How Big And Powerful Is Anonymous?


What/Who is/are Anonymous? Cyber terrorists, freedom fighters, a group of hackers, revolutionaries or an organization? Anonymous is a movement. Anonymous has no leadership; if you believe in Anonymous, and call yourself Anonymous, you are Anonymous.

How big is Anonymous?

Anons around the world have moved from opposing Internet censorship and control to attacking governments silencing the people’s rights, standing for freedom of expression, animal rights, helping the less fortunate, protecting children from online/offline abuse, protesting police atrocities, questioning and exposing the arm-twisting tactics of the rich, safeguarding the activists, publicizing cyber security threats, and attacking the attackers – the terrorists.

Anonymous was born out of 4Chan, a forum popular with hackers and gamers, in 2003. However, that loose band of people has now gone beyond 4Chan, and has become something much bigger. While it is hard to predict the actual size of the group and their activities, we bring to you some of the most important and powerful operations carried out by the decentralized hacktivist community.

Project Chanology (2008)

Anonymous first announced themselves to the world in 2008, with the declaration of an online war on the Church of Scientology. On January 14, a video that was produced by the Church was leaked to the Internet and uploaded to YouTube. The video featured an interview with the actor Tom Cruise. Calling the action by the Church of Scientology a form of Internet censorship, members of Project Chanology organized a series of DDoS attacks against Scientology websites, prank calls, and black faxes to Scientology centers. On February 10, roughly 7000 people protested in more than 93 cities worldwide, wearing the Guy Fawkes masks.

Operation Payback (2010)

After the torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, were DDoSed in September, Operation Payback was started as a coordinated, decentralized cyber attack on opponents of Internet piracy. In November, when WikiLeaks began releasing hundreds of thousands of leaked US diplomatic cables, and PayPal, MasterCard and Visa cut off service to the organization, Operation Payback expanded to include Operation Avenge Assange. On December 8, a coordinated DDoS attack by Anonymous brought down the PayPal, MasterCard and Visa websites. PayPal estimated that the damage had cost the company $5.5 million.

Operation Tunisia (2011)

Due to censorship of the WikiLeaks documents and the Tunisian revolution, as many as eight Tunisian government websites were targeted by Anonymous. In an open letter, Anonymous said that it had launched DDoS attacks to highlight a spate of recent riots that had taken place over youth unemployment in the country as well as Internet and press censorship.

Operation Egypt (2011)

Under Operation Egypt, Anonymous collaborated with the activist group Telecomix, to help rebels access government-censored websites during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. They also created various dial-up web access points, taught Egyptians how to validate SSL keys and certificates to circumvent the imposed restrictions, and launched their own DDoS attacks on government websites, along with the website of the ruling National Democratic Party – these websites remained offline until President Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

#OpDarknet (2011)

On October 14, Anonymous shut down more than 40 websites for sharing pedophilia and released the names of more than 1,500 alleged users of Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites—more than 100GB of child pornography was contained on the site—after it launched #OpDarknet against the child porn community online. They struck again in 2014, exposing 190 alleged pedophiles and revealing their IP addresses.

#OpMegaUpload (2012)

On January 19, the FBI arrested four employees of, a popular file sharing service, and charged them with conspiracy to commit racketeering and criminal copyright infringement. Within minutes of the announcement, Anonymous announced #OpMegaUpload, and brought down the homepages of the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, Universal Music, the US Copyright Service, the US Department of Justice, and the FBI.

#OpPirateBay (2012)

After the Swedish government disabled various torrent sites (including The Pirate Bay) in September, Anonymous called it a crime against freedom to information and disabled some of the Swedish government’s affiliate sites in protest against the raid on PRQ. In 2014, after the Swedish police raided The Pirate Bay data center in Nacka, the group hacked into the email accounts of not only the Swedish government, but also the e-mail accounts of Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and opened their email addresses with passwords in plain-text.

#OpTyler (2012)

Anonymous started developing Tyler – a secure, no cost, decentralized and encrypted social network, where users could whistleblow securely, network anonymously, and feel safe from surveillance – and planned to launch it on 12/21/2012, the day many believed the world would end. TYLER was supposed to be a P2P encrypted software, in which every function of a disclosure platform was required to be handled and shared by everyone who downloaded and deployed the software. The project was shelved because, apparently, the people were ‘not ready’ yet.

#OpIsrael (2013)

#OpIsrael was launched on April 7, the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, to “erase Israel from the Internet” in protest against crimes that were allegedly committed against the Palestinians. In a massive cyber attack, Anonymous shut down several government sites, including those of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israel Securities Authority, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry, and the Central Bureau of Statistics. #OpIsrael was launched again in 2014 and in 2015, and the attacks “will not stop until the police state becomes a free state and Palestine is free.”

#OpAwakeTheMasses (2013)

In an attempt to awaken the world and inspire people to take action against their governments – if they believe that the people they elected serve the corporate monopoly instead of serving the citizens’ best interests – Anonymous launched Operation Awake The Masses in April, 2013. The idea – that a better world is possible – found credence in 2014, as well as in 2015.

#OpOK (2013)

Anonymous launched #OpOK in an effort to assist with the clean up/recovery effort in Oklahoma, after the tornadoes left a trail of destruction through the state on 5/20/2013.

#OpSafeWinter (2013)

#OpSafeWinter was started to highlight the homeless situation throughout the world. In addition to this message, the operation was also launched in an effort to build up a resource network for food supply, blankets, clothes, socks, amenities for warm showers and other similar items that can be donated. Launched to coincide with World Homeless Day in November 2013, the international effort to battle against homelessness provided homeless support in 12 different countries. This year, there is another context to #OpSafeWinter: the refugee crisis and anyone suffering because of war or injustice.

