CIA Jet Crashed With 4 Tons Of Cocaine On Board


A Gulfstream II jet, aircraft # N987SA, allegedly used to transport Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) rendition prisoners from Europe and America to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba crash-landed Sept. 24, 2007 in Mexico carrying a cargo of over four tons of cocaine. It is suspected the Gulfstream jet ran out of fuel as it traveled from Colombia to the United States.

Federal Aviation Association records list the plane in question as belonging to Atef Hanna of Tarpon Springs Florida, but at the time of the incident, it was registered to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida. According to an article in The Tampa Tribune, Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. was a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE claims it sold the aircraft to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)-suspected drug smugglers as part of an undercover operation immediately prior to the crash in Mexico.N987SA1

The ICE undercover agent who brokered the deal, former racecar driver Don Whittington, pled guilty to federal tax charges in 1987. According to an affidavit accidentally unsealed then subsequently resealed, Whittington is currently under investigation for using a Colorado Springs resort and spa to launder profits from the sale of this and other aircraft used in smuggling busts.

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    • The Real QUESTION IS What did they do with all the Heroin Fields in Afghanistan during the STATIST RebloodliCon Bush administration??? Then ask Yourself what did they do with all this cocaine Now?!!

      • exactly! they go in and muscle out who ever has control, then they take over….move it to the US and sell it all the while pumping up the dollars and supposed need for the war on drugs…..

        get em comin’ and goin’

  1. What you need to understand is that all this coke was going to the well intended “coke” for “prisoners” program. You see – it works like this: For every kilogram of coke sold, a political prisoner is freed by the cash proceeds. These political prisoners then returned to their jobs in government (mostly CIA) and the cycle repeats.

    • This is a blatant load of bullshit. 1 kilo is just a brick of cocaine. Even an inept d drug dealer could sell that in less than a weekend. If I’m the head of a cartel(the only kind with enough pull to hold political prisoners), I’m producing at least 50 tons of coca a year for a high yielding plantation system. 1 kilo is only 0.11% of a ton. If my coca plantation is 50 times as much as 1 lonely ton of cocaine…You can do the math on how retarded you sound.

    • Sadly you are wrong, keeping you high, keeps you from acting out, keeps the population in check, keeps you stupid. It’s called the GOD business, Guns, Oil and Drugs. Been happening for years, more than you care to know.

    • The same way it’s always been done. They own the media and they will not release it, other than that it’s been done about a million times since the CIA opened up



    WAKE THE FLOCK UP MERKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. a few things
    A) This happened 7 years ago so why are we just now seeing this?
    2) Agencies get paid to “keep the peace” so they must create a problem they can solve by locking people up. Lets not forget the prison lobbyists who “donate” to said agencies so prisons stay full. It’s the batman letting joker out of jail to be a “hero” scenario.
    However most important of all WHY IS THERE ONE WHITE BAG IN FRONT?!?

    • The white bag contained 4 million dollars, the plan did not crash in Mexico. It was also financed by Wachovia, who at the time was laundering massive drug profits and paid a healthy fine for doing so. why not the Wachovia name was going to be gone anyway. Many plane financed by this arm of Wachovia ran many such runs. Look up a plane caught trying to smuggle gold from Africa in the late 09-11 range. Also Black water used them to extricate heroin from afghan.

      Keeping you stupid one night at a time.

  4. bullshit story as a Gulfstream2 Jet cant even carry that much , picture with 1 white bag tells you “yes its drugs you see there”

  5. The payload capacity of the G2 is 5400lbs. 4 tons exceeds that by a significant amount. The story doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • With a load of 4 tons it will still be able to fly , it would burn significantly more fuel. hence running out of fuel short of its destination??? greed does trump intellect some times.

  6. it’s actually Pagosa Springs, not Colorado Springs. His family owns the Springs Resort and it just got raided by the DEA and IRS about a month ago.

