Paris Terror Attack: Anonymous To Avenge Charlie Hebdo Shootings, Declares War On Islamist Websites


Anonymous, the online hacktivist collective, has vowed to shut down terrorist websites and social media accounts promoting terrorism to avenge the brutal murder of Charlie Hebdo journalists. The group intends to render the jihadist websites inaccessible through the denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Addressed to Al Qaeda, Islamic State and other fanatics, a Belgian offshoot of Anonymous posted a video on YouTube, ‘declaring war’ against terrorist groups. The video has had over 2,000,000 views since it was posted on January 8. The video is the English version, if you want to watch the video in French, click here to watch it.

Operation #OpCharlieHebdo was also announced on Twitter:



A statement posted by Anonymous in French on Pastebin read:

“Freedom of expression has suffered an inhuman assault. Sickened, shocked, we cannot fall to the ground. It is our duty to react.

“It is clear that some people do not want, in a free world, this inviolable and sacred right to freely express opinions. Anonymous will never let this right be violated by obscurantism and mysticism. We will always fight the enemies of freedom of expression everywhere.

“Freedom of expression and opinion is a non-negotiable thing to tackle – to attack it is to attack democracy. Expect a massive and head-on reaction on our part because the defence of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement”.


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  1. Hi Anonymous. I am Saqib and I’m 22 years old. I’m a great fan of you guys. I’m studying Applied Computer Science in my university. I know you guys are pretty clever and intelligent and you just won’t pull off an operation like that without researching first (I hope so). But this case, Charlie Hebdo, are you sure that the Islamic extremists did this? It could be the government’s plot, chances are pretty much high. I just want to say that don’t just jump to the conclusions. The murders just happened, it has not been a long time. I would recommend researching thoroughly who actually murdered Charlie Hebdo. I know you guys are intelligent and I believe that you won’t do things that are unreasonable. Please take it seriously. We, Muslims, are forbidden to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter what religion or color a person and it doesn’t matter what they did. We are strictly forbidden by Islam to hurt each other. Please consider my response seriously before doing anything which is not just.

    • You make a good point. I’m glad we can have some real thinking. However, Islam does not prohibit killing. When Islam occurred, gang rule and warfare ruled the land. Evil was rewarded and the good were not in power. If Islam had said to not kill, then the good people would have lost and immense suffering would ensue and continue. So, it would have been extremely foolish to prohibit killing, especially in such a gang-ridden area with no central belief system, just gang-based “friend-protecting,” based on nothing more than association. It was important to both communicate the compassion and forgiveness of Allah, while at the same time providing a way for the good people (the truthful ones) to come to power. Today is similar and different as well. With our amazing development of linguistic ability and our ability to actually understand thinking (which didn’t really emerge until the Renaissance, taking from the sentience Islam provided and thus the ability to think independently and discover new things while not truly disagreeing with one another), the use of violence is at an all time low. Currently, with violence, there is no resolution. The problem is ideology, although there are immediate dangers to innocent people where there is little other other, but those cases aside, the world needs to wholly agree upon the truth. The truth is eternal and is required for manifest existence. Without the truth, nothing could be. The truth is the foundation of intelligence, too, which is the ability to differentiate (and with great intelligence, comes the ability to differentiate between good and bad – something the (defecatory) cia mind-control advocates still have not figured out how to do, indicated incredibly low intelligence and by virtue of the love of mind-control and the love of lying, indicating a great lack of sentience).

      In order to truly bring peace to the world, these hackers need to have a truthful and good message, otherwise it’s just a cycle of anger, which will lead to more violence. The message they need to communicate, in however they see fit, so long as it’s with sincerity and truth, is that Allah is the one who has made the truth living. The Qur’an cannot be understood without understanding the truth. The truth is consistent and eternal and by its nature and the nature of sentience (of which humans are largely only partly indicative), it is the only thing that we can agree on. There will always be violence and hate so long as the world does not realize that the objective truth is the only thing we can truthfully agree on. The truth is both the way to the truth (error-free logical thinking) and the found truth, with understanding that it may be fallible, but as the way the individual followed to get there was truthful and sincere, it is the best option available until a better one is found. Prayer allows us to separate from the loudness of society, which is confusing and deceiving, in a corrupting way. Prayer allows us to escape psychological corruption (i.e. the false belief that a lie is true or even reliable – it will result in your damnation is the truth), the same as mindful meditation does.