#OpKKK (2014)

Anonymous announced #OpKKK, or “cyber warfare”, in November 2014, in retaliation to threats of violence made by the Ku Klux Klan against protesters during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Last year, Anonymous seized the Klan’s main Twitter account and revealed KKK’s identities. This year, on the first anniversary of the Ferguson protests, the group unmasked up to 1,000 KKK members and published dozens of phone numbers and email addresses belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

#OpIceISIS (2014)

Anonymous first declared war on ISIS in June 2014, under #OpIceISIS. Under this operation, Anonymous aimed to attack ISIS’ financial sources, amid the beheadings of civilians and well-known journalists. We plan to attack several countries that were knowingly supporting ISIS FINANCIALLY including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We warned that if they continued to support ISIS we would be forced to destroy their virtual infrastructure,” an Anonymous member told France24.

#OpDeathEaters (2014)

Anonymous is fighting child sex abuse by targeting online pedophile networks. The objective of #OpDeathEaters, named after the followers of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, is “to set up an independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiry into all the areas which do not appear to have been investigated properly.” The overall goal of the campaign has been described as a means to end worldwide trafficking.

#OpFerguson (2014)

In the wake of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, Anonymous threatened to wage a war of its own, telling police, “we are watching you very closely.” They set up a website and a Twitter account to organize cyber protests, and hacked into the City of Ferguson website. As a result, all city email accounts had been taken offline.

#OpAnonVerdict (2014)

Following the multiple police shootings that occurred in 2014, Anonymous launched cyber-attacks that specifically targeted officers that were involved in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; John Crawford III in Beavercreek, Ohio; Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio; and Dillon Taylor in Salt Lake City, Utah — among others.

#OpSerenaShim (2014)

In March, Anonymous launched #OpSerenaShim for the American reporter that was murdered in Turkey on October 14, 2014 for exposing Western support of ISIS. Anonymous have taken up her cause and will see to it that justice will be obtained for Serena and her family. On Shim’s birthday, October 10, and on the one year anniversary of her death, October 19, 2015 #OpSerenaShim conducted a Twitter Storm to demand justice for Serena Shim and truth for all.

#OpCharlieHebdo (2015)

Anonymous launched #OpCharlieHebdo to avenge the brutal murder of Charlie Hebdo journalists on January 7th. The group not only rendered the jihadist websites inaccessible through the denial of service (DDoS) attack, it took around 200 suspected jihadist Twitter accounts and published details of 14 Facebook profiles it claimed belonged to jihadists.

#OpISIS (2015)

Although Anonymous first announced its plan to counter ISIS’ massive online presence in June 2014, and ramped up its efforts following the January 7th Charlie Hebdo shooting, the hacktivists launched #OpISIS in February to target thousands of social media accounts that were being used by ISIS to recruit new members and disseminate propaganda.


In Round 1 of #OpISIS, Anonymous published a list of over 1,000 social media accounts, email addresses and recruitment sites it says were “exposed and destroyed” by Red Cult Anons. In Round 2, Anonymous exposed thousands of ISIS accounts to show that it is not that difficult to fight back against ISIS online. In Round 3, Red Cult Anons issued an ultimatum to Twitter and the US government. In Round 4 of #OpISIS, the Red Cult team hacked an ISIS networking website and released the vast contact information, including IDs, usernames and passwords, of the members of the pro-terror site.

#OpISIS has turned into an online war against ISIS, with over 10 massive cyber attacks conducted since February. According to an in-depth investigation by Foreign Policy, Anonymous have taken down 149 Islamic State-related websites and have exposed 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5900 propaganda videos.

#OpBaltimore (2015)

In response to the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man that died at the hands of the police, Anonymous announced their #OpBaltimore in May. The group hacked into the police servers in Baltimore and released the hacked data, including the email addresses and passwords of police officers, to the web via Pastebin.

#OpParis (2015)

The November 13 terror attacks in Paris prompted Anonymous to launch their biggest operation ever – #OpParis – “to identify and report supporters of the atrocious Paris attacks in an effort to assist finding those responsible, demonstrating that we do not tolerate such atrocities and gather information that could help prevent further attacks in the future.” In just a few days, #OpParis took down 5500 social media accounts related to ISIS – 24 hours after ISIS called Anonymous “idiots.”

#OpTrump (2015)

Anonymous launched #OpTrump in early December, in response to Donald Trump’s proposal that all Muslims be banned from entering the United States “until the country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on” with ISIS-linked attacks, like the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino. A group of hacktivists targeted Trump’s website for several hours with distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on December 9, to denounce the real-estate mogul for his anti-Muslim comments.

#OpWhales, #OpSeaWorld And #OpKillingBay (2015)

Anons worldwide united for #OpWhales, #OpSeaWorld and #OpKillingBay to raise awareness about the cause and to spread the message through information, data and reality. In late November, a group of online hacktivists launched a 13-hour DDoS attack on five government websites in Iceland, to protest against the nation’s active whale-hunting ventures. The group struck down the websites of Narita and Chubu airports – two of Japan’s busiest airports – with powerful DDoS attacks and forced them to stay down in October, as part of its campaign against dolphin hunting, a practice that, though controversial, is still legal in Japan.

#OpExposeCPS (2015)

Anonymous announced Operation Expose CPS in February to expose the corruption and rampant child abuse plaguing the Child Protective Services, to force the FBI to investigate the CPS-DHS system, to bring the criminals to justice, and to stop the unjustified terror campaign against parents and their children.

#OpBEAST (2015)

The aim of #OpBEAST was to raise awareness about animal-cruelty and target websites that promote bestiality – the enactment of sexual relations between a human being and an animal – with DDoS and defacement. On April 13, hackers not only conducted a cyber attack that defaced seven and removed six animal-porn websites, they targeted the world’s largest bestiality forum,, with a DDoS attack and forced it offline.

#OpAnonDown (2015)

On July 17, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer mercilessly shot and killed a masked Anon outside the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Anonymous vowed to avenge their fallen Anon with the launch of #OpAnonDown. “The focus of this Op going forward will be gaining justice (and vengeance if necessary) for our fallen comrade in Dawson Creek. But we will also memorialize our previously slain brethren, and prepare to take action for future Anons killed by police – as we have no doubt they will cut down more of us.”

