ve been going after him 24/7/365 is because he is “not one of us.” Meaning – he knows and he’s gonna take them down. This all adds up when you realize people like DeNiro, Maher, the whold MSNBC crew and the NYT are complicit in all this — plus many more …


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