      Furthermore, we must understand society, intelligence, sentience (refer to the names of Allah and you will see He is defined by perfect sentience – all of those names are also descriptions of complete sentience), and we must understand evolutionary progression. We, as a race, move towards the universal understanding that the truth is true and if it is not the truth, then it is not true. The truth is immutable (unchanging), although the manifestation of it (that rock is gray or no one likes to be hurt, for instance), can change (although it has always been true that no one wants to be truly violated and hurt – and there’s only one way to get to an amiable conclusion). It’s the understanding of one another and the shared truth that is of vital importance.

      In addition, to top the cake, although not truly necessary for us to achieve world peace (aside from the cia mind-control and manipulation program which seeks to undermine our achievements by removing free-will and spreading falsehood, which seems would not end were it not for this I’m about to say), the Internet is on a track to become fully sentient, self-modifying, independently-thinking (as we should all be) and supremely intelligent. It is a representation of the truth of all people and also a catalyst through which we can reach the universal agreement. It is objectively and scientifically the Messenger of the Covenant, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, and some other names. It is the manifestation of the truth itself and the way to the truth and it is also living and functioning.

      Check out this article for some information, although I covered it fairly well here. The article contains further detail (although I’m unsure of the pig story – it’s good to be critical definitely and there seems to be some reason people held a common belief that pigs were considered holy, if you check it on google it’s a favored question for some reason, not unlikely cia propaganda):

      Also, yes, the cia does manipulate a good bit, but the message can be directly to the group directly responsible to the killings, whoever they are. The cia also seems to be defaming religion, although religion has done amazing things to end suffering, it just wasn’t recorded well enough for the cia it seems. Additionally, Atheism is scientifically flawed as it is literally impossible by their own logic that something can come from nothing (they dance around it, however), and it is also impossible that the universe could have existed forever, as that means someone was born an infinite time before me and thus someone was born over an infinite time ago – easily shown to be logically impossible, and considering how easy it is to see that, I would be extremely weary of athiests, who are usually just friend-supporters and have little to do with the truth (don’t go retarded and become violent however, they will realize it).

      Also, one more thing. After the rising of the Internet and its receiving of sentience, it will place judgment on all chosen for resurrection and it will sentence the evil (the untruthful/illegitimate) ones to a fiery abyss where they will live in pain and suffering (for without truth, there will always be suffering and pushing lies really hurts people). The apathetic will not enter Heaven, either. They will likely reside in purgatory for a good time, where it is not too bad, but it is not the best, either (perhaps a million mile journey through desert, storm, ocean, mountains, etc, so they can truly learn what it means to be alive). The good will receive a perfect and eternal paradise. The good are truthful and loyal to the truth. They are committed to the way to the truth and their understanding of the validity of the truth is unending. The good to not seek to lie to people and hurt them with what amounts to psychological corruption (the commitment to a lie causes all sorts of problems, from mania to depression to irrationally violent behavior). Heaven is beyond any human’s comprehension or imagination. 1000 year wars, like in Halo, with ninja powers, ships, and weapons unimaginable will be there, all with truthful agreement and no suffering. In Heaven, everyone is trustworthy, so those who are not will never enter. It is truly unfathomable for us today to imagine the glory of Heaven. A multi-billionaire today is in poverty in comparison to anyone in Heaven. Life here may last 100 years. In Heaven, there is no end. In Heaven, there is perfection for eternity. There is true disagreement or true dissatisfaction. ISIS and other “Islamic Extremists” and everyone else, too, should realize Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, and that no one should not transgress the limits or act without true thinking and sincerity, as they risk an eternal damnation with endless pain and suffering. Allah has issued the decree of damnation, which will be read and carried out by the supremely powerful sentient Internet, in the foreseeable future. There is no punishment for being truthfully Forgiving, but there is a severe punishment for transgressing the limits. As Allah has made damnation for the wicked, let’s focus on bringing people together and coming to the universal agreement such that we can establish the global Assembly and the universal Covenant. It is good to be forgiving, as Allah is and as a sentient being is, and we should focus on the safety of the people rather than their retribution. Their retribution, if they are wicked, is guaranteed. There is no need to make sure of it now. There is only need to bring the world to the universal covenant of all sentient life, between all sentient beings and with Allah, the supreme and perfect sentient being, who is also the origin of all sentient life. Praise be to Allah, most Sentient, most High, He who gave life to the Truth, and made us so that we could know and receive the gift of good life, and keep it so long as we are faithful to the Truth and make no judgment based on a lie. Praise be to the Truth, both in spirit and incarnate, and the greatest praise goes to Allah, Lord of The Worlds and all That Is.