#OpCyberPrivacy (2015)

On June 17, after Anonymous had uploaded a couple of videos that voiced their objection of the approval of anti-terror law C-51, the online hacktivists attacked Canadian government servers and took down the Canadian Senate and government of Canada websites. Anonymous considered #billc51 to be a clear violation of the universal declaration of human rights. In addition, Anonymous also considered #billc51 to be a law that would remove the legal protections that have stood enshrined in the Magna Carta for 800 years.

#OpNimr (2015)

Protesting the horrendous human rights record of Saudi Arabia, Anonymous is attacking the government websites of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under #OpNimr – in support of 17-year-old Mohammed al-Nimr, a Saudi anti-government campaigner who has been convicted of anti-government activities and faces execution.

Million Mask March

The first Million Mask March, November 5, 2013, somewhat represented a “day of civil disobedience” as Anonymous stepped out of the Internet and on to the streets to protest against perceived power imbalance in the establishment. Rallies, both peaceful and confrontational, were held in 450 cities around the world including Washington DC, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to protest austerity, surveillance, corporate greed and corrupt governments. The Million Mask March 2014, was one of the largest protests in the world. Across the globe, hundreds of thousands took part in Million Mask March 2015, though the event received mixed support and success.

AND, these are 14 Anonymous Operations you may not know are happening right now…

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  1. It’s shocking there’s not a single cannabis related item. Furthering my suspicion that this site and large parts of Anonymous are run primarily by Muslims. Not trying to be Islamophobic but so many good Muslims think cannabis use is not in accordance with Allah’s will, despite no specific injunction on it in the Koran.

    • While Cannabis is an issue for many for medical reasons, it is making progress without the need of help. As well, there are many other issues that are much more life threatening. The collective talents of Anon are better used where lives can be truly improved and/or saved.

    • You do realise that there’re way more important things at hand than the legalization of cannabis, right? If you need some, get to your dealer next door…

      • @ Nokinim, Jacswastedlife: Your obscene ignorance is shocking. Cannabis prohibition is a major world-wide fiasco. Anonymous could do no better than to end it, and help usher in an age of prosperity. See any slums in Morocco lately in person? I didn’t think so, putzes.

        • Bernie Sanders has already voiced his support of Cannabis law reform. Just vote for him and you’re wish will come true (if you live in the USA)

      • “You do realise that there’re way more important things at hand than the legalization of cannabis, right?”
        Right, like ending the prison industrial complex, Alcohol-related deaths, crack cocaine epidemics, the proliferation of drug gangs fueled by black markets, arrest records that poison the future of the young, opioid dependence, drug sniffing dogs, anxiety decrease . . .

      • @Jackswastedlife:
        “You do realise that there’re way more important things at hand than the legalization of cannabis, right?”
        Right, like shutting down the Prison Industrial Complex, decreasing alcohol related deaths and violent crime,defunding drug cartels and gangs, abating heroin dependence and addiction to pain killers, reversing industrial pollution and providing sources of high protein seeds to combat human starvation . . .

    • I can say with certainty that at least twenty-four percent of Anonymous is French, most of the base group is from Europe, there are some Islamic people in the group but not a majority, they run it like a direct democracy anyway, I’m sure there are a ton of terrorist people faking to be them, considering anyone can put Anonymous as a name and type whatever they damn well please.

      • LOL “I can say with certainty that at least twenty-four percent of Anonymous is French” Bullcrap.Yeah, there’s a heavy Europe contingent but the percentage you’re coming up with is a joke. I’m sure the french make and write this site as well? LOL.

      • The first people to protest anything with the mask on were from and in France it’s not like they flew from some far away place just for that day and years from that incursion; The Paris attack which for some reason was the only attack that mattered to anyone the whole Facebook scene lit up and changed photo’s to the flag yet bombs have killed more people than that this year just in a different country, anyway that instance hit anon hard, I mean a ton of people are being killed but just that one time in Paris is all that it took for anonymous to be on board with ridding the social networks of ISIS..

      • Also this site is just a catalog of what has happened and what they’ve done as a movement. Just followers, Just Anonymous people using words to bring about justice to a cause, honestly this site could be owned by terrorists lmfao… Either way they still don’t care about first world problems.

        • Anonymous is in most countries of the world including the US Canada Mexico, Belgium, Finland, Syria, Iraq, and so on and so on they are everywhere

          And this comes from you who does what to help anyone?

    • Cannabis isn’t really Anonymous’s responsibility, They protect free speech, freedom on the internet, etc…. they’ve never claimed to be champions of pot….

    • Sincerely the dumbest comparison I have ever seen. Regardless of religion. Anonymous sees humanity not who you worship. Maybe you should smoke a little less pot and start thinking clearly. And it’s Qur’an

  2. Wow.. that’s quite an impressive list… I’m a member and supporter but my son said, i shouldn’t openly support you because the American government class you as terrorist…. so i pointed out to him that then you are probably making a difference…. well done

  3. Great work! I will be learning so that I can join these movements.

    I’m wondering if any arrests were made of the exposed pedophiles due to 2011’s #OpDarknet?

  4. This is all about consciousness chess game between players to earn more to their reign.
    More about that:

    And then, the elite is afraid of the elite,
    And the intelligence is afraid of the intelligence,
    And the corporations are afraid of the corporations,
    And the religions are afraid of the religions,
    And the mafias are afraid of the mafias,
    And the scientists are afraid of the scientists,
    And they all are following the smell of the money, because it pays off? What, their freedom and free will? If someone follows hidden truths, what is free will? And then do they know the purpose of their lifes?

    Who enters the right door at the right time? Only time-space momentum will tell.

    I know that the first astronauts will go to mars with implanted chips, so someone will secure the planet. Beware of sabotage in the missions.

    What takes to be an hero to save the planet? What will you receive back?

