Hackers Trace ISIS Twitter Accounts Back To Internet Addresses And Unearths A Surprising Source…


Teenage hacktivists uncovered an astonishing web of unpublicized interactions which link ISIS social media accounts to the British government.

“Bloody” ?

According to a group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec, a number of Islamic State supporters’ social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to theDepartment of Work and Pensions.   

Mirror reports that Vandasec unearthed evidence which indicates that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP’s London offices.

Though you may not be aware of it, every computer or mobile phone you use logs onto the internet using an IP address. This address is a type of identification number which can track an individuals’ location and whereabouts.

Vandasec traced the IP addresses used by a trio of separate digital jihadis to access Twitter accounts and conduct online recruitment and propaganda campaigns. Shortly after, they relayed the crucial findings to Mirror Online.anonymous-twitter-isis-censored

At first, the IP addresses seem to be based in Saudi Arabia, but upon further inspect using specialist tools, they were linked back to the Department of Work and Pensions in Britain.

Said one of the hackers:

“Don’t you think that’s strange? We traced these accounts back to London, the home of the British intelligence services.” 

The findings have spurred rumors that someone inside the DWP is running ISIS-supporting accounts. Of course, there is the possibility that the DWP is using the accounts as a way to trap wannabe jihadis.

Which is why Mirror Online traced the IP addresses obtained by the teenage hackers and found they pointed to a series of unpublicized transactions between Britain and Saudi Arabia. 

It was discovered that the British government sold a large number of IP addresses to two Saudi Arabian firms earlier this year. Once the sale was complete, the addresses were then used by extremists to spread their message of hate.

The DWP denied owning the IP addresses. However, expert Jamie Turner, from a firm called PCA Predict, also discovered a record of the sale of IP addresses and found a large number were transferred to Saudi Arabia in October of 2015. According to him, the IP addresses could still be traced back to the DWP because records of the addresses had not yet been fully updated.

The damning evidence finally spurred the Cabinet Office to admit to selling the IP addresses on to Saudi Telecom and the Saudi-based Mobile Telecommunications Company earlier this year. Apparently, such was done as part of a wider drive to “get rid of a large number of the DWP’s IP addresses.”

Once the addresses are sold, says the British Government, they have no control over how the addresses are used.

“The government owns millions of unused IP addresses which we are selling to get a good return for hardworking taxpayers,” said a Cabinet Office spokesperson. “We have sold a number of these addresses to telecoms companies both in the UK and internationally to allow their customers to connect to the internet. We think carefully about which companies we sell addresses to, but how their customers use this internet connection is beyond our control.”

There is no report on how much the government made on the sales of the IP addresses, as the information is considered to be commercially sensitive.

If you’re feeling much is askew, you’re not alone. There’s plenty of evidence suggesting the terrorist organization ISIS and the ‘extremists’ who back it are not who they seem. Just read here, here, and here for more information on that. 

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    • Well it does let us know that the British government is selling items to the people that are trying to kill us. Alot of the time any information is good information as long as it’s not fake so idk how this article doesn’t make since. It also shows you that anyone that’s money hungry will turn on anyone

    • I agree… since when is the British goverment and ISP?

      even if they sold them to saudi arabia… the source IP is still one that seams to be based IN Britain. i dont think Britain would be stupid enough to sale and IP that is on the same block as their intelligence agency.


      Great job #anonymous …. jace[efnet].#epic

  1. You seem to be the only ones we can trust to tell the absolute truth. Please please take Trump down, he is destroying this country, filling it with hate the GOP is to Scared but you guys can do it.

    • How is trump distroing America? Maybe because he believes in the usa an isn’t being bought by anyone he the GOP is scared because they can’t control him

      • Anyone who has been to university understands why Trump is an ethnocentric, bigoted, sociopath, who has no concerns beyond his own self interest. And most kids who haven’t even graduated high school are intelligent enough to see that. If you can’t, your brain is broken. No fixing that. Just become an alcoholic.. That’s your best bet.

        • The problem with using education as a standpoint of proofing is it is standardised and basically brainwashing (in a crude sense) to think in a certain way. Its just another way for governments to make a populous compliant to their own views and beliefs.

          Not that I disagree with your view on Trump.

      • Thank you, Jeanette! On point as it gets! Its amazing how SOME PEOPLE try to credit their shallow thinking to their education like it’s a pride point. Your “university education” did you no favors for problem solving skills. No wonder or education system is tanking. Trump may not be a 2-term miracle, BUT he is honest even when it far from benefits him. That is a FIRST in politics! Not to mention, I for one as a veteran myself, am sick and damn tired of seeing OUR FELLOW AMERICANS’ innocent lives stolen from them. Snatched away in warfare-like situations IN THEIR HOMES AND WORKPLACES, that are SUPPOSED to be free from this kind of fear. THAT is the American way. The one thing even more disturbing is their President being more concerned with being politically correct in the rest of the world’s eyes than saying “Enough is enough. Previous attempts to make sure it NEVER happens again have proven to be unsuccessful. So, I will not pursue continued failed policies that cost the lives of Americans. If we don’t learn and evolve, then they died for nothing. Now, may the enemy prepare swiftly, because you destroy ONE American life, you better fear that the entire American forces are coming for you! Not one more day of any terrorist NOT being afraid of the U.S. retaliating.” It’s about time we had a Leader that has the balls of a true American, AND was straight forward about what he wants, thinks, and sees. People are so used to dishonesty, and just hearing what they want to hear, that they don’t appreciate when someone refuses to play along and just said it how it is, right or wrong.