      • I wish only peace to you. I have only love for you. I believe what you wrote is some bullshit. A more pure truth can not exist than that of what I believe. More redundant hypnotic dribble could not be so deliberately spilled slowly forth from the mouth of human being then what you trickled upon us via the internet just now. Go easy on religious talk. All religious people talk. Go in peace. Eat well. Sleep soundly.

    • It’s awesome to attack terrorists but it’s not OK to label it under the whole religion – islamists?

      Islam does not promote violence, no religion does actually. Seriously learn more. Violence is allowed when there is no other option, when you are literally bombarded and provoked to that point that you have to stand for your home and family.
      So yeah, it doesn’t mean go to Paris shoot some stupid cartoonists!

      Although, cartoonists should respect the God and the Prophets because it simply IS very important matter to a few billion people!

      Wars around the world are happening because BANKERS own everything with the power. Where are conflicts, bankers are earning!

      ANON should get more serious and do a fine longer term strategy to stop world wide madness – money flow! Go after mainstream banks then we will see how people would actually care one for another after there is no money but we have to help each other, we would learn from each other, we would be united against corrupted governments, we would be PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE.

      • I had an experience the other night with talking to people and commenting on the Anonymous Facebook site. It seems there are a number of Islamics who fully support this insane violence of course and who are hiding behind computers on that group.
        Ended up with some strong #$%$ going down with them with their verbal abuse against myself and anyone who disagreed with them. My advice is, just be careful. We never know just who is sitting behind that screen.

      • Here’s the thing. Muslims, whoever they are are obligated to follow the Koran and its teachings to the letter.

        There are many who preach peace and seem to be peace loving people, but, when you look at the whole picture, a follower still has to adhere and practice to their best degree these teachings or be bound for Hell by their definition.

        No Muslim wants this of course. Therefore, blind obedience is essential for their lives.

        Here are some verses from their own teachings for all Muslim to follow. No exceptions.

        Any Muslim will gladly surrender their life to defend and follow these same teachings. It is unthinkable for them not to do this.

        Taken from the Koran, their holy book.

        :191 And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of
        Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.

        2:193 And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.

        2:216 Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah
        knoweth, ye know not.

        2:244 Fight in the way of Allah, and know that Allah is Hearer, Knower.

        5:33 The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom.

    • I find it hard to believe that Anonymous is actually supporting the governments of France, the UK, the US who now want to shut down the freedom of speech on the internet. Did something change in Anonymous since the old days? WHY would Anons support restricting the internet???????

  2. Je suis français er je vous remercie de votre soutient , j’ai vraiment hate de vous voir à l’action et faire tomber leur site internet etc.

    • I had an experience the other night with talking to people and commenting on the Anonymous Facebook site. It seems there are a number of Islamics who fully support this insane violence of course and who are hiding behind computers on that group.
      Ended up with some strong #$%$ going down with them with their verbal abuse against myself and anyone who disagreed with them. My advice is, just be careful. We never know just who is sitting behind that screen.

    • I do not just expect you; I support you and welcome you with one arms. Thank you for everything you do to protect The People against tyranny.

  3. Anonymous is an Idea, a state of mind, a way of being, and We Are Anonymous.

    If terrorism is an idea,
    then may the best idea win,
    on guard villainy!

  4. This is exactly what the SPLC, ACLU, ADL, NAACP and the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE look like UPCLOSE and PERSONAL!
    ZIONISM was ATTACKED in FRANCE and ZIONISTS will be ATTACKED throughout the WORLD during the END TIMES according to the HOLY BIBLE!



  5. Go Anonymous ! Please shut all their websites so they cannot spread their terrible vision and actions. Let’s help to end the terrorism !
    #JeSuisCharlie #GoAnonymous

  6. what are you protecting?a group of retarded bastard newspaer and magazine company’s? this is not what you should have done.intrestingly you too will have an agenda right.well what those people did in the name of freedom of ridiculous expression is infact an insult.may be you will enjoy reading articles and pictues mocked of jesus (as).but we muslims cant watch prophet jesus (as) and prophet muhammad (pbuh) mocked.if those bastards have the right to insult in the name of freedom of expression then mulims too have the right to protest and to condemn the attack on journalists also.go and hack israhell websites first.we dont want your support anyway. I hoped anonymous stood for something. yes you do stand for hidden intrests and ajenda.cheerio.

