[Video] The New Equation For World War 3: Russia VS America In Syria, Explained In 6 Minutes


Storm Clouds Gathering released a video explaining the reality behind US/Saudi/Turkey’s reaction to Russia’s bombing of ISIS; it was titled “WWIII – Syria, Russia & Iran – The New Equation”:

The “old equation” inferred to by the video, involved using ISIS and other rebels to slowly sap Assad’s power base until the last sane region in Syria gets overrun by extremists as well. That was plan A, but…

Allegations of Bombing “moderate” Rebels

Russian airstrikes against ISIS began in earnest on September 30th 2015, at the behest of the government of Syria (what do you call it when a country bombs another without its permission?). Its entry into Syria would soon be followed by Iran, which would send ground forces to secure the land cleared by Russian strikes.

The Western mainstream media has been swift to return fire, at the behest of their politicians. Within DAYS of the Russian intervention (regardless of NATO’s own 4-YEAR-long intervention in the region, from training and arming “moderates” to direct bombing, which began a full YEAR ago), the mainstream media began making all sorts of unproven and intentionally undisprovable claims (prove Santa does NOT exist, for example). They began by asserting that Russia was only hitting “moderate” US-trained rebels in the region.

However, on September 16th of this year, General Lloyd Austin from the US Central Command testified that in the entirety of Syria, there were ONLY 4 or 5 US-trained fighters (other sources indicate that there was a group of rebels being trained at the time, though all of them would join up with Al-Nusra, taking their weapons and training). Are we expected to believe that these FOUR men have taken control of the region that Russia was bombing?

The reality is that Al-Nusra, an off-shoot of Al-Qaeda which has cooperated with ISIS in the past, was in control of that region, and for at least two years at that.

That doesn’t matter, though. The mainstream media has been caught red-handed lumping Al-Qaeda with “moderates”. And what of the epitome of moderation that is the Free Syrian Army? Well, these guys have publicly acknowledged that they have cooperated with Al-Nusra, which in turn cooperates with ISIS. In fact, its leadership has been controlled by Islamic extremists since 2012, you don’t even need to see them shoot down a Russian RESCUE helicopter, to understand that.

If the funding which goes to the FSA gets shared with Al-Nusra, which in turn sends the arms on to ISIS, why haven’t those who are arming the FSA been charged with providing aid to terrorists?

Allegations of Russians Bombing Civilians

In October, the US, France, Germany, the UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar issued a joint statement asking Russia to “immediately cease its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians.”

The only credible source I can find shows one child who was severely injured, apparently from a Russian attack. The rest cite the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (a one-man, UK-based, has-not-been-to-Syria-for-over-a-decade operation) or the White Helmets (an NGO funded by the U.K. government).

This, coming from Saudi Arabia—which has killed thousands of Yemeni civilians, according to reputable sources—with nary a peep from the US, which has, IN FACT, decided to simply resupply and further their murderous campaign.

This, coming from the US, a country which has already killed millions of civilians over decades of military occupations… and which had bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital a DAY LATER with nary a peep from anybody but Doctors Without Borders… a country which then proceeded to send a tank to squash all remaining evidence in the hospital.


While Russia and Iran have the advantage for now, actually defeating and pushing ISIS back, the US and its allies have not given up quite so easily. We saw that when Turkey shot down a Russian jet; when that was insufficient, we saw “Turkman” “moderates” murder the ejected pilot; when that was insufficient, we saw the FSA launch a US TOW missile at a Russian RESCUE helicopter, as PREDICTED by John McCain, who seems to think that arming Al-Qaeda against the Soviets was a good idea. Two war crimes and one war provocation later, and Russia still plays the game calmly.

To those who insist on repeating history’s “mistakes” over and over again, try to recall that this has happened before… remember how the US had armed Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to fight the Soviets? That ended real well.


Sources: Storm Clouds Gathering

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