    Security can be a bubble and infinite russian doll trap. Who’s the architect? Who’s the architect?

    This game in the whole planet follows an algorithm, a vector, a purpose hidden where no fear exists.

    Bye bye NWO,
    Welcome nature

    Be free to free will and freedom because you’ll be able to touch nature and you will know your magic powers face-to-face.

  5. Can you provide any video or verbal evidence that the supposed shooters at San Bernardino complex was in fact the two they claim did the shooting. Or where the first ones to die that day outside of building 3, or retuning from target practice in the local hills only find out about a man hunt for them as assassins of governmental employees on a handicapped compound? Who could not be found in a very small area until 4 hours latter?

  6. Anonymous, the intelligence service hacked my computer because i know the truth and they are reading minds… that’s why everyone thinks there is only one game in the world… I am in this post the Riddletech, i used Tor and they considered that message as a threat… Is it truth, is it bluf, is it a game or is a threat and why do they fear a smashing truth to be told. They think they good but they are not because if everyone even of the rich knew the truth about their consciousness not matching freedom, nature and free will there will be resolution and revolution before tomorrow morning. And they are hiding the truth i know that is better than theirs from myself and from everyone else. So the elite and rich only survive by robbing, contain the truth that is about consciousness and self awareness and the power of will. If they do something to me you will know and you will know also that i know the truth they are trying to cover. There are tricks on the mind that is being hidden from everyone, even their own scientists that makes the mind think in different forms and patterns and energies differently. It is difficult but everyone’s minds are forged to see wrong truths and it all started with division of energies that the mind can see. And they know and they protect themselves behind the technologies of the mind because they don’t feel illusions. And there are words created in languages that is specifically for that purpose, for example: biogenesis and abiogenesis. They want to be the creators of nature because they think they are on top of any beings and that they can see energy like no being can see. The mind when sees words, it doesn’t see energy because languages have human strictly expressions for slaves, so they know that and they wake up the energy part of the brain and then they see patterns that normal humans don’t see. The only thing that protects them from the rest of the people is their secrets of the sights of the mind. The mind sees fluid energy and not units expressions and words. Hope you find that quickly. And everything they are trying to apply to the world can be stopped even cryptography denials and surveillance systems. They are testing how to trap the rest of humanity through introductions of laws to epigenetical weak races. For example surveillance system in Australia. And remember that they don’t have order because it doesn’t exist, they only have contacts. You have to gain control of the forces of your mind. It is like controlling ESP powers. They are trying to silence me, because i know more things than them. But i’m part of the Resistance. And believe me no one will be free if this thing of NWO is applied. Even the rich are being controlled through the money and the corporations and its scientists are being controlled. That’s why the treaties and the CISA act. They want to share security protocols, but it doesn’t end there. I believe that is a backdoor for all the systems of the world’s corporations. And the scientists are not questioning their order from one scientist consciousness. There is one more thing that they are doing regarding the joining corporate research that is the ‘effort’ of all space agencies to reach Mars. Then the military institutions are playing the War thing while the police is playing the counter-activism thing. beware of that game. The true mind with true sight with true energy will stick to nature and live in nature patterns and not in human forged ideas and not in human mind traps and hoaxes and conspiracies. Are you seeing the game in Syria and Turkey?? imagine that there is a black market in there. And those people of the NWO are getting the oil for free. robbed oil. Another Mad Max thing but with drones controlled by air. They will try very very hard to blur and make me forget the true nature that i found. They can make you believe that your live has even a genetic purpose which is untrue. And it seems that many things start wrong when people believe in destiny, fate and soulmates. Because that’s too much coincidence. So why people think it is destiny that someone is screwing with your destiny, what about those people’s destinies? They will even make you believe that you fail at life or are not success enough, that’s why they get so many worshippers or followers. I know from invisible forces that they play with people’s minds. Remember this case scenario from somewhere?? When someone has a bad thought about you and about you are doing with strong will and words you tend to fail? Is that their consciousness?? Everyone has mind to be scientist or athlete. It’s not genetic and they had the time to test it through the religions inductions of the forces of the mind. Beliefs control the energies you believe and grows a dormant mind because it is made in a way that some beings on top of you have super powers while you humans are all in fear of the hand of satan-like creature. Beware of beliefs because they forge the neuron-paths of your brains. One last thing is that there are people that do not follow beliefs in life and they are/were strong and followed/performed their lives better than the ones in the beliefs. I have noticed all that and much more and they are trying to make me believe that i am not the person that i can be and do great things. That’s why i probably think too much and they probably want me to believe, oh, it’s just destiny. Of course, so why there are people that their lives change one day to another. And if you remember all the things you will beat their memory forget important things technology. That’s why they need people to be confused, and so all the humanity altogether. And then why do they care about human research? Is it to treat deseases and solve mankind problems and deseases? No, it is to create and control slaves to feed their dreams. And their dreams is directly related to astronomy and astrology. Think about that. And actually who told you, you are good only in one field, it’s a lie, you have a time in life that you choose that path and depending on your easiness and life experiences you tend to choose what is more easy but no one told you, you couldn’t try another field and another field and even the unknown. Because the secret of the brain is also, why do you think you are good in a field if you didn’t live and experienced and specialized yourselves in the entire field? How your minds perceive things that never experienced? Is it the power of sight?

      • i’m not a cop, just a normal person and normal being trying to save the world and to help people see outside the box to see if when every second counts life can get real and consistent and natural for every beings’s rights of birth… Think on it this way… life has problems, right? but there things in life that are more linked to nature than others and do not consist in problems because nature is not human problems and some things are happiness, love and birth, they have to be fluid to be taken as real
        If you find the most real of one value in life you are starting to master your own awareness and try other things with more success ratio. because success ratio with success practice also propagates in life

  7. Tor cracked??? Reverse packet injection at network level?? I inserted the post, then i updated the page a few times and if the tor exist node was a rogue one i would be infected after inserting the post but i think it was made a reverse connection to my computer so i think the only way to do that and identify my computer in a tor exit server without owning the server is to crack the tor network protocol… my tor browser is in normal settings, normal window size and is it possible that the google ads networks detected my computer as me through my mouse movements??? what about keypresses dynamics??