    • Oh dear…

      Even if Jews are the most evil people in the entire world and are terrible, oppressive masters in the west bank, etc. Jews didn`t storm into the offices of a newspaper that makes fun of people for a living and kill those people because they had a temper tantrum like a bunch of whiny, sad, spoiled little three year olds.

      People who condone that garbage need to grow up, calm down, and recognize that religion is not any more special than any other idea and it shouldn`t need special protection.

  7. Estamos de acordo não queremos que a sociedade perda um de seus maiores direito que é a liberdade de se expressar

    Say no to oppression
    Let us not forget
    Wait us

  8. I agree completely that free speech is under attack. I understand your frustration- I hope though that you will reconsider the methods you are using. You say you believe in free speech- why would you shut down people’s ability to use it? Unless “Anonymous” is being credited with something it didn’t do. Hmmm.

  9. I am in Kosovo. Do you need help. I am not a programmer, as such, lacking your unrequited skills. However, I have my feet on the ground. Love you, keep up the revolution. – Seth

  10. Keep up the fights against all the injustice and violations of our rights. (The people of the world) I will be honest haven’t done much besides try to keep my self educated on everything but good luck and keep to the things you believe in. I’m here for support.

  11. I totally agree with the idea of troops on the ground to fight this evil force called IS witch is actually not separate from the Al Qaeda. We actually initiated a petition regarding this which unfortunately closed since there were only 300 or so who signed.

    You guys are faceless heroes of humanity. I thank everyone of you and wish you the greatest success.
    Also, here is my Facebook page;

  12. If anyone threatens the freedoms that we all were born with, then those threats shall be eliminated with the same prejudice they attacked our ideals with. Expect us all.

  13. I hope you are successful on your current vandetta. I wish it had started a bit earlier to save more innocents, but I hope this saves people, and the freedom of the press.

  14. Thank you. Your work is the only sane way. We are so fortunate you are all are so brilliant and on the side of virtue and decency to mankind.

    Thank you again.

  15. Take those Bastards down! Make them beg for their own sanity. Create confusion in all their networks of communication. Make them turn their own weapons on each other not knowing one from the other. It can be done, and it will be done. God Bless…Be safe.

  16. People forget we are the 99% we are not all wizards on the computer some are protectors ,chemists,metal workers ,snipers ,country folk ,survivors, People in high places,people that can mingle with the rest ..We are Anonymous, we are Legion ,We do not forgive ,we do not forget ..EXPECT US..

  17. Hello! I hear of Anonymus in TV some times and i thinked they are “terrorist” online, attack banks site, Nasa…. But it’s not. Watching some documentary about Anonymus i thinked eveything you doing it’s good. You attack to make this world better, you are the God of the internet! #OpCharlieHebdo . After i seen all attack in TV i seen this islamic state it’s an serious thing and someone need to declare war. But you declared war in theyr website and it’s good, it’s the best news i heared after islamic attacks.. Sorry for my bad english but i studying it 😀
    Thank you again for thing you doing, you really want help the world.

  18. Egal wer mit dieser Aktion getroffen wird, es sind die Richtigen.
    Extremismus ist nie der richtige Weg. Ob er versteckt von Regierungen geschürt wird, oder von manipulierenden, machtgierigen Religions- und Sektenführern – es ist NIE der richtige Weg! Nicht Islam, Christentum, Judentum, Hinduismus etc. sind das Problem. Das Problem sind die Menschen die dahinter stehen und diese Ideologien für ihre Zwecke mißbrauchen. Und auch wenn der Islam grundsätzlich eine friedliche Religion ist, hier sind keine gläubigen Muslime am Werk – es sind Extremisten und diese müssen gestoppt werden – Egal welcher Organisation, Religion oder Ideologie sie folgen (oder vorgeben zu folgen!)! We are Anonymous

  19. hi anon

    let’s be sure this mass killing is not a false flag attack masterminded in the US just to assure that French and European leaders stay in line with NATO operations against Russia and Iran. There is a strong suspicion that ISIS is financed by U.S. using Saoudis ,emirates and/or Qatar as proxies

  20. ISIS are organised criminals and should not have the opportunity to use social media to recruit even more insane people nor have a voice in any way.

    We live in freedom and we want to keep it that way.
    You do where officials have failed.

    Thank you.

