Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam Tells Radical Islamists To F*** Off On Live TV


Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, stunned a live TV audience by telling the Muslims who detest Western culture to “pack their bags” and “f*** off”. Aboutaleb, himself a Muslim, told Dutch news programme Nieuwsuur (News Hour), “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But if you do not like freedom, in Heaven’s name pack your bag and leave.


“There may be a place in the world where you can be yourself, be honest with yourself and do not go and kill innocent journalists. And if you do not like it here because humorists you do not like make a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off.

“This is stupid, so incomprehensible, go away if you can’t find your place in the Netherlands, or accept the society we want to build here, because we only want people, including all those Muslims, and all those well-intentioned Muslims, who may be looked at with suspicion, we want to keep all those people together in what I call the We Society”.

Aboutaleb earned the praise of London mayor Boris Johnson who called him his hero – the man who got straight to the point. Boris added, “That is the voice of the Enlightenment, of Voltaire. We can and will protect this country against these jihadist thugs. We will bug them and monitor them and arrest them and prosecute them and jail them. But if we are going to win the struggle for the minds of these young people, then that is the kind of voice we need to hear – and it needs above all to be a Muslim voice”.


The Mayor of Rotterdam earned the praise of Twitterati too:


Aboutaleb’s passionate rant was in response to January 7’s terrorists attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris that barbarically killed 12 people. The Islamist attackers had come to take revenge from the cartoonists for hurting their religion and making a mockery of Islamic Prophet Muhammad.


Aboutaleb, son of an imam, was appointed mayor of Rotterdam in 2008 – the first Muslim immigrant to lead a major Dutch city in which ethnic minorities and non-natives make up over half of the population. During the national uproar after the 2004 slaying of anti-Islamic filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim extremist, Aboutaleb sternly told Dutch Muslims that if they did not subscribe to the Netherlands’ values of tolerance and openness, they ought to catch the first plane out.


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  1. Well spoken Mr Mayor. Common sense says that the guest adapts to local habbits and not the host. He also leaves a choice to all these guests. Adapt or leave.In a modern democratic society you must always have a choice. Terrorists in charlie hebdo left no choice to anyone

  2. Like to know what his toughts are off camera. He’s smart enough to know he can be more effective to the islam extremist movement in his position of power than he would if voted out!!

  3. they are joking or what ? im from the dutch and ofc hes right.
    but not only the muslims all outsiders who get in contact with the police may go away. ( my opinion)
    (or accept the society we want to build here)what they wanna build ? a poor ppl land where the government rules ? taking money from everyone ? even if we dont have it? he can better Fck Off. and another opinion of me is ( theres already enough war racism there are allot of probs if u make then something racist in a newspaper u can expect it or am i wrong?) jokes ofc it can be funnny but at the right moment !

    • 1. You are from the Dutch?! Better first learn how your country is called

      2. The Netherlands a poor people country? I you don’t have a job and still can feed your kids (Of the country’s money = of other people’s wages -> That’s where you pay them for), The most common monthly income is €2000 ($2357.70). If you think the USA is a lot better? Learn the facts, it isn’t all hollywood.

      Please name one country which you think is organised better, I am curious.

      • Damn, common income in Netherlands is equivalent to $2300? That’s really high compared to Americas common income. Granted that’s practically my monthly income but I might consider moving there. Probably a lot better than this wasteland

    • Wow,
      I knew PVV’ers weren’t all that smart but this just leaves me speechless.
      We have great lives here, with a government that cares, in contrast to a lot of other governments around the world, our labour unions actually have a say in things and we have a great way of mixing both liberalism and socialism into one nation.

      You should appreciate the good life you’re given, a lot of others are less fortunate than you.

  4. Now imagine how people feel when NATO leaders bring war, terror, death and destruction to their nations or support terrorist regimes that do; Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, Palestine….. to name a few.

  5. Also dutch mayors are more off a public figure then a leader. The desisions are all made by the city counsel and the national goverment. Mayers don’t do much more than sign documents and cut ribbons.
    The only right they have is that they van veto a law or local ordenance. But this also means they have to step down from their function in most cases. So in fact the national cabinet (like the senate in the us) has all the power. And can force everything upon the dutch people. Even though we are supposed to be a democracy.
    In the netherlands we also have a king and queen (a few jears back only a queen for the people who don’t know that Willem Alexander has taken the throne)
    But the king is also mostly a public figure, he can stop a law from passing. But again the king is then required to resign his position. So if he wants to keep his job, he cant do squad.
    The world is the same everywhere, and people should realise that.
    Even in the netherlands it is crap when you are at the bottem. And there are a few pigs stuffing their face at the top, over the heads of everyone else. Its all the same, freedom in this world is a lie, an illusion, a hoax.
    If we want to be truly free, people of the world should not learn laws and rules, they should learn norms and values.
    No mather what faith, religion or livestyle you have, they all say the same, and most parrents try to teach the same to their kids:

    Do NOT Steal from others
    Do NOT hurt other people

    Do help people if you can
    Do Respect others and yourself

    In the netherlands we have proverb for this:
    Wat u niet wil dat u geschiedt, doe dat ook een ander niet.
    What you dont want to happen to you, don’t do that to another.

    I’m sorry for the bad englisch, not my native tounge.

    also @ Peter Allan (the prices of everything are also much higher)
    With 2300 Euro a 4 member family can get things done every month, but thats about it. They van pay the bills, buy their food, and to quote a south park banker (its gone)


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