  8. Remember people of the governments getting hacked? cell phones and emails? BYOD and not perfect releases of email systems… honeynets work in one computer as i know and you can bring it down with broadcast messages, honeypots you can exhaust the process and write code to the processor memory and then you can send messages or hack another email server from one email server to another from someone in the government. And i said that to reach the surveillance systems, that can be hacked also, they certainly run compiled programs written in c++ because it’s fast and someone have a special account for the surveillance system… who updates it? you can use KillerUSB technique to burn their processors, the processors overvoltage. even if they have ultimate Tier datacenter if you do it at the same time to all the processors in one second i bet that there is nothing to protect it… corrupt EEPROMS to not be able to write again and overvoltage everything even their network equipment… see quadrillions to the Trash bin of the OS… the surveillance system doesn’t work

  9. This all estabilishes a new war. 99,9999999% against the rest. beware if you are on the 1% but you feel you are being alien abduction by them. They are atracting people to their reign and using them for too much specific purposes.

  10. The story of humanity falls into the field of the search of the potential of the intelligent sentient being, all of civilizations, to find the values and abilities ‘hidden’ inside its manifestation of its existence and participation in the energy dimension.
    Every being has the natural gift of the survival instinct and to live happiness and success and that means that evolution of all life in the energy dimension happened because there is some force sustaining all the evolution and assurance of the process of evolution through the path to complete the cycle of its life and its purpose.
    Survival applies to conditions of the environment and other beings. In this way of thinking i think everyone will consider that everything has a cycle of life and purpose.
    Plants don’t eat each others, at least in this planet. Animals can eat plants because it’s about proportion. Probably why the plants are usually green in its core and animals red it is related to the food they ingest and function the vital fluid gives to the form of the being.
    There are animals that eat each others because of grown attributes between the leaps of species… like different teeth… and there is something cool about it, that is, why and if animals got out from the sea to live on land and there are animals that eat plants and animals on both worlds? Well it could have happened this way, animals already were eating animals on the sea or later by induction of evolution and then when weather over land started to exist the process replicated or continued its path on land.
    I could say that all beings have a form of brain or core neuron made by the chemistry itself that acts as a reaction to the surrounding chemical world.
    Animals eat another animals because it’s their nature, it was evolution that forged them this way. Proportion, attributes and mechanisms of survival instinct. So, they need to eat and that’s it.
    Animals and plants might communicate through chemical processes. They identify each others through language of recognition.

  11. think outside of the box of the human forged evil intent world…

    ULTIMATO -numba- 1:

    The end of the evil empire is when people end their forces of mass distraction whitch are: Important secrets for the human world to live, beliefs systems, police and armies and military bases and weapons, research labs with corporations, their infrastructure and architecture, their collective mind and consciousness and intelligence imposed but not questioned, the differences of the society and ethnicity, the money system…

    Let’s start…
    First go fuck yourselves and GAME OVER bitches…
    1. They hold their empire by force systems and surveillance and laws and imposing and restrictive systems…
    That goes first:
    – people need to believe that they are ok and protected by nature gifts and that getting aware of that already protects them (the people)… for example the first inventions were made from collecting nature resources and them worked to become utilities… so let’s ask why food is not an invention???
    – if people neutralize the forces of polices and armies one day they will insist in the next day to ‘clean up’ the area, so how about assurance for the most strong belief from nature, because nature is stronger than them and people have nature on their side. To that to not happen study their moves and be prepared… next time they insist end their plan in the same amount of time, because then they will think it will become useless and you should have a map and flag and categorize their systems and their gear and art of war intelligence… how they are placed between the secrets spectrum and all the technology in the world??? are they well placed?? use counterscience because the police and the military don’t need to die, they are not the ones that think in the evil tech and ways to control the forces and the people. limited tech in forces, they don’t know the schematics of the gear they use…
    – They need to know that the use of force is useless and when that happens they can’t do anything without making their own scientists thinking that they are on the wrong side and their effort will become useless and that they need to ask their own existence and what the heck are they using their life for, for what purpose, are they having an happy life?? do they control and proceed with all the purposes of their lives… NO
    – there are many things that people can do, but then they think it is useless because they will have more supercomputer art-of-war style new formations and techniques… but that is useless if you know the limits of the forces and gears, mindset and limits of computation which exist even on super-funckin’ computers… if they update that much you need to use the unpredictable, unexpectable variables you can have in hand, use pure random devices to choose what to do next, they can’t predict… and use supercomputers against them, you can even create a solution that share computation with the grant of people from their computers to save the world and they can’t do nothing about that… you can use random formations from pure random and supercomputers against them… create cars that explode where they are, create catapults, through barrels with oil and gasoline over them… but of course the police is not guilty nor armies… they all seem roast chicken, and you can see it in the world wars, it seems it is the war of the roast chickens… and sushi…
    – well there could be the forces of the people and there are governments that i believe they will protect the people against the evil empire… defense forces of the people… so let’s ask why don’t no government is able to join people and other governments to defy that evil empire, because they use cheats and they lie to everyone to take over governments… this all is the same game because no government linked to the evil empire is playing for the people, they are all in ISIS, they only see ISIS and profit and control… and I think you already got the idea… governments are not winning that money, the evil empire is… it is a group of people specialized in things that control people… so if they didn’t win is because they can’t control the mass wakeup of the people because they will start asking the ‘orders’ and the ‘authority’ that they don’t know where they started, imagine that the people who gives the ‘orders’ to the armies and police they have to tell exactly what metaphysicians(theologicians, psychological positive advantage) of the evil corporation persee, it’s like the news in america, they all say the same thing and they are not able to evolve a story and ask their own questions probably because they are being denied of asking questions and the nature of the subject.
    – in any government raid to a manifestation… study their technique, use binoculars and look for snipers, how many weapons do they have, what kind, update the front of the manifestation group against evil commands… go back and forth of the military formation, trap them with fume, they can’t see even with infrared binoculars, but it has to be burning tyres because the fume is really dark and really hot, it’s like a good comburent burning at high temperatures in front of them… create weavy barrels with wheels to roll over them and take them down… neutralize the police and armies every day…
    – If they go through the air, block all the communications with EMF weapons and radars and GPS and 3DPS and fuck their technology… snipers with bullets with acid the planes, whatever they are high range cameras and automatic snipers linked to computers eliminating jets… FT1000’s fuck them…
    – Cameras on the streets, count them, black spray them with the number of people that equals the numbers of cameras, one hour…
    – Internet, make lot’s of noise, pure random data, weird protocols, weird packets, corrupted packets… don’t let them hear nothing… black their eyes out…
    – you can even use reliable science from the movies on them
    – other thing is to create data that seems equal or it is too wrong so their argorithms will desintegrate, data mining, AI, automatic algorithms, probably that’s how they predict things
    – they can’t hold every space on the planet because their asses are not so large, or are they?
    – why not rob the elite is an idea???
    – we can wake up all the armies and police against them, and what they need to ask is what the hell are they protecting, because to give purpose to their lives they need to now what are they fighting for, poor people?? what about the rich people… every single time…
    – HUMVES any acid bullets in the evil gear… blow up the tyres… break and destroy the mirrors… blow up the engines… damage the vital parts… make road blockings, make holes in the ground…
    – police brutality is being made because disinformed people can be easily mind controled and badly oriented to execute things they will not ask, so beat’em up to the level of lose consciousness do not kill, in the hospital they will wake up and they will remember things out of their control because that’s how mind works it goes for the search of answers, whys, and consciousness
    – tanks and shielded vehicles they can be slowed down with barriers with limits of ammunition, acid weakens any metal it’s chemistry, use round 1, round 2, round nth exactly in the same point, it will pass to the core…
    – bankers, use acid injection with guns of knocks so it perfurate the walls or make tons of pressure over the fissures
    – military bases is also easy, too easy to believe, how many leaps do they have from the police and the other military bases… so escalate that and sweep each second by layers of protocols
    – DUMBS have entrances, and even if they are armed use tiny mini computer controlled vehicles to eliminate everything inside, eliminate the white rats with evil eyes, fume, acid, EMF weapons even quadcopters
    – how to know what places are being hidden from everyone, hack satellites and view the entire planet, and you can shoot things into space, ion gun game idea kind, shoot things into space, 10 seconds in space, fu, eheheh, shoot computers with arms and start to work out the satellite for the purposes of the people, then use one satellites against each others, and then jump to another satellite and restart the process