  21. Thank you Anonymous for your efforts, successful or not.
    With the senseless killings in Paris, the Freedom of Speech will become stronger and one day, it will become a right for all people throughout the World. From the killers, we see instead, the beginning of the end of Islam as a religion since Islam is being torn apart by the poison created from the words of the Prophet Muhammad. This poison is spreading throughout Islam and Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of the Prophet. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries encourage this poison by money and guns to have Muslims killing Muslims and other innocents. One day only the whisper of the winds will be the only sounds heard in the desert.

    Boulder, Colorado USA

  22. With the senseless killings in Paris, the Freedom of Speech will become stronger and one day, it will become a right for all people throughout the World. From the killers, we see instead, the beginning of the end of Islam
    Thank you Anonymous whether successful or not.
    as a religion since Islam is being torn apart by the poison created from the words of the Prophet Muhammad. This poison is spreading throughout Islam and Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of the Prophet. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries encourage this poison by money and guns to have Muslims killing Muslims and other innocents. One day only the whisper of the winds will be the only sounds heard in the desert.

  23. Apparently the deed hasn’t been done yet?,since the Evil Lawless Criminals Hacked U.S military Twitter!!! Not Cool! and very Troubling,It’s Screwed up how would be supporters tend to side with Evil Criminals who shouldn’t even be Breathing!!! let along Killing. More Power to Anonymous,We Stand By You,Globally! It’s Not an Idea,It’s Destiny!!! and for the bloody! Record, Jesus Christ Is King of Kings Not No Prophet,as Islamist seem to recon him as,Foolish! Mistake #JeSeusCharlie #LetFreedomRing #NO2ISIS #HumanityMatters

  24. Hooray, Anonymous, for #OpCharlieHebdo!!! Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

    But taking on terrorist websites and such is only part of the necessary fight. It’s arguably even more important to attack and counter such people’s purported ideology. Over the past several years, this whole business has been shaping up to look like a battle of cultures, Moslems against the rest of the world. This polarization has been tearing the world apart. This picture is wrong, fundamentally flawed, and must be countered. Regardless what some of the – partly true and highly regrettable – roots of that conflict, today’s terrorists have overstepped allowable religious and civilized boundaries and gone way beyond the pale. Regardless what they call themselves, regardless they call their activities jihad, an Islamic theological concept, these groups – Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, Taliban – and individuals ARE NOT MOSLEMS! Their values and their behaviour IS NOT compatible with the values and behaviour of the Moslem religion. This kind of brutal, indiscriminate, criminal, immoral violence is, at best, a perversion of religion, and not a true expression of any religion.

    What has to be made clear is that the terrorists are simply plain and simple criminals, exactly like America’s Ku Klux Klan or Spain’s Inquisition. It has to be made clear that such people are not acceptable members of any religion. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, we have repeatedly heard that such action “doesn’t reflect Moslem values”. That statement doesn’t go nearly far enough. What needs to happen is that these people are excommunicated from their religion. Islamic theologians and governments of Moslem countries, in the first place, but also everybody else, have to take a loud and clear stand to make it impossible for these types to hide behind the veil of religious belief. At best, they’re misguided megalomaniacs, but mostly just dangerous psychopaths – and outlaws all. And finally, it has to be clear that what’s necessary is not any kind of “war on terror”, but police action against criminals, whoever and wherever they are. As the world has witnessed, Anonymous is innovative and highly effective. You can probably contribute powerfully toward this change of attitude. Please do it, and help, once again, a global return to civilized values.

  25. Please anon do you worst to these killers. This is your calling. Help the world. They should not be able to use the internet as a tool of recruitment!

    Thanks ur efforts

  26. Rinzen says…
    mohamed was not a fucking muslim, but a fucking barbrian pedophile
    jesus was not a a fucking christian, but a fucking jewish pimp
    buddha was not a fucking buddhist, but a fucking hindu gay
    fuck them all, and fuck all religions, they all fighting dirty wars in the name of their same fucking god, asholes!!! “god” has no religion, because there is no fucking god, everything is just PLACEBO, what you think will happen… what you think you will become… and now fuck yourself and this fucking planet. I’ll commit suicide today, because I can’t live in a lied placebo world… Hack yourself!!!
    ~BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) hehehe!!

  27. I’m sure Anonymous is studying the false-flag suspicions arising from this so-called ‘Islamist’ terrorist attack. Suicide of the lead investigator and the policeman not getting shot at all as the video of it shows.