        • J.T. honestly your opinion does matter but to say that trump is the better choice is false he has no intent for the american population to grow and prosper. he would much rather see his pockets grow and his favored people prosper. Now in a sense that our homes and workplaces are to be free of this kind of fear is 100% correct, but honestly can you really consider that what you see on the news makes you feel unsafe?? Media outlets are being paid to promote news that will generate some type of buzz and confuse the populous into thinking unrationally. If trump ever makes it into office, i guarantee you if someone made him an offer to send troops into iraq or wherever for a certain amount. He would do it in a heartbeat without a second thought.

      • Trump is nothing but a big bully on the playground. And his followers are standing behind him like a bunch of weak kids who can’t defend themselves. They are just immature kids who got picked on in school. Just because we can do or say things doesn’t mean it’s the logical thing to do. The saying, “somethings are left unsaid” is out of respect. Just because we have the abilities to whatever the hell we want, doesn’t mean we need to do it. Come on people and think for yourselves. Trump is not the answer. If you believe he is because he has no filter, you are as dumb as him. He will say anything to get a rise out of people. It’s Psychology 101 and he has you right where he wants you. He is Nothing but a reality television show. Trump is just causing more division of Americans. Everyone is so worried about terrorism and ISIS/ ISIL, but the biggest threat to our country is Americans and the division we are bringing to ourselves. Instead of coming together as Americans, we are killing ourselves from within with our stupidity of hatred of fellow Americans. Come on Americans, we need to be Americans and save our country and not poison ourselves with foul mouth, ignorant, egotistical, bullies with a dogmatic attitude to make America great? If you believe his crap, you must not have any thought process of your own. Stand up and stop being a follower of a billionaire bully who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. If we are ever going to save American and make it great, Trump is not the answer. Do this, go read and educate yourselves on America and all the history of wars, deaths on our soil and why American was great then make your own decisions for once instead of what the media and politicians say. Count your blessings that you were born here in the great U.S.A. And not in a war torn country and as an refugee.

  2. Details of the traders for those IPs are available online at ripe.net, including the sale value, as this kind of transfer has to be publicly available.

  3. So if these IP addresses belonged to the DWP before and do not now, then they do not belong to the DWP. Why would you deliberately spread disinformation? If you are so concerned that there is a greater conspiracy, isn’t it better your time is spent on accumulating irrefutable evidence? Don’t you think this is a little embarrassing for Anonymous as an organisation? I mean come on guys… really… these posts need to be a little more thought through. It is no better than a kind of Russian version of the Daily Mail filled with anti-west propaganda. Now I don’t exactly have any qualms about that at all, I think it is a good thing to take these corrupt G’s down a notch and keep people asking questions… but you can’t be caught red handed being sensationalists. It is embarrassing your legitimacy in the long run. I look forward to more thought-through posts.

    • They’re trying to get information out as it comes. To spark thought, so that maybe someone will come along and be the one to find the irrefutable proof.

  4. OK, so now that you guys have this proof, the question remains. What are you going to do with it? I for one, would love to see all these truths be thrown in the faces of those that are behind all this evil and those that are responsible should be brought to justice. If you guys are as good as you say you are, than by all means, go after all those responsible and see to it that they are all held accountable.

  5. I’m having a hard time following the argument behind how purchasing IP addresses makes the British government responsible. Could someone explain this? Or is it a conclusion Anonymous kinda jumped to…?

  6. This sounds good! And it’s obviously in everybody’s face! DWP is a massive machine that overseas lots of stuff including refugees housing and benefits + lots of other stuff! The people that have being coming to the UK in the past few years have been a lot more then the sistem can handle! There will always be breached points in a sistem that is disorganised and inadequate to function 100% professional!

  7. I remember hearing and reading about how men in black were seen in black uniforms conducting like military operations here in the states . I just wonder if these are the so called ISIS that we have been hearing about . From what I understand that they were dressed up like jihadist . I’m thinking this was like back in 2004 2006 . Let’s not forget on how we protested our involvement in Syria and now you have ISIS that shows up just like that . Coincidence I wonder ?
    My dad who was involved in the governemnt I can’t say what part told me something just before he died that we have nothing to fear of muslims . I had no idea what he meant by that . Until I seen a video on you tube called 911 Missing Links . This was back in 2014 that I seen the video and I am thinking omg . It fits so well together .

  8. The only way they could obtain the IP address is by hacking Twitter.com, the actual website, not a Twitter user account which this article states, understand the difference.

    When a Twitter user account is hacked, all that is done is the ‘hacker’ using a tool, that someone else created, to obtain a username + password, Twitter.com is not ‘hacked’, essentially the tool discovers the login details.

    Twitter.com would have/store the IP addresses. A Twitter user account would not hold this information, it makes no sense how they got this to allow it to be traced back the way.

    This is a bullshit story and the ignorance of other will believe it!

  9. There is any way to get a browser that translate any aarbic language in english for example?? ++ any other uploaded file (ex. ► jpg, png …etc) with that text on it to be automatically translated into a iframe maybe?? Can you detect fonts? Good Luck!

  10. Is this a bit of convenience, many companies state * we will not sell or pass on your email address * you have to have an email to obtain an IP address.

  11. I for one as a veteran myself, am sick and damn tired of seeing OUR FELLOW AMERICANS’ innocent lives stolen from them. Snatched away in warfare-like situations IN THEIR HOMES AND WORKPLACES, that are SUPPOSED to be free from this kind of fear. THAT is the American way


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