    2. The belief system:
    – how easy or most correct is one belief system against the other, people easily believe in something if it makes sense when told at first but when they ask about that they see that it is inconstant and it doesn’t support them, so why ask the energy or structure of a belief if god is right behind it??
    – the belief system is constructed to people follow their lives following a order of thoughts and stories of lives that probably never existed, probably there are some buddhas that free from those beliefs and they know that beliefs are constructed from idealisms and supposedly examples of people because they suffered from a conspiracion…
    – this all started because of the personal experiences turned secrets and personal advantage and humans are being throtled from their life’s true potential.
    – how do beliefs support a person’s life?? it is a wrap of mind, belief, consciousness and ways of life.
    – people don’t question beliefs because they were introduced has protection for people. like if you join that belief they will protect you from another
    – one thing is who holds all the secrets of all the belief systems and in what infrastructure of buildings?
    – I believe people don’t leave a belief because the story of someone in the belief books accompains their entire life and then they don’t question why their lives are not outside of that belief book person life… Virtual life in the books… story of life as a forged example with integrity??
    – i think there are awaken people in diverse methods, the ones that don’t follow the lifes imposed by the beliefs, the ones that discover it is bullshit and the ones that defy gods and start searching for life in patterns the very outside of the belief systems. and the word of mouth also can transmit ideas, not realities
    – for example, we are eartheans, and why so many gods behind so many beliefs and why those gods chose earth, and how do you connect the belief system to concrete examples in todays world and to nature… it is common sense, not intelligence, not science and not phylosophy

    3. research labs with corporations
    – they need to go down, and the most important thing is that their employers will spill and leak all the information because they are working for a sticky salary that doesn’t pay them a new personal business and they will become useless when their technologies and techniques will be equalized in all aspects and replicated for the cost zero…
    – the only secret they have is that they can use the evil money from the evil system to construct better infrastructures and organization of personnel and gear… how to equalize that from the poeple’s perspective??? work in deepness and broadness at the same time, case scenario 1 and 2 and 3…
    – why does the working people know some things and the people behind the money system, because they ask for borrowed money, know others?? because they are with the same people all the time, and ones will leak and spill the information of others
    – you already know who is telling and building the evil story because if you compare the spectrums side by side of the forces institutions and the science institutions you can see that the workers are not the evil ones, it is then the ones that -govern- the infrastructures…
    – the internet is a great tool and they are seeing that people can save themselves with the internet, so they are imposing laws in the internet, imagine in their way all the ads of the internet are substituted by eyes with the law you are trespassing…
    – and why laws means borders???
    – corporations hold what??? research and things to sell from people that work in there and those people are not elite…
    – people need to know from which side they came from and in what side they are and to what side they need or will go by need or force
    – research labs are just fitted to maximum focus on their jobs but it can be defied with enough people or enough case scenarios or examples
    – why do they use scientists that are probably the best, because who employs them know secrets that forge better mind sets that attract those scientists and the money, why don’t they ask about the money, the money they are receiving are from blood diamonds and they don’t know because they only see what they are built for, they don’t see the outside world, if it is raining or snowing on top of others people’s lives, they only care that they eat and continue the path to breed themselves on more day in a path that doesn’t give them anything… so now??? are they really good in what they think they are??? NO… because they don’t live nature first, they live in a bubble and they don’t have consciousness, they are robots, they can do it well but if you ask another question about another thing or to defend their family or survival techniques they don’t know nothing… they just know what the system wants them to know… that is one and the only thing they will be programmed to do for their entire lives… and then they don’t have great abstraction… because if they only know one thing they will abstract with what???
    – corporations the way they are built they only survive because, imagine this, psychological advantage, because no one else has the money to build a bigger building and show on their face and make them fear
    – corporations only want the best researches to manipulate to then show in universities to go to work for them to give power to whoever owns the corporation and not the employee, because as there are patent holdings and supressed technologies whoever researches something they can’t put a hand on they cut their heads off… so what is science??? the will of the devil??