  7. So basically what you are telling me is that the US government is confiscating drugs from the public and then sells it to big drug dealers that sell it to the public again and the government “confiscates” it again ending up selling it again…. The government is literally stealing something from the public and selling it back to them just to steal it again and make some more profit.. wow… I wouldn’t really be surprised though, the US government has killed millions of people for oil, but those were non Americans so i doubt anyone cared. This is to its own people. So all those times they say its for their people that they invade foreign land for resources its just that the people in command are power hungry and made money crazed -_-

    • “I wouldn’t really be surprised though, the US government has killed millions of people for oil, but those were non Americans so i doubt anyone cared.”

      If you have your military stationed somewhere, those are your people no matter how you look at it.
      People whose land has been taken by America should be treated like Americans. Just ask the native Americans.

  8. What I want to know is ** how does a sealed 7 year old document get “accidentally unsealed”????** Sounds like some fun!

    and next is ** how did the individual who accidentally unsealed it get away with it… or did they???**

    we need to know how these sorts of things are successfully done, right?

  9. ‘Utilizing drugs to pay for secret wars around the world. Drugs are now your global policy, now you police the globe.’ SYSTEM OF A DOWN, PRISON SONG.

  10. Is there some sort of reserve for all confiscated drugs and weapons in America. Because I know they confiscate it from people but where does it go after that. Some sort of stash house or straight back to the streets? If every police department kept every bit of what the take from us then I don’t think they would be crying for a bigger budget every year.

  11. The CIA finances their covert operations this way to avoid traceability. Don’t forget that these guys can act independently of, and aren’t accountable to, the government.
    So basically they are out there creating mayhem, killing, torturing, creating wars, financing terrorists (my enemy’s enemy is my friend), changing governments in other countries etc, without any controls. All in their patriotic duty to the land of the free – the ‘free market’ ($$$).

  12. This is just like the crack cocaine that was funneled into South Central LA, to fund an “off-the-books” war in Nicaragua. If you honestly believe that the drug problem in our country isn’t purely by design, you’ve been misled!

  13. The media, keep weak people happy… Their use of minority crimes, keep the majority happy, thinking they are safe… Those who import drugs are not inner -city dwellers… They live in gated communities…

  14. If CIA any other government agencies are breaking the law how come do we get prosecuted and they don’t how come we are all obligations to abide by the law and they aint. Why are we so afraid to fight our own government to reform all constitutions and tax bill since we our in the new world order because all the bill of rights and constitutions are broken everyday from the government! Wake up America we all gonna die and ppl just plain o stupid look at our food industries everything they put out for sell are killing us and it gets approved by our government. All the virus we never heard of are form by our government and scientist! Are medications that killind us or leaving so severe side affects are approved by our government which is FDA, why are we not holding our government responsible,how long our you gonna be a genni pig or a social experiment! Lets fight back remove all dictators in our government so our children’s and its generation’s will have peace in a human society world! God is Love!!!! 🙂

  15. They’ve been selling the dope in the black neighborhoods since the 1955, lock them up take their rights and claim they’re drug dealing animals,but what is done in the dark will come to the ligh,they’re the real animals,dammed devils!!!!!

  16. not a conspiracy; govt plane sold to suspects of an investigation crashes cause they didn’t spring for enough fuel. CIA was no longer the owner of the plane as it was transferred from them to ICE to DEA who sold it to criminals as part of investigation. Why hold on to a plane that you don’t want anymore, especially when you can use it to catch a bunch of scumbag drugged up money launderers.

    • Except the article never mentions the CIA selling it to ICE. So instead of creating a narrative that fits the story being presented to you, why don’t you think critically.
      According to the head of former head of CIA while she was in office, the CIA is like the Federal Reserve in that they take orders from no one. They are the highest level of authority in their field.
      (Fundamental oversight of the checks and balances created by the formation of our government where legislative > judicial > executive > legislative.)

      From what I know from researching the CIA and DOJ and DEA, the CIA and DEA are two fronts of the same system. The DEA uses press releases and government connections in legislative branch to, for example, start the war on drugs. Then if the legislative branch deliberates for too long the CIA creates a crisis in which our attention is diverted so that the objective can be achieved OR the resistance is reduced. The same tactic is used by many different agencies and departments of government. If you’re skeptical look it up. If you think I’m lying it might be too late for you already.


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