Imprisoned for 10 Years for Covering Your Face? Lesser-Known Canadian Law is Worse than Hoodie Ban


Two years ago, a bill was passed quietly and on the sly. There was little done to prevent it because most had naively believed that the new law would not be used against law-abiding citizens. This law seems to be the most recent inspiration for the American version that had been used before it had even become law (an obscure 19th century version of the law had been used against Occupy Wall Street protesters and a version that specifically targeted the KKK was used against an officer who was protesting, but I suppose they had to update it so that it could properly apply to everyone), wherein protesters could be jailed for ‘only’ a year.

It seems Canada decided to one-up America at the time, when it comes to draconian prison terms for innocent behaviors at least, because this little-known law came with a ten year prison term.

In the wording of the law, wearing a mask (or any facial covering) while in an ‘unlawful’ assembly is against the law.

The politicians who had drafted the law had promised that it would not apply to protesters, since protests are technically legal. However, caveat emptor; the ten year prison sentence could well be used against lawful protesters as well and I am surprised that the Canadian people have not come to that realization, as further analysis of the law would have revealed.

Any protest deemed unlawful by the police, even if individuals are observed to be obeying the law, can result in a ten year sentence for protesters that cover their face.

Police may also deem any protest an unlawful assembly if it involves three or more people who, “disturb the peace tumultuously,” or even, “needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.”

Any mask or even neck-covering falls under the purview of this law, as well as RELIGIOUS coverings.

If the police decide that you had said something that might have provoked someone else to disturb the peace, then you could be imprisoned for ten years if your face was covered by an article of clothing prescribed by your own religion.

Considering the use of provocateurs by the police to entrap protest movement leaders (in the UK at least), this means ANY protester doing ANYTHING in a group with ANY face covering could become a target when the police decide to haul them in. Protesters who had been charged with violating this law were not hit with the maximum sentence yet, but the potential ten year stint is there for a reason.

According to the general counsel with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Natalie Des Rogers, “I think it is a more symbolic bill than it is a response. In our view, it shouldn’t come into law; there is no demonstrable need for this.”

“You cannot have a limit that is not prescribed by law, that is not clear to the citizens,” she added. “We have the right to know what is expected of us. When there is vague language in the context where it infringes a freedom prescribed by the Charter, it becomes an unreasonable limit.”

Canada and America are but two of several countries that ban masks.



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    • A war against the people? 10 years and they still don’t know the maximum sentence for wearing a mask? How else are we supposed to protect our identities? Guy gets beaten for recording police brutality is the next thing we will see in the news tomorrow. America isn’t a democratic society. These people aren’t protecting us, Their killing us. So when we strike back we will get arrested but we won’t stop against the system/Police. Fuck them.

  1. Is it just me? Or does Russia seem to be the new Canada? Because back in earlier times Canada used to be heaps free and Russia was more for the rich, now it seems that Barry Husseien Obama’s influence has spread to Canada where as Vladimir Putin seems to fixing most of Russia’s old problems!

    • Putin is fixing most of Russia’s old problems…like the gays? Sticking their nose and army into neighboring country politics like Ukraine? Yah, Russia is sure the new Canada for sure.

  2. It is always a fight, a battle, always trying to keep the peace while doing lawful protest. I dream and envision a time when this war will be over and we can focus on actually making a difference in the world instead of fighting the people that seem to be making this world a harder place to live. Much love/peace and unity my friends.

  3. test them people. everybody make a mask and wear it. Please dont add to someone’s profits by buying a plastic manufactured one on the internet or in a shop…go on U tube or search the net and make your own mask (you can easily find templates and instructions like I did). Make a mask with the Guy Fawkes face on one side and Mickey Mouse (or some other character) on the other side…then when they come to arrest you, turn the mask inside out…..they cant arrest you for wearing a Mickey Mouse or Spiderman mask for Gods sake. Lets talk BIG numbers……they cant arrest and imprison everybody all at the same time BUT they ALSO CANT just arrest and imprison only a few people if a whole bunch, like BIG numbers of us are wearing them. come on people, we have to fight this shit. Let’s test them at it. There’s no way their stupid law can work if we stand up for our rights peacefully and think a little bit out of the box here.

    • They will arrest us for wearing ANY kind of mask, but I agree that we should all do it, force them to process all of us. I also think a lawyer could be found who might be willing to fight this law. I am going to see if I can make a mask that looks just like me.


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