Michael Moore connects Gen. Motors and Nestlé to Flint Water Crisis


As the Flint water crisis continues, so too does the uncovering of more damning evidence against the department responsible. It the midst of the Flint water crisis, it has now been revealed that Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, had also allowed Nestlé to pump gallons of fresh water from the state’s reserve when he was making the switch from Lake Huron to the Flint River for water supplies.

Nestlé has gained much media attention over the last two years, when it was discovered that the “Nestlé corporation continued to drain the aquifers,” as AnonHQ has reported in the past.

The Nestlé Corporation has been guilty of siphoning millions of gallons of water, while drought stricken California struggled. Now, Michael Moore, a renowned documentary filmmaker, has made startling connections between Michigan’s government and the Nestlé corporation.

Activist Michael Moore wrote for the Huffington Post, exploring some of the murkier connections to the water crisis. The special deal that was made with General Motors after the company complained that the Flint River water was corroding car parts, was among the mentioned connections. Gov. Snyder was quick to apologize to the industry, and hooked GM back to the original Lake Huron source.



However, Nestlé Corporation won a mention under the title, The Wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff Is a Spokeswoman for Nestle, Michigan’s Largest Owner of Private Water Reserves:

“As Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein: “Follow the money.” Snyder’s chief of staff throughout the two years of Flint’s poisoning, Dennis Muchmore, was intimately involved in all the decisions regarding Flint. His wife is Deb Muchmore, who just happens to be the spokesperson in Michigan for the Nestle Company — the largest owner of private water sources in the State of Michigan.

Nestle has been repeatedly sued in northern Michigan for the 200 gallons of fresh water per minute it sucks from out of the ground and bottles for sale as their Ice Mountain brand of bottled spring water. The Muchmores have a personal interest in seeing to it that Nestles grabs as much of Michigan’s clean water as possible — especially when cities like Flint in the future are going to need that Ice Mountain.”


The lead in the water and the houses that can’t be sold, have left people stranded financially, emotionally, and physically sick; as Moore says, it reeks of a “suspend[ed] democracy” to “save $15 million” and “cut taxes for the rich.”

But “everybody’s happy,” Moore says, except for those poisoned in the process.

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