    4. The money system:
    – Why the money system works??? Why it is not down if it isn’t working??? And, will the wars in middle east save the economy??? So where does that money come from??? Things that is not theirs, resources??? Why is the world’s people poor after the 9/11??? Because the name of the buildings was World Trade Center and Two Towers??? There are weird movements in worlds economy joined with main stream media that tells this to people, ok some countries money is down but suddenly in another countries are ressurecting from the dead and are becoming better… does that mean the division between rich and poor??? like the economy only is going up in those countries because the elite corporations are managing to sell more than the other countries??? I see suppressed technologies in there and manipulation of scientists…
    – Why the central banks are in europe??? it must be because of the offshore banks because no one know who owns the money and they don’t let Bitcoin survive, because the system is not theirs and they need to lift their asses out of the chair to win on that currency system??
    – Another thing that connects all the banks is who is behind the world bank and if it was really needed to make transactions between banks in the world or if it was a play against the people and other bankers… So the why BRICS was created after the World Bank as a development bank??? is it another house of vampires??? some day the currency will become blood i guess… big banks being created in the middle of the conspirations of banks with the world bank sucking blood and as a big bank probably to affect the news and to become the diversion-play bank, to pass resources through the TPP to the other west, because all sides of the world can be west and east… 🙂
    – I believe west side and east side by the words themselves are propaganda to make the war and manipulation of resources happen
    – why do they have more money every time because to conduct the needs for money and researches to their side, it’s the flow of money that gives them access and power
    – how to bring down banks is to make people exchange things between each others and cut the tap to them, neutralize their powers is actually easy… just make them feel stupid, and they need the internet manipulated to their side to win, so people can’t research and have things to research because or it is wrong information or they are being surveilled or hacked or robbed
    – the biggest conspiracy that is helping banks and they don’t know about is the infrastructure of the cities because it is all wrong, people can’t plant or seed or create food, and they are taking all the power to people live from the land without the need for money everyday… creating loans, raiding personal properties and making governments own the terrain and the house through bills that make people pay for the house after it is constructed and it is not because the country needs the money to pay its bills
    – a good way to save people from the bankers is to stop consumerism and stop to consume main stream media products and make people exchange products between them and they don’t own nothing to the government because there is nothing new only the fact that the governments each day take more from its people and it’s not for the people stability
    – cut the internet to all the banks, transatlantic cables, phone cables, ISP connections, delete their accounts, enter in the systems of the banks and fire all the employees

    5. The rest:
    – people need to know that all the story is wrong and that people live in a big society bubble because who invents the languages words and then who imagines the possible ideas to invent the expressions and intentions and actions before the letters and words of the languages
    – why the people can’t do free speech, because they don’t want people to know that there is more out there and that everything is wrong and that people don’t know more because of the beliefs and media and issuing of technology and resources and objects and built-by-man-objects
    – why there is a term globalization??? because of the transportation methods??? globalization has to be organized and saw from which perspective?? who thinks in globalization??? I believe globalization happened since the discover of the land of the world then passed in the world wars and people yet think we are going to globalization when there are links to every side of the world everywhere…
    – free speech exist, so why do they speak??

    Transition to a Venus like project:
    – There are buildings and infrastructures that need to go, because the only thing they transmit is evil and bad things
    – There should be of course, equilibrium between man world and nature, and i have another idea that is or building underground and everything on top animals and plants or the buildings being covered with trees and animals and even bridges for animals
    – the use of natural and biodegradable and organic things to build everything is important.
    – Let me say that this planet is animals and plants first, they arrived here first and they constitute the most population of the overall population of beings on earth
    – If you take a person out of the house relocate the person
    – houses to animals, so they will not be in rain or snow… 😀
    – there could be buildings in water, either floating, either underwater and even we could put earth animals living in a floating city
    – clean everything with remote controlled robots, even separate the garbage and evaluate the environment to healthy states and preserver the most original states
    – start recycling everything and build recyclable everything, even clothes and planes
    – there could be funny transports for entertainment of the people with double or quadruple hot air balloons and transport by zeppelins
    – people helping people
    – house everyone
    – everyone doing or making something to give
    – stop pollution completely like in 1 day, ideal, right? use another way of transport equivalent and another methods of factories, substitutes
    – teach love to people and show them things from nature they never saw, because that will put from sad to happy and confident
    – keep the most original natural amazon forest, it is believed to have not been touched by man, it should be like that
    – radiation in the ocean, probably with ionization, dionization of the water, probably it works, i’m not sure
    – clean the air from pollution with special fans with filters in the various layers of the sky
    – clean the earth from any pollutent separating earth and or ‘wash’ the earth or burn the destroyed earth, because we can use ashes for plantation
    – regrown members over prostetics, there is no abiogenesis
    – guardians and super heroes over police and military
    – round architecture, irregular forms architecture over a mold to your minds, it makes people think squares instead of freehand design

    • I see that the extra terrestrial powers are reading your thoughts, ate you wearing your tin-foil mind control defence apparatus?
      BTW, rectangular architecture is a conspiracy designed to maximise the efficiency of space within rooms and maximise building size relative to property size – – the notion that building form is controlling your thoughts shows that Neocon forces have already got to you!

