The Truth Behind Paris Attacks, ISIS, Explained In Less Than 10 Minutes



Storm Clouds Gathering put together some of the most compelling arguments for the real reason behind the Paris attacks. Well worth a watch.

He notes that populations often react emotionally when they believe that they have been attacked by an outside force; nationalism and patriotism takes hold, and the government becomes the only credible source of propaganda. Pacifists and whistleblowers are ignored, demonized, called unpatriotic… even blamed for the country’s “weakness” to the encroachment of the enemy.

We’ve been there before, with September 11th allowing Bush to senselessly invade Iraq… killing hundreds of thousands because of fantasy nukes.

There was the strangely intact Syrian passport, found near the body of a suicide bomber. Germany’s interior minister noted that it may have been planted.

If so, who planted it?

The Iraqi government had warned them about the attacks the day before, and the Turkish government had warned them twice. France even held mass shooting drills on the very day of the attack, just hours before.

Are we expected to believe that the Iraqi and Turkish intelligence somehow saw this, but the NSA and French intelligence agencies were caught completely off guard- even AFTER being warned by two credible sources? Even though the NSA and French intel have consistently strengthened the mass surveillance apparatus?

In the wake of the attacks, the Francois Hollande called for a state of emergency. He imposed roadblocks, border controls, restrictions on freedom of assembly and even a curfew.

Indeed,  a state of emergency can grant a President sweeping… almost dictatorial… powers.

This was insufficient. Francois announced that the maximum state of emergency period would be extended by a further 3 months… or even indefinitelyFrance’s constitution would also be altered.

Under a state of emergency, police can detain whomever they wish without trial and search without first obtaining a warrant. Any website can be blocked.

These powers have already been put to good use, not against terrorists- they were used against environmental activists ahead of Paris climate talks, with over 24 placed under house arrest.

The video then explains why Western governments and their allies have been caught supplying ISIS numerous times, and how “moderate” rebels like the FSA (which directly receive arms from the US, including a TOW which downed a Russian rescue helicopter) have ties to extremists.

The UN migration chief once mentioned that the EU should “undermine national homogeneity”.

The poor Syrians displaced by ISIS, migrating to Europe on a large scale, would be used to do this. Their plight would, according to the video, be used to bring down current nationalistic boundaries- allowing all European nations to be integrated into a single EU government.

Hollande has called for a Eurozone government before.

The migration crisis also incites the far right, which will clash with the left. Division between the factions allows the government to strengthen further, playing the “neutral” mediator which at times placates the right, and at times soothes the left.

Create the problem, incite the reaction, propose a solution.

The fact is though that as we saw with Sept 11th, most people just follow the government’s rhetoric- and realize too late that they were fooled into murdering innocents. This will happen again, unless people with courage speak out and inform their infuriated friends and family.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke
Sources: Al Jazeera, The Independent, The Guardian, TelegraphGlobal Research

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  1. Tried telling friends and family but as usual they don’t care about much apart from glittery lives, money and burying their head in the sand in order to preserve their conditioning (doing propagandists job for them!).


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