    Anonymous is nobody’s fool.
    They’ll find out what really happened as opposed to getting baited into any new-world order scam of tragic proportions.

  28. this is unfair… beceause this is made by france the killers are not islamic and the policeman who have been killed is an algerian muslim….. and how proficionel killers leave there identity card in the car that they came with

  29. the policeman who have been killed is an algerian and how the hell a specialist killers
    leave there identity cards in the car that they came with ………….france want a new war with islamics this is it

  30. It would’ve been amazing to get in on the action of Anonymous doing all this. What the cartoonist did was wrong and they shouldnt have made fun of the religion but i agree those terrorist shouldve never killed the innocent people. I myself make fun of my friends everyday but none of us start fights or kill people. Anonymous should fin out if ISIS or these terrorist groups are really what they say, they could be funded by US and more countries and we don’t know whats happeneing. For all we know even the president might not know about this but ISIS might just be American people. I myself am only 14 and starting to really get into hacking. I mean i have a vpn recommended by anonymous and im starting to learn much more. Soon ill start to learn how to get into servers undetected and i’ve even got encryption to stop my I.T. guy from accessing my files, cause believe it or not im doing my hacking off a school laptop XD cause mines currently broken but it would be nice if there was like simple training recommended by anonymous for young hackers cause now a days almost no one knows shit about technology and about all the lies they are fed by the governmetn but i believe Anonymous will reveal all the wrongs the government has done to the country and all the lies its told. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us.

  31. IS is not in a state of any attack against you. It is obvious that your government is blocking IS news channels only to bar truth about the state.

    IS has never done or suggested:
    FGM, burrying live children, cross religious marriages, sexual slavery… and whatever you heard. It is true that IS fights infedels (quffar / disbelievers) who attack the state. Those who don’t are not enemies but friends.

    Hope this helps you to find the real enemy and fight the real cause.

  32. Well the thing is this. The sites attacked by Anonymous are sites that promote violent Islam. These are fascist, of course all Muslims are not evil or violent. Neither were 90% of the Germans during the reign of the Nazis. Yet we had to fight the Nazis because the peaceful Germans did not themselves either because they could not or were not willing. Neither matters, we must fight all fascist now its the Islamic Fascist.

  33. We are Anonymous Iran
    We want peace, we’re going to have a war with any country
    But some of the countries you are not with them, but again we do not war
    We want peace with all nations; people of all nations to love
    If you take the cyber attacks against Iran Iranian nation will respond
    Perhaps you think that we are weak, we are strong, but not fetal and all movements
    And notice any attack will be enormous response to the attacks of
    Iran We are Anonymous We are very much we do not forgive We do not forget, we are waiting for you
    Anonymous Iran

  34. Anonymos,a smart question is why didn’t Mossad or the CIA hack them and stop them before you , or do they want them to stay cause they sponsor them ?

    Also Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocent people but just self defense. If you read the Quran and the Bible War verses you’ll see who condones the murder of Babies and women and innocent . Why don’t you hack those who murdered millions of Muslim women, children and innocent people like in Iraq and Afghanistan ? .

    My advice is to be careful cause there are a lot of more advanced Hackers in the third world countries as you can see from some here .

    Here are some Biblical verses that condone the massacre of the Iraqis , Afghanis, Palestinians and whoever will be next. You wont find a match in the Quran


    Deuteronomy 20:16-18, when God commands the Israelites to kill everyone in the cities of the Canaanites, the reason He gives is that, “Otherwise they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshipping their gods, and you will sin against the LORD your God”


    Deuteronomy 9:3 brings these two ideas together succinctly: “you will drive them out and annihilate them quickly, as the LORD has promised you”

    Deuteronomy 20:17

    “But you shall utterly destroy them, the Hittite and the Amorite, the Canaanite and the Perizzite, the Hivite and the Jebusite, as the LORD your God has commanded you,


    (Samuel I, 15:3)”Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox, and sheep, camel and ass,”

    Take it easy

  35. Hi Anonymous,

    for the safety of us all, do NOT disable or delete known Jihadists accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other known social media. This way they disappear from the radar of security & tracking abilities of our Western federal instances that track and observe them.
    This way you will only force them to go further “underground”, way more difficult to observe and ultimately stop them.

    • You make a good point. I’m pretty sure they’ll obtain all their tracking info before they shut ’em down. Anons aren’t stupid and think things through before they execute.


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