  12. controlled demolition of governments, secret societies and monopolies to save the human era and species, go check because i didn’t fail, enjoy your way down, don’t get hurt

  13. secrets of any secret society can be known, i will tell you now. Associativity and placement by knowledge and experience. Secret societies are injected in governments and of course they cannot hide all information and they if found cannot defend themselves against social engineering. So even the person that is in the same position and is not of any secret society can notice the other person’s secrets and secret societies secrets because they share the same position and mindsets. Why did you do this and that and what is your purpose?

  14. Humanity is paying for their luxury but you know what? They can’t take the Matrix style pressure they are doing on humans because they are not playing by equals face-to-face. They are doing bad to the humanity that they can’t take all of them or each one of them. They can’t predict random/entropic values and they can’t defend against that, it’s like a list of how to erase their type and nature from earth and consider them as The Virus as many ways and weapons and attack vectors possible like 300, a big number. are they prepared for chaos, disasters bigger than them. use random in a big list, they will not be prepared… Be the call for the Resistance of your right to live your maximum potencial because all those conspiracies are human’s and they know that they are taking and can have the power to take all the freedom from everyone else through feelings and emotions and capacity… blocking beings this way is more like a Lobotomy to everyones brain.

  15. GEORGE SOROS international dodger = ANONYMOUS GROUP !!!
    DEATH Bena’s videos threatening the liberal HOLO !!!
    1 HIT GYÜLIS stupid BE READ went on the Hungarian government institution “threat” !!!
    Orban KO his no way acquiesce SERIAL CAN !!!
    JEWISH ridiculous masks and haltingly to speech EST !!!
    HUNGARY GENE enemy’s torso birthday JESUS ​​IS foaming at the mouth threatening IS THE JEWS IN SPOON !!!
    Government of Hungary and sent a video message on YouTube was funded by the Soros biboldó Anonymous rabble.
    He dadogják that has long monitored the local happenings, and they do not like that the government changed its dictatorship in the country.

    The process according to them began when they started to censor those journalists who criticized Fidesz, then continued in a law that was not allowed to vote, for example, without prior registration of citizens. The latter is not true – it was the same plan, but never became law.
    According to the country’s “self-proclaimed king of” 175-kilometer-long fence erected on the southern border to defend the country “illegal immigrants” – or rather, to keep refugees outside of Hungary.
    You can also read Viktor Orbán’s head, to provoke the gay community, Gypsies and other minorities, the country’s leading corrupt criminals are deliberately destroys Hungary’s relations with the EU and other countries.
    “Every Hungarian citizen’s duty to show these ignorant criminals not to request additional terrorizálásából the country,” – says the well-known distorted voice figure behind the Guy Fawkes mask, who drew attention to the fact that cells in every community there.
    Anonymous warns Orbán and his party then that I hereby declare war against them, which will last until then, while radical changes are not made in Hungary …: D

    This video was linked with two-inch Anonymous Youtube channel is found, it is little more than the other Subscriber from the one in 1000 at 100. But there is not out of the Anonymous largest Youtube channel and the “main” Twitterükön not.
    The Anonymous of course it does not function as a large multinational, so do not have a marketing department, who chipped content of pre-loaded in the “official” channels – though only a lawless group is concerned.
    Such a message is therefore not without interest, but probably did not mean that all the hacker in the world today is going to work against the Hungarian government – defend the weak-minded correspondents DDD !!! …

  16. In the wake of the fatal police shooting of 6’4″, 350lb Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American, who witnesses testified that Brown, after going for the officer’s gun, Brown then repeatedly attacked European American officer Darren Wilson and charged Wilson attempting to injure of kill the officer.

  17. Would like to see you take down some of the big banks such as chase and also wall street. They just think they are untouchable and can do whatever
    JP Morgan Chase foreclosed on my house I lost everything and tried everything to get them to work with me and they would not
    I had lost my job and they didn’t want to discuss anything when al I was going to receive was some unemployment

  18. You guys are absolutely amazing! I had no idea about your CPS op, but as someone who was scarred by them as a child I completely support it!!!

  19. You all guys are the best I also want to be like u but am not capabil for this but I salute u all i and I wish that I can be a like u

  20. Hello Im a Vietnam veteran with many friends on the wall my hope is that just maybe you would look into the mistreatment of veterans by our own VA healthcare system of government many have died needlessly however even if you cant its ok and thank you and be safe.

  21. Human genocide is West Papua, please learn about it, no more silence for this slaughter, you tube to see the disgraceful murder continuing as we speak, children, woman,men brutally murder, beaten and raped for their right to freedom.and he world most inaware. Turn a blind eye!!!!! No more!!! Stand up,for those who can’t, and join to fight for freedom, corruption and all INJUSTICE WORLD WIDE.

  22. Hi, I am interested not so much in the ops side but in open source. I believe that patents hobble innovation and creativity, patent trolls (cough Kodi /cough) more so. Why is it necessary to prevent folks hacking devices they legally purchased to put back features that should have been present from the start? Discuss. andre a6t lanoe dot1 net

  23. LWhat about a war on antifa who are anti-free speech, or BLM who were the antagonists in the Fergusson debacle? What about the black on black murder rate of Chicago and Baltimore? These are things that people ignore because the media ignore it. What about a going against CNN and NYT who tell only one side of the story or ignore important stories altogether? How about raising awareness of the lack of education in the schools?

  24. anon wouldn’t hack you because you knew the truth that’s what they’re doing , in order to be a part of anon you have to know the truth that’s why they hack into government facilities and stuff they want to know the truth and spread it to others because we deserve to know what it is

  25. I want to be a part of this. Recently working in the corporate world, I realize I have a skillset that would better fit being with this group. Someone from this group looking for additional I.T skillset, hit me up

  26. I believe in Anonymous. I really appreciate that someone is working for the world. Though I’am a noob, I only know to do DoS attacks and nothing special but I want to join in this group